Part 2:
17 UREE Motorized Design Concepts

The Concept of the Ultimate Renewable Energy started to grow like a seed and will take time to fully ripen. Previously in my first edition I started out with a simple notion to explain that free energy can be perpetual extracted from magnetized Gravity-Air-Water. Magnetism is not very well understood in university environment, as much in physics has been forgotten. This essay attempt to reestablish and lay a foundation how in principle a UREE could work expanding a concept ending in fueling a Jumbo-jet UREE #16. This Third Edition has stretched my vision adding 6 more design potentials and looking back reminds me of the first Wright Brothers contraption we all laugh about. Have fun reading about more possibilities but the last UREE Model I would recommend you should design and start a business in the garage like HP selling your first model to your friends and relatives and become a billionaire. Just follow the road map forbidden by the energy cartel establishment. 


UREE #1 - Underwater Motor Design

The underwater motor piston on the next page moves high air pressure from one side to the other in a closed-loop system; however, the work performed is the result when the high pressure is connected to the attached mechanical lower pressure piston side. Therefore, it will collapse into the next loop system, according to entropy laws, which determine what is on a higher level. It will only go one way to a lower level, if you still remember physics.

Previously we have learned about the difference of mixing air with the more expensive noble argon gas or a little cheaper nitrogen. Below the ocean is much higher pressure than the Hoover Dam; therefore, air with (21%) oxygen is just fine. But above the ocean high pressure is difficult to handle and needs to be modified a little with an enriched oxygen (60%) gas.

Analyzing when looking inside a gasoline motor, we see that on one side of the piston is the explosion of high pressure moving toward the low pressure side to do some work and needs oxygen also to run my car. This is explained similarly on the first page, which states that anything submerged deep below the ocean will be collapsed and flattened out by the pressure, which follows the second entropy, being related to the first entropy gravity force above.

However, submarines cannot go beyond a certain depth, as pressure increases beyond a certain limit. Therefore, they cannot go deeper, as they are restricted by the design parameters. In my underwater motor design inside a submarine, the main pressure piston is thusly constrained in allowing only so much pressure in the air tank, while the whole submarine with the motor assembly descends to a certain level, anchored below the ocean.

In the next few pages, we will see a diagram illustrating piston arrangements. Have a quick look. To bring back the working high-pressure piston for another cycle, it must push against the same pressure. This means that what was squeezed out must be pressed back with the same force. However, in order to attain perpetual motion, it needs an additional force to start the cycle over. That force comes from a flywheel, which is not seen in the piston diagram, but once it is in motion, it has embedded inertia, which is a stored energy.

We learned a principle from Galileo: that the earth goes around the sun at a certain speed. Newton defined what has mass (so many atoms stuck together) and that it stores kinetic energy. That was discovered when an apple fell on his head, which was thereafter analyzed and we are convinced that it was gravity. Yet today’s confused scientists believe in an atheistic evolution religion.

They do not know that this force is the result of a second entropy level coming from an unknown cosmic energy source and is squeezed out from the first entropy, infinite light creating galaxies, as one of several photographed galaxies reveals how they were formed, which is now my story. See the picture on the front of an hourglass, a colorful galaxy taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. It is obvious, if you have a little background in mathematical logic. I see two independent loops, known for thousands of years, in the infinite ∞ hieroglyph symbol, which is also embedded in ancient clocks, such as the Tzolkin clock. All along, this has been indicative of two energy loops creating a cosmos, which is better explained if you follow the trail of Babushka egg concept books.

However, I still need someone with expertise in mathematics and a basic understanding of the energy conversion summed up in this paper, leading into some patent applications. The manufacturing of automobiles, building hybrids of gasoline or steam engines, coupled with electric motor generators, would be a good candidate, as they are already applying gravity and inertia to extend the mileage per gallon fuel.

The curiosity that caused me to investigate an unknown infinite fuel also discovered the forming of galaxies, which led to a completely different atom theory where the outcome is perpetual motion, which I noticed was inside atoms. I applied it to our high technology, but ultimately the energy equation will be proven when power is moved from one side to another and the work is performed with a net profit. Only the net leftover energy profit is the driver of a civilization. 

Theories must be logical, especially if they conflict with the establishment’s opinions. They must be backed up by the witnesses of some proven scientific facts. Much in science has not yet been defined with good theory, such as what electricity really is as a latecomer in technology.

The ultimate energy source mankind will need for a future, I postulate, could be the same that forms galaxies. Let’s get a detailed understanding and analyze how perpetual motion creates electricity summed up with 17 UREE witness examples, as many more are possible and hopefully will clear up some misunderstanding, as logic must prevail. I hope that my German causes no problems when translated into English learned on the street.

How a Gravity Motor Works on the Ocean Bottom

  1. The OCEAN PISTON is bottomed out, which allows only so much pressure in the AIR TANK. It works like a pressurized steam engine maxed out to transfer energy and crank the pistons.

  2. Unlock SPRING B to collapse PISTON B, which now drives the force, transferring it to the flywheel crankshaft. At the same time, PISTON A returns home aided by the additional force from SPRING A equalized in the AIR TANK.

  3. Unlock SPRING A to repeat another working cycle.

  4. The spring-pressure tank works like the pendulum principle of my cuckoo clock. A heavy clock weight activated by gravity needs only a relatively small portion of gravity force, spliced out at the right time, to make the pendulum go the other way. The preset, pressurized air tank is like a heavy clock weight: an activated gravity force (caused by a collapsing smaller pressure) is always available to set the big piston into motion.

  5. It seems when the high pressure pistons are halfway and equalized all would stop; therefore, another principle of stored energy is needed. A flywheel stores energy temporarily. Therefore, just like our automobile has a flywheel, it must be cranked. In this case, the higher pistons’ force needs additional energy from the flywheel speed, which is stored inertia energy, to help the one piston side to return. Since the direction of the flywheel is only one way, the inertia energy will flow in the same direction.

    Gravity Pressure TankConsequently the return piston gets that additional power needed for the next cycle to begin once more. A smaller portion of the energy converted to inertia must be fed back into the system, just like a cuckoo clock needs it at the right time; a little chain force is needed for another cycle. The flywheel speed sensor via the generator will reveal when to assist, so as to reduce the current-generated feed to the two streetcar motors to keep it going.

    The high pressure of the piston would not require a huge angular force to move it back into the high pressure tank, as the needed energy is borrowed for a very short time from the flywheel, in order to repeat the cycle, just as the cuckoo clock also needs a recycled, small chain force for the next day’s timing sequence. The cyclic compression and expanding of the air media atoms inside the piston is the very heart of creating kinetic energy for electrons to flow over a magnetic bridge.
  6. Ultimately, gravity differential technology that generates electricity can also be applied above sea level. A huge weight on top of a piston compressing a fluid works the same. Just like my cuckoo clock, it now could run forever, never needing to recycle the chain.

  7. The next step is an engineering review to be the final judge for what seems to be a great idea on paper, benefiting mankind in the 21st century civilization.

Next, let’s focus on the attachment needed for a system that extracts free electricity from GRAVITY.

New Hi-tech Flywheel Construction

For perpetual motion to do some work endlessly, we must feed some electrical energy back, which is gained in the flywheel, to keep the system moving steadily. The high-pressure piston can only return when facing a high pressure, if it is linked to a flywheel and a generator, with a clutch between the crank, in order to transfer its stored power, which is converted to the flywheel inertia energy.

The flywheel serves two purposes, again expressed in the ∞ symbol, the two loops energy system. One loