Part #2 -

Cosmos Energy Mystery Trail-continued



Magnetism Linked to Atoms

Postulating the ability to drive around with electricity everybody is convinced seeing electric cars circling around a golf range. Yet, postulating driving a golf-car perpetual without a recharge fueled by a genie bottle of compressed air would you buy it? I found a church key embedded in nature, which could release an invisible useful energy genie spirit.

Recently I discovered an upside down theory that magnetism is the most important force keeping the solar system in orbit. Modern science has no logical theory regarding how magnetism is produced inside the atom nucleus and thinks that only gravity must be the force in space seeing planets orbiting the sun.

Smashing atoms (CERN) or building bigger bombs with left over fragments, will not reveal the inside of an atom. We only know that a magnetic force either sticks or repels. I discovered this as a kid by playing around with magnets. Eventually we learned more and discovered electricity and defined it with a basic electrical three-finger rule, which made skyscrapers, airplanes and everything you see in a Wal-Mart store possible.

However, so many opinions in science do not make sense. They ignore metaphysics, which started me on the path to investigate what electricity is. I was not happy, which urged from within to formulate a totally new atom theory, which is published in Babushka egg concept books, free on the Internet.

In a nutshell, I discovered that Magnetism is a major force, and the glue that binds atoms together. However, my visualization was expanded by the discovery of the ancient bronze-gold clocks, exhibited in many museums which matched the many published pictures on TV that show the best colorful galaxies, as photographed from the Hubble Space Telescope.

At the same time, I was interested in the origin of where we come from, so I began to study Genesis the first book in the Bible a little closer. What came together was revealed, but I could not keep quiet about it because it was too logical. For me, as a previous technical innovator, that was a huge incentive to dig further. What impressed me most as a previous successful inventor of many technical gismos was what the connection of the infinite math ∞ hieroglyph symbol seen on an ancient Tzolkin clock with two loops crossing over meant and why would it fit inside an atom theory. How to explain it?

I gained a little better understanding initiated looking closer at the picture of the Tzolkin clock illustration I notice a gigantic Cosmic Magnetic Transformer to the very level of every single atom. Applied to an electrical motor to find out how that greatest invention of modern civilization really works when we cross over an electrical current connected like a ∞ loop as all must conform to physics follow the energy trail. That is creating MAGNETISM in turn creates electricity, which again creates magnetism, switching back and forth from the stator to the rotor, which turns the darn motor thing at high speed, but why?

Then NASA’s atom clock gave me a tip that tells us the most accurate time and runs like a ∞ motor on something, perhaps a force that is still a mystery? The electric motor design represents a ∞ function, which is used in math and which has now been found, where it was embedded 4000 years ago in an ancient Tzolkin clock, which I copied and put on the front cover.

I cracked the code regarding what the ancient Tzolkin culture next to the Aztec calculated, which I only found in a picture clock, which graphically demonstrated an unknown calendar design of a previous earth axis wobble, measuring time. A wobble would screw up any calendar, which Julius Cesar found out about 45 BC and corrected a Hebrew Genesis calendar by adding two extra months in a year, but it also could reveal more, if it linked the cosmos, since earth is part of it.

What really surprised me is that the ancient Tzolkin clock, the oldest, also demonstrates an energy exchange while postulating an atom nucleus. It seems to match. It amazed me to discover that this clock started with Noah’s time (2288 BC) linked to electricity, which was known during the last days of the Atlantis civilization explained previously.

Advanced technology and ancient knowledge disappeared with a destructive asteroid 5 February 2287 BC that caused a global flood triggered by an earth axis wobble. But ancient clocks in many museums around the world still reveal a remnant of prehistoric science and became witnesses to what was around before the asteroid destruction.

Clocks measure time, and atoms cannot exist without a time dimension. They are all linked to the energy exchange system. So if you would like to understand the unknown energy force buried deep inside atoms that fuel our civilization and a little of ancient history should be crosschecked with ancient clocks.

The surviving Aztecs where trying to correct a disturbed earth axis wobble experiencing unknown long snow and ice winter seasons caused by 3 miles thick ice on the poles that became very difficult for growing food. Confused that the sky calendar was changing while correcting it to a familiar pre-flood calendar system, they kept building 5 pyramids on top of each other in Mexico City outdoor museum.

The observed calculations kept changing and needed correction to save money building another pyramid on top of the old one. It took some time to figure it out to know that the previous asteroid had changed the earth axis remembering the old calendar system, which even confounded the Hebrews recorded in the Bible on the other side of our earth.

The high plateau of Mexico City 7000 ft. was carefully chosen as a sacred place and build the first pyramid in the middle of a lake as a mystery light curtain in the sky surrounded the lake and ancient compass all pointed to the center. Today, we know that the internal earth MAGNETISM is moving the Magnetic North Pole 40 Km a year and recalculating shows that the magnetic travel position matches historic events recorded in Jewish 7000 year range calendar. Check the Babushka egg concept book dating will verify it.

Theologians and scientists alike even today are still puzzled like the ancient Aztecs and do not understand what the Bible recorded linked to mystery bronze-gold objects exhibited globally in various museums displaying many ancient clocks now deciphered in my Babushka egg concept books.

Eventually the Aztec priesthood invented a cheaper system and replaced building pyramids with a high-tech clock fashioned from 105 skulls heads made from stone the size of bowling balls piled on top of a wall lined up mathematically each measuring 14.30 Gregorian recalculated years. I calculated this 14.30 ratio of years from stone step outcroppings of the Sun Pyramid, which was verified by Daniel in 518 BC with more fractions after the dot 14.305789, a high official educated in the Babylonian mathematics. That made dating his future apocalypse prophecy possible linked to Antikythera 32 bronze gear clock appearing. That explains why Julius Cesar 45BC could then correct an Aztec projection that the earth wobble axis would finally come to rest on 21 December 2012 AD. It was later verified with our modern computer calculations applied and adjusted to a Gregorian calendar.

If you want to understand global warming, then you must measure world history correctly in a time table from 2287BC that will add knowledge to see the consequences on how the cosmos operates. It must be continually fueled with the same energy in a time dimension, in order for the lights to exist, which are still seen as galaxies that shine brightly and gives purpose back to my cuckoo clock to remind me about my mortality. The lock of the Tzolkin clock reveals the mystery what holds it all together to the very inside of an atom. It basically cooperates with three energy loops in order to interchange and transfer energy, yet it still needs a bridge, which has now been discovered as magnetism, but is still unknown to science.

Any atom on the inside with moving protons and suspended electrons is a miniaturized mirror image of the universe with suspended galaxies, only larger, which is now better defined in Babushka egg concept books. It is an analogy that is explained as a smaller atom egg, which is replicated in the big cosmos egg and simulated in the hourglass galaxy front picture, surrounded by a million lights, which now shows us that energy is also flowing in the universe. The small atom egg produces electrons when the two levels of neutrinos and protons are separated by magnetism, like the Tzolkin clock illustrated.

Inside every atom, is a magnetically charged, donut shaped nucleus of protons creating a negatively charged polarized cloud that causes the negatively charged electrons to be pushed away, levitated from the central nucleus, as the weaker force. We could visualize the activity similar to a major airport linked to the outside world, as each airplane represents an electron, which is a carrier of a small portion of energy, returning to the center. It comes and goes with SOMETHING energized, embedded with invisible intelligence pilot MIND on the inside.

Remember, the comparison when the nucleus is the size of a cherry, the electron orbit is spaced three miles away like electron airplane with intelligence controlled with complex micro-codes embedded, similar to DNA. It can be summed up as a system and operates like an “airport MIND” - still a mystery. Read that analogy once more to understand electricity.

It overlays the same Babushka egg design trans-porting a miniature ∞ SOMETHING fueled by an invisible energy source but is controlled by embedded micro-intelligence software similar like our Mortal=MIND or applied to the cosmos to mirror the ELOHIM∞MIND source linked to Alpha(+One) Force [20-gear Tzolkin clock], which is plural, too.

The airport operation mirrors a refueling station, where the source of all energy for the whole system expanded to the cosmos outer regions. All is scaled and replicates the same design, like a Russian Babushka egg. Those electrons, not known within a university environment, are specialized and highly complicated creatures with embedded intelligence that is new to modern science prevented from discovering by smashing atoms.

Yet electrons must have a knowledgeable microcode MIND to negotiate many obstructions and decide; “Do we go around or over gates, resistors or capacitors?” They move left or right on the inside of every electronic circuit designed by a higher MIND, as only one mistake will stop your computer, and it will no longer be working.

Recently published in Nature last July physicist Ali Yazdami used a powerful microscope to track electrons as they encountered stair like barriers on the surface of antimony, a material that shares several characteristics with topological insulators such as bismuth telluride. In a typical copper wire, most electrons would bounce back from such an obstruction and the rest would be absorbed, impeding the flow.

“With copper, surface imperfections slow things down and create unwanted heat.” Antimony, however, neatly half the electrons pass right across the barriers as the scientist Yazdami thinks that topological insulators might start to replace copper in the next-generation electronics. But the key to discover electrons behavior is comparing and tracing the embedded intelligence cross referenced with INTEL microchips or Bill Gates computer codes.

What is extraordinary the Bible reveals that the function of intelligence as seen in every microchip is also miniaturized and found on every level of the smallest particle neutrinos-electrons-protons-atoms ending in mankind DNA controlled with an intelligence MIND not yet defined? Even replicated in the maximized cosmos-galaxies theater, all mirrored the image of the ELOHIM∞MIND expressed in physics as intelligence. To mention it is forbidden in our schools believing it to be the wrong religion could get you fired from your job. Ignorant educators do not know the difference only educated in unscientific brain-dead evolution fairy tales. 

A Magnetic Generator Gate

We will now investigate an electron energy exchange from the generator viewpoint to find out how it works. Electricity is made up of surplus electrons will be collected in a gravity motor, using a bridge, which is MAGNETISM. It is the conduit connecting oxygen-atoms inside the tank and expelling electrons orbiting around the nucleus traveling to outside of the gravity motor system in order to gain profit, which we call electricity. It is (Electro) spelled magnetism encircling at high speed a Donut nuclear atom - (city) controlled by intelligence microcodes.

The ∞ cosmos energy fallout reduced on the bottom where mortals live is magnetism to stick atoms together and must be continually replaced somehow energy wise, and I believe the energy refueling cycle to the atom level is accomplished by billions neutrino-asteroids from space passing right through atoms on an invisible magnet trail. Perhaps they are coming from our Milky Way galaxy’s black hole transformer wireless connected to earth, too.

From a copper-atom wire perspective (Remember my Munich beer festival analogy?) we have a magnetic bridge for the electrons to travel on. When we artificially compressed water on the atom level within a Hoover Dam or water-steam in a nuclear-coal system, (or compressed air my newest invention), the circulating levitated electrons are concentrated being artificially pushed together around on top of the atom nucleus shell therefore condensed floating will be loosening speed because the distance is getting shorter crowded toward the magnetic poles.

That can be visualized in a photographed vortex of the hourglass galaxy picture on the front page as the same laws apply. Or it is similar when we push a magnet through a copper wire loop the magnetism from the iron is transferred as a force and interferes with the copper atom-people drinking beer (a negative charged magnetic cloud surrounding every atom person) pushing together sideways ending with the last person (copper atom) on the end table (wire-loop end) with a transferred push (pulse). Read my Munich Biergarten story again will explain a science mystery how electricity is produced inside a wire loop creating an electric pulse.

Electrons on top of a compressed magnetic cloud will circulate at a lower velocity and are forced to overflow if a suitable magnetic bridge is passing by being magnetically pushed into a generator’s copper winding side. Crossing over now will experience a high-speed reduction to a lower speed frequency wise similar to an electrical transformer reduced to million volts.

Every atom has a magnetic north-south pole created by positive charged proton on a billion energy volt levels circling around from the equator and ∞ moving toward the poles slowing down in speed. That radiates magnetism on the outer nuclear poles (+/-) shaping an external shell with a negative charged donut cloud. The higher proton magnetism makes elements bond together when atoms are magnetically attracted on top of another donut shape creating molecules.

That bonding created excess electrons forced to travel now mirrored in a generator-motor side and looks like a step-down round iron-oxygen (Fe2O3) transformer wound with many copper loops. That created a path for expelled electrons collecting from atoms to jump over to the generator-motor stationary field armature winding side inter-connecting to the rotor with brushes. That is reflecting the same design inside an atom adapted to catch free electrons with a magnetic bridge cross-wired with a second armature winding group will now magnetize each section ∞ lined up in a commentator making a motor work for our benefit just like mirror imaged inside every atom.

Compressed levitated electron-slaves pushed through a magnetic motor bridge forced to work will return stripped naked with a negative (-) polarity back to the generator windings across the same atom magnetic bridge to the original source gaining once more a recharge getting dresses again (+) at higher velocity.

Returning to the outer level on top of magnetic cloud, electrons will be forced to circle in a vortex by an energy force emerging from within a negative charged magnetic donut nucleus. It will redirect the electron slaves traveling on negative (-) copper wire highway coming back, but because they are now neutral charged - being naked without cloth, they will be sucked toward the nuclear equator in a ∞ loop cycle from the atom equator to the poles back and forth gaining velocity to end up happy negatively charged once more.

It is the same design as a magnetic generator bridge connecting moving protons magnetically in motion to transfer energy to the outside world. Electrons being pushed by magnetism generated from protons passing on neutron energy turning like a clock at different speed in a transformer fashion gaining speed like a flywheel to be balanced and fully (+) charged again to the original state.

If you want a mental picture take scissors and cut the hourglass galaxy on the front page in half and put it on top now is visualizing an energy path across a nuclear atom ball with a North=South pole black hole.

But if the external water pressure still exists, the surplus electrons’ energy once more is re-directed to the lower entropy magnetic bridge in perpetual motion via the electricity cooper wire highway, bunched up and moving in groups like a sine-wave signal from maximum to minimum (Hertz), from the generator and motor traveling back and forth, which basically cycles magnetism. It is the same design system within atoms linked to proton transformers passing on energy coming from the cosmos.

The frequency is determined by how many gismo generator-motor windings are mounted together. The Hoover Dam magnetic bridge is colossal compared to your automobile generator, which is tiny in comparison having fewer copper wire windings, hence a smaller magnetic bridge. Electron slaves magnetically pulsed, osculating from high to low over the magnetic bridge passing energy from the nuclear atom side to our gismo GENERATOR side looks to us like electricity according to the copper wire loop experiencing a passing magnetic pulse.

Once more never taught globally in any university needs repeating to inform uneducated students of a forgotten physic understanding what a cosmos MAGNETISM Bridge is.  It starts from outer space with an energy rail perpetually transmitting and refueling every atom along a dual visible light rail. Smashed atoms from CERN cannot tell the story where energy comes from perhaps energized originating from the black galaxy hole passing energy from space through invisible neutrino mail carriers.  

Similar to a electrical transformer passes undetectable ∞ energy stepped down to a lower entropy now becomes visible light following an embedded magnetic path on the other rail only visible with special instruments. A moving Alpha-(+ONE)-energy is linked to every atom pushing protons levitating smart electrons within the atom nucleus and needs a magnetic bridge to extract its inherent energy.

That energy exchange is maintaining LIFE forming every single distinct atom linked to proteins directed by DNA intelligence embedded 60 trillion genes in our body, too. But an energy exchange in physics produces surplus levitating electrons, which now come full circle and are transferred via Magnetism Bridge to the outside (our) world aligning with a speeding UREE generator fed with magnetized gravity gaining speed with a motor combination.

Only when electrons are moved with higher speed to the resonance frequency can they be extracted.

What emerges from the generator winding gate pushed to the resonance frequency is electricity profit, but the mystery energy is never used up, just converted and returns to the same source for energy to flow once more. It just needs a recharge, which we are all familiar with. The negative charged wire must return to the source for energy to flow.

Have a closer look and notice the connection of the of the Hoover Dam turbine blades transferring pressurized water (oxygen atoms closer together) converting a kinetic differential force via a magnetic bridge to a copper wire loops generator for electrons to flow. 

The expelled electrons excited by a critical resonance frequency level now flowing over a UREE invention will give us big time electricity profit. Proven by a   plug on your wall which has two copper wires attached: one wire comes from the (+) source over the light bulb (profit), returning (-) used up, but it must be connected to the source - perhaps the biggest Hoover Dam generator windings now doing the same but being portable in a UREE by using compressed air media which puts electrons in a frenzy looking for an escape. A UREE magnetic fishnet bridge does the trick. If a switch breaks the connection, we have no profit “electri-city” which turns the light off like “electri” magnetism is disconnected from the (atom) “city” basically millions atoms living together.

The Transformer Principle

Yet how does my gismo gravity motor Magnetic Bridge physical really work? How can compressed water be replaced with compressed air linked to Oxygen Atoms in the tank be connected to our newly invented UREE gravity motor machine?

We have learned that an extremely high energy, which comes with a frequency, can only be useful on a lower energy level, according to entropy. One way to do that is by a transformer. Ask the electrician how a transformer works, as it is usually placed high up on a pole, out of danger, to convert high-powered electricity to the standardized 110 volts. Another way for energy to transfer is to convert a fixed transformer by splitting it up. One side is fixed; the other rotates. It still can transmit a frequency signal used in TV, like a high-speed rotary videotape machine, which I assembled as a technician during the first days of the Ampex Corporation.

Yet when we rotate a transformer on each side on its own axis independently, with different speeds suspended, it will get you something totally different. (Check page 15 the UREE contraption not categorized in any patent department believing that perpetual motion is not possible.) Again, review physics from the two-looped (∞) perspective, as entropy moves from one side to the other. Magnetic energy will cascade and push toward the lower side, which is recognized in a rotating transformer, too.

The magnetic Gravity applied via a UREE electric generator employing a double rotating transformer works when electricity generated is fed back across the next copper loop, which will increase magnetism produced within a transformer copper wire coil. That will be gaining electricity through an Oxygen atom critical resonance frequency that is pushing excessive energy to the other loop increasing the magnetic bias. If repeated continually will speed up the generator via a second copper loop now recycling magnetism creating more electricity perpetually moving back and forth up to the resonance frequency. It needs to be stopped by a conductor or could explode like the same principle design of an electric streetcar-motor only expanded one level higher. If added another UREE design level could get a million KW extracted explained later in a Jumbo-Jet (Pearl #206) application.  

Once more recycling magnetism ∞ inside the streetcar motor could explode which of course is either stopped by the conductor reducing the inline-energy voltage. A little energy is used up by internal friction, electrical losses and eddy currents getting bigger but is not setting limits because a critical resonance frequency is so big that it will flip a Fraunhofer spectral line to crystallize into the lower element level. Similar in your car speed indicator, do not drive your car on the red dial indicating the critical resonance frequency going beyond could end your life. In a UREE application we can now use suitable microchip electronics could replace the streetcar conductor. That same transformer principle illustrated works within pressurized air-atoms, with free electrons speeding around on the outside of the magnetic donut periphery, driven by neutrinos’ energy pushing protons. But remember, the Oxygen atoms are in a compressed state, meaning free electrons frenzied and overcrowded by the pressure of millions of volts being severely restricted, searching for any hole in order to become free-floating again.

In analyzing what goes on inside an atom’s nucleus, the Donut Atom model postulates that the heavier, positive-charged protons are pushed along a donut shaped path by neutrinos.  Their circulation at infinite speed forms nuclear mass (requiring the Time Dimension). A transformer magnetic force radiates at 90⁰ to the direction of the protons’ path. That can be visualized illustrated in the hourglass galaxy vortex picture on the front page as it releases billions of volts.

Because high (+) proton velocity energy creates a (-) magnetic cloud close around the nucleus, the orbiting electrons are levitated to a relatively great distance away from the nucleus instead of being attracted to it. (It would be about 3 miles if the nucleus were the size of a cherry.) Electrons are much smaller in size, effecting the reduction of energy velocity. Thus, it becomes kinetic energy cascading to a second entropy level, now on “million” volt potential echelon.

If a magnetic gismo bridge passes by at very high speed, it will transfer electrons from a pool of a billion volt potential endlessly from what is available around the atom’s nucleus. A synchronized, double rotating transformer system becomes the bridge for boundless electron-fish to flow into the magnetic net, as no electrical resistance exists. But because a new invention rotating transformer design which increases the speed of the magnetic bridge therefore catches a lot more fish electrons at higher volume at much less resistance. It is like when Kelvin space cold rose to the temperature where life can exist. Conventional science has tried very hard to come up with a transmission line cooled down to Kelvin cold for less resistance to gain electricity. I present it in the new UREE transformer system at normal temperature where life exists. 

If compressed atoms are forced closer together becomes an overcrowded electron neighborhood and when forced to experience a magnetic high-speed carrier (Gravity UREE design) passing by, will use that opportunity to hitch a ride that is less crowded by crossing a magnetic transformer bridge. Like a double ∞ energy loop displays when crossing over, it is now slowed down to a slightly lower speed, which will eventually be reduced on the other end of a wire more manageable standardized at 110 volt pressure, which is electricity converted to profit for us.

However, we have learned that electrons have embedded intelligence inside their little brain and want to continue a strange journey, as they are still looking to return home, which is illustrated through a black hourglass galaxy hole, perhaps an energy gate, which seems like they are being sucked in. The returned electrons are stripped naked (negative polarity) and must return back into the same Gravity UREE generator for a recharge to become positive (+) again, in order for electricity to flow via air-atoms. They must hitch a ride once more perhaps linked to a familiar mail carrier neutrino from the cosmos source to be energy recharged fully clothed again. Getting home and circling happily around a familiar nuclear magnetic Donut bathed in infinite ∞ light, the source of their birth.

For a fuller vision look at the many galaxies, ancient clocks in museums and a switch on our wall are all connected to the source is proof and reveal a different electron intelligence story for me to tell my grandkids.

Forgive my repetition in what you read, but theorizing about how perpetual motion works linked to my cuckoo clock cannot be found in universities. A pendulum required a small kick from the original force, which does not come from the weight not changed or altered hanging on a cuckoo clock, but comes from an external chain force for winding up that clock once more which passes on energy via gravity weight transferred to the pendulum kick applied at the correct moment resembling an (electric) power switch to make the clock system work for another energy cycle.  Pay attention!

A pressurized static air tank becomes the link to an external cuckoo clock chain atom-level force and could therefore run my cuckoo clock perpetually, now discovered, thereby replacing the gravity weight system substituted via air-atoms coupled to perpetual motion. Applying the same principle, which is gaining free electricity when energy moves, we gain a little back, which I call profit but now discovered perpetually. No energy can be extracted unless connected to the cosmos ∞ source

Nuclear scientists will never learn what the inside of an atom is, how the embedded energy functions, and where it comes from when they smash atoms in CERN employing thousands of people. Using CERN is analogous to when you put an egg on the anvil in the blacksmith shop and use the biggest hammer with the longest handle and hit that egg with all your might. Some residue may be on the Nebelkammer wall like manure on the wall of a dairy barn, will never tell you an energy path developing into a chicken scraping off what was splattered on the wall.

The mystery of perpetual motion is that it can only work in a closed-loop system (one loop high energy and the other loop low), which is the second entropy level, but it is still connected energy-wise, like = ∞, as the recycled energy must be connected by a crossover DOT, which is a timeless event, or where time is zero, if you do the math.

The electrical switch on your wall represents zero time as on one side is energy stored (+) ready to move, the other side (-) to return to the energy source. Likewise, zero time is expressed in our mortal calendar BC-AD, which mirrored the cosmos time clock. Energy is coming from the Heh dimension crossing over our mortal Daleth dimension heading into a new Jod-dimension transformed energy wise without a Time-dimension like a bigger Babushka egg all shaped parabolic exponential expressed in math.

Perpetual motion cancels out time when energy moves around from one loop to the other. Just as electrical current produces magnetism, as defined by the electrical three finger rule, and returning recycled electricity drives a streetcar motor by speeding up a generator linked to a four piston motor receiving kinetic energy, the main fuel converted via a Hoover Dam electric system. The main energy potential above the water dam reservoir is unaffected because it is infinite, like the high-pressure static air tank that never changes or the weight on my cuckoo clock remains the same.

Even the earth is an unchanged weight for thousands of years, but it still needs the external infinite chain MIND Alpha-(+One)-Force energy, in order to keep it moving. I am now convinced the earth moving is not caused by gravity but MAGNETISM, a totally new concept learned from ancient clocks. It is connected to global warming mentioned in the 5th Babushka egg concept book. Summed up to make it short:

A static energy gravitational force is only useful when it moves.

Visit the Hoover Dam and check out the static power. It is a beautiful lake, but it is linked ultimately energy-wise to the sun needs energy too and only burns being refueled because it is connected to the black hole on the other side of the cosmos, if you understand my new novel neutrino-atom theory based on two entropy laws.

However, below the Hoover Dam is where energy moves on the second entropy level, transferred via a turning generator converting an atomic water resonance frequency into leftover energy on a lower speed level, which is considered electricity profit.

Therefore, we can drive in the future a car perpetually without gasoline if we used a compressed air media and if parked in your garage still running and connected to your electrical system can light up the whole house proven by a discovered mystery energy revealed in the Tzolkin lock. This is not a fairytale story applying logic to a forgotten atom story linked to investigating ancient clocks.

I hope my explanations of forgotten ideas are better understood by further investigating adapting a redesigned 100-year-old basic gasoline or steam engine, converted into a UREE invention, in order to return a portion of the energy to a driving motor flywheel for perpetual motion to balance out all explained later. Designing a perpetual motor fueled by magnetic gravity only works when kinetic energy is in motion like the wind in a sail; this causes time to be shorter.

That would give us extra time to spend on the beach, but in the energy equation, other must work in union like a number of pistons converting energy in parallel to gain perpetual electricity that could be fueling the 21st century with the cleanest, nonpolluting green energy.  If we do not shut down nuclear power stations before it is too late, they will kill billions of people as nuclear poison will deteriorate and breakdown according to ignored Newton’s laws.

The Proper Oxygen Gas Mixture for Automobiles

Clean electricity is produced from the water atom level when we recycle magnetism embedded in oxygen atoms linked to an electric generator-stator-rotor ∞ coupled to motor-stator-rotor that gains profit either an invisible electrical current which becomes visible when mechanical work is performed.

In the meantime we have learned that enormous energy is embedded in water and that we should replace poisoned nuclear energy gone the wrong way. Reading my energy story will hopefully explain more fully how the cosmos magnetic energy path works down to an atomic level. I compared them to some galaxies with the lights on as generated by wireless electricity in a vacuum charged with a billion times a billion volt-potential, as photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope. In a generator further explained once more the media must be under high pressure of either steam-water or pressured water (H2O) molecule as used in the Hoover Dam; therefore, I believe the Oxygen atom must be the candidate source for electrons freely given away to give us electricity.

An energy exchange in perpetual motion is proven in our blood system starting with oxygenated enriched blood cells circling around every body part to return without oxygen going through the same heart pump on the other side to end back where it started in the lung transfer station to be enriched and oxygenated. That teaches us oxygen energy needs to be refueled perpetually. Only one break will stop the motor running, now considered profit for the undertaker.

The same principle is demonstrated in a wall switch. Behind it, electricity is waiting perpetually, which science tells me are electrons extracted from oxygen atoms flowing perpetually and must return back on the other minus wire even color coded ending with the same wire magnetic bridge inside the generator returning fast to where they came from.

When oxygen atoms are compressed together much closer than usual, such as in steam or water-air pressure, free electrons on the outside of the atom nuclei are bunched up orbiting concentrated around a nuclear magnetic shell. If an outside magnetic field is nearby, they will be attracted like fish to water traveling from the magnetic atom donut leaving the media water to end up on my wall switch. If I want profit, my kid knows now where the energy is hiding.

Therefore, from a scientific perspective, I pick oxygen as the electron generator for electricity. Using compressed air (21% oxygen), we would therefore need a little higher pressure, perhaps double that of water or steam (42%), as the amount of oxygen atoms are relative to what makes electricity available to the size of generator made from copper wire loops. So many passing wire loops create the bridge from atoms, via magnetism, to the outside world where many electrons will flow.

Magnetism is produced by many copper wire loops around an iron core. I believe the oxygen atom is the electrons’ generator for electricity; therefore, I need to double the oxygen gas content when applying it to an automobile. That allows less pressure in the tank - a little safer.

Once more, compressed water, steam or air has embedded oxygen atoms. Air needs double pressure as compressed water (steam) for an equal amount of expelled electrical energy; conversely, if we used pure oxygen gas as a pressure media, it would need less pressure to drive around in a car. In underwater experiments, Jacques Cousteau found out that pressurized pure oxygen is linked to DNA cells healing open wounds much faster and can save a diver’s life neutralize nitrogen bubbles causing death in the brain.

Extremely high pressure was my concern. We had enough air pressure available below the ocean floor compressing oxygen atoms closer together, but using pure oxygen gas in a tank could mean less pressure for driving around with a car. Again, I believe the oxygen atom must have more free electrons being sucked away from the outer magnetic nuclear donuts forced to cross over the magnetic generator bridge and flow as electricity.

By investigating pure 100% oxygen, I learned it is not suitable when you have a spark plug ignition and needs a mixture of inert gas as neutral transfer carrier. I would suggest using argon (.9%) embedded in air which is a much larger atom that will give us the high inertia needed to return the pistons, but we still need oxygen for the maximum electron transfer.

I propose a 3 times higher oxygen (60%) air mixture combined with a carrier argon gas (40%) or nitrogen, which doubles the oxygen content of water if applied to a closed environment to be able to drive around perpetually in an automobile. The energy experts can calculate a better ratio.

I am only a hybrid tech-philosopher who is still learning about science. A fine-tuned oxygen gas-carrier mixture balances the additional kinetic energy that is needed for the return piston, versus collecting enough free roaming electrons to obtain electricity profit.  That mixture is a concern when spark plug lightening is applied. To run a UREE perpetually we must heat up the pressured gas needed for perpetual motion, thus expanding a kinetic energy on the return cycle inside piston cylinder. 

Pay attention, the higher mass of the argon gas atoms is needed for the return piston force which is 100 times higher as the remaining pressure air-tank force now the air mixture is expanded by a hot spark plug. That builds up extra kinetic energy now converted driving around without gasoline in my car.

It is the same atomic force embedded as I remember on a camping trip in Canada when I made a fire and put a can of spaghetti on the hot coals for lunch and forgot about it. Then suddenly, the can exploded shooting straight up like a rocket 30 ft. followed by a trail of spaghetti. Now I laugh about it, but it is a good example what happened when anything closed up in a can or cylinder and getting a little warmer has 100 times more energy available useful if it can be controlled in a system like the UREE.

How a Magnetic Bridge Works

A little later the 60% ratio oxygen gas was verified on the metaphysic level as I was thinking about what a magnetic bridge is really. A generator and electric motor core is made of magnetic iron. The magnetic iron core is wound around with copper wire windings. Magnetic iron I remember way back is used on magnetic coating for tape-disc drives expressed in a chemical formula Fe2O3 that means two parts of iron mixed with three parts of oxygen.

Therefore, magnetic iron is a mixture of 40% iron and the 60% oxygen. A bridge is usually designed for the weight what travels over. Only so many cars can pass and in our case only so many electrons will pass over a magnetic bridge depending how big is the iron-core and how many windings.

The Hoover Dam generator is big compared to the electric generator in my car. Though it is tiny, the principle design is the same. Consequently, having picked a 60% oxygen gas mixture is appropriate for the magnetic iron-core bridge because it has 60% oxygen mixed together with iron and should be a good match now better defined.

A chemist might cringe at my ideas but a forgotten art to think philosophical about nature applied to experience eating the whole pizza not being picky how the salami was made. Tasting the pizza or testing the prototype will prove my recipe.

Magnetic iron can be magnetized. We all played with magnets as a kid and learned that like polarity repels and unlike sticks together, but why? The ancients collected magnetic asteroids fragments from space, which resulted in a compass indicating a mystery force buried in our earth. When analyzed we have various iron oxides: FeO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4 and more. I am not a chemist, but nickel and rare earth added will make super-magnets. The oxygen sisters will marry anyone to have sex, check out nature as 99% is a union with oxygen sisters as all the dirt and rocks on earth is just OXYGEN-SOMETHING.

Therefore, the oxygen electron children are polarized. Some are fully charged (+) and if put in servitude like a slave, becomes naked (-). But the family must always we reunited when they come back with the return copper wire to have a party again in their oxygen-atom home.

Science discovered an iron oxide like the one from space that will freeze the polarization of electrons separating the one with the cloth on to the one without a rag, all in one enclosure. That is sold as a magnet in many stores. But if you heat the magnet or freeze their butts with Kelvin cold, the party is off - no longer polarized.

However, when spun around in a magnetic bridge at a temperature where life exists, the party gets going. The one with clothes on wants to travel beyond because they are artificially compressed by an outside force (air-tank), and the one naked wants to go find another dress fully charged, found only at the oxygen atom home.

Let’s further have a little closer look and analyze perpetual motion embedded in gravity how invisible laws of nature applied to the moon linked to extract some kinetic magnetic energy.

Secrets of Kinetic Energy Linked to Magnetism

The Bible speaks about David’s stone and slingshot story that killed a giant. Much later we hear about Newton's apple, and a bowling ball in my time could explain physics to my grandkid. A stone, an apple and bowling ball that fall from the roof to the bottom will all hit the ground at the same time.

An apple falling on Newton’s head gave him a bump or perhaps a headache that defined for us gravity, but a bowling ball falling on your head would have consequences I am sure of, which is called profit for the undertaker. Therefore, kinetic energy is created if mass is allowed to move, when applied in a high-pressure tank, which will move air now exchanged for gasoline that burst out in higher energy and starts your car. Thinking about why my GRAVITY energized UREE works, I discovered another principle. As I am not educated in extra terrestrial laws, I do not have the precise physics terms to describe my thoughts. 

We all learned in school that when David’s stone or Newton’s apple or a big heavy bowling ball fall to earth will arrive at the same time, except for differences in air resistance. Conventional science postulates the equal pull released shows the embedded kinetic energy, but not the whole picture because the observer is also on earth moving with it around the sun.

As long as the smaller or bigger objects do not fall, no kinetic energy is released. They all possess potential an embedded static energy and go together as one mass rotating around the earth’s center of gravity even as the earth orbits around the sun with no different speed. Suspended in the air, they have the same speed around the sun as the earth and the observer; therefore, they fall to the ground, which means they move towards the larger mass at the same speed but release different amounts of energy.

What I dispute with a new atom theory everybody conventionally believes that gravity is the force embedded in mass being attracted to bigger mass. But I postulate it is MAGNETISM within the atoms sticking other atoms together. That idea can be expanded to our earth – moon and the highest density sun all held together with a magnetic force, like I played as a kid with various magnets to see how far they can be separated and still attracted to each other depended how big the magnet was.

Applied to conventional physics, I could postulate that tiny differences of kinetic energy are captured in a speeding UREE piston and immediately stored in a flywheel temporarily with some embedded magnetism. That difference of magnetism is converted from a free kinetic energy and if collected in a flywheel transformed by the GRAVITY propelled UREE system via a rotating transformer ends converted to electricity profit.

But the system would be thrown off if the earth orbit changed. Similarly, the weight in a cuckoo clock does not change moving a pendulum, hands and a cuckoo but needs an external chain force for perpetual motion, which could also have embedded invisible magnetism. We cannot measure it because we are inside the system.

My gravity pushed UREE would not work on the moon orbiting 28.5 days around the earth. From the sun’s perspective, it moves 14 days in opposite direction of the earth’s orbit to experience a net lower speed and 14 days at a slightly faster, but in fact constantly a little different speed moving ahead of the earth in its orbit around the sun. It would mean that an astronaut jumping around on the moon would experience either less or more gravity differences along a variable bias plus or minus changing moon velocity direction every 14 days.

An astronaut has body mass comprised of atoms stuck together with magnetism in my new atom theory and going around the sun expressed in conventional physics with a tiny static kinetic energy embedded if linked to velocity proven with a slingshot principle. That kinetic condition will change when the moon goes faster to the sun orbit motion or opposite will be slower turning around as seen from earth like a full moon to a new moon cycle.

But astronauts jumped around as seen on TV arrived on the moon but was going in an opposite cycle. If arrived 14 days later, he would need to jump a little harder to go as far. Is my logic correct? On the other hand why would a moon influence fertility laws of all life forms on earth? Magnetism linked to oxygen atoms could be the answer.

Learning the cycle below to ocean would reveal it, or check out menstrual cycles in humans and animals not based on solstice calendar cycles? I believe corals below the ocean measure magnetism from the sun, which is blocked by the moon cycle. Corals only give birth in a bright full moon - a trillion babies timed just right with a billion fish waiting to eat them.

A full moon means looking behind us is the sun and therefore the earth is on the other side receiving a maximum exposure of the sun magnetism that all life forms are cycled from. Perhaps magnetism from the sun is embedded in photo-synthetic light transmission would be the real life-energy food driver fueling our bio-world and coral intelligence timed it correctly as fish know when dinner is served all follows the herring cloud following coral expelled babies in a food chain cycle.

A moon clock blocking magnetism from the sun influences every cell in our body of being alive and a woman’s fertility cycle. I believe it is linked to oxygen passing on energy ∞ perpetually perhaps by a crossing a magnetic bridge too to maintain life and similar to my new Donut atom model investigating electrons.

Visible light could also be dual in nature. It may perhaps have embedded magnetism to function like a gigantic, cosmos electrical energy transformer that taps into power radiating from our sun to distant planets. Any frequency we use in telephone, TV must travel over SOMETHING, if you understand electronics and investigate space camera pictures. Perhaps an invisible magnetic frequency carrier can be theorized that sends back a computerized frequency package passing through a vacuum from millions miles away to earth, currently unexplainable to conventional science.  

God keeps adding to my understanding of new theories. Isaiah 30:23-26 says that after the great “Day of the Lord” (Apocalypse) the sun and moon will give (7) seven times more light. It will cause a climate change once more and comes with a promise to bind up all the hurts - heals the wounds, gives more rain - rivers flowing from every mountain followed by more grain, plenteous harvest season and many cattle on the hills. Like milk and honey flowing once more in the ancient holy land. Standing in front of an Apocalypse now dated, I noticed that ancient prophecy is already in progress filling the NEWS headlines of “climate change” to tax you more. 

But the cause is hotly debated globally in the UN and universities. I explain it better in 9 Babushka egg concept books investigating historic development across 6000 years as measured by ancient clocks. These ancient calendars revealed a massive climate change before Noah’s flood, or the Atlantis civilization (2288 BC). An asteroid strike that triggered earth axis wobbles causing the climate to become suddenly colder with thick ice on the poles (5 February 2287 BC).

But the wobble fizzed out over time resulting in a number of stone-bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums later as clocks developed gears (Antikythera 45 BC) or electronic clocks NASA (2000 AD) that indicate a reversed climate change around (BC-AD). Hi-tech instruments can now measure it. We are on our way toward the Jod-dimension and back to what mankind previously enjoyed. Check it out in the BIBLE linked to a Genesis Hebrew calendar corrected 62 days by Julius Caesar and refined adding 14 days by Pope Gregory.

Science questions the Bible reference not educated in the metaphysics. It tells us that, if the sun was seven times hotter, then it would have the opposite effect.  The light spectrum we know (4000-7000 Angstroms) is on one side ultra-violet deadly to life. The other infrared very hot side is also deadly.

Seven times more would be seven times more deadly as prophesied. That would cause all life to be over, guaranteed. Logically, the paradox of that BIBLE verse of (7) seven times more intense light can be explained only if the middle spectrum is increased seven times like yellow-green (5500 Angstroms) which is MAGNETISM if you understand the Donut Atom theory. Magnetism is the glue that bonds molecules forming 60 trillion proteins via DNA in our body.

The light from the sun therefore must consequently be dual and can be accessed as a source of SOMETHING shining through the sunlight transformer on the second entropy level. Later examining magnetized water will expand our knowledge horizon how fish will come back increasing in numbers the Bible clearly stated. We could do it globally now applied everywhere as some business already making huge profits in the agriculture and meat production. From the metaphysic science perspective the increased blessing prophesied in the future Kingdom of God on earth can only be activated in the ∞cosmos control room of an ELOHIM∞MIND by some unknown process beyond the galaxy black hole, forming atoms evolving in a universe filled with galaxies and planets. If you like to see some beautiful pictures from the Hubble-telescope of immense planets go to my 5th Babushka egg concept book Reflections on Global Warming not based on the atheistic evolution fairy tales. 

As mentioned before in this subsection, the Bible announces a new civilization with unlimited clean green energy, now projected at a frequency of 5500 Angstroms, expressed as seven times more intense but magnetically extracted from atoms. 

New science discoveries postulate in the above headline, "Secrets of the kinetic energy linked to magnetism," that magnetism must be an invisible force influencing fertility on earth. This includes a food cycle in the ocean, perhaps growing all green plants and vegetables. At the atomic level, magnetism sticks atoms together binding molecules.

Electrons can only be transferred over a magnetic bridge to give electricity as an energy source giving extra life to our 21st century. It is now proven to cause an exponential population curve that increased from 1 to 7 billion in about 120 years and still rising.

Could, therefore, my theory be expanded by proposing that magnetism really is the invisible life-force coming from the Elohim energy center black hole passing through space like a transformer needs magnetism right through every atom, binding every atom with an invisible force could therefore be right?

It must already be activated at higher speed? Visible light will travel on the second entropy level highway and was previously measured hundred years ago with a velocity of 186,281 m/sec. If light goes faster magnetism would increase too recently discovered and demonstrated in Princeton University measured light 300 times faster in 2010 AD.

That will cause faster and bigger cells to grow proven in our hothouse growing vegetables exposed to more light around a 24 hr. clock. Growing faster and bigger vegetable cells is also proven with 6-7 ft. people upward taller in our generation. Check the old church-door ways 5 ft. tall in castles exhibiting knight armors designed for smaller people. Why is your and my grandkids one head size bigger?

I previously postulated enciphering ancient bronze-gold clocks displayed in many museums. They prove that the speed of light was faster in ancient times as that will explain the “why” causing dinosaurs and tree cell size to be bigger as confirmed in fossil bones and rocks.

Thus, light has embedded magnetism crystallized out in mass becoming a second entropy gravity force on a dual highway. That is a new concept for scientists to think about. Seven times more magnetic force in the middle of our visible light spectrum will feed the next bigger civilization and still be horseless and make it possible to drive your personal car without gasoline forgotten no longer polluting the environment.

My previous Babushka egg concept books get better, making more sense. Like God said,

“Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little…” (Isaiah 18:1)

Keep reading my Babushka books to widen knowledge horizons to include the metaphysical recorded in the divinely inspired history book collected by 40 scribes. Since only 66 bible books where printed in our century, four more books are missing as it must be 70 books according to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

For that reason, keep looking around to find the missing Bible books like the book by Enoch the seventh from Adam. It describes genetic modification from before Noah (2288 BC). It is stored within the Vatican. Look for three more hidden on the Internet library to widen knowledge horizons. 

1Samuel 17, the story of David in the Bible.

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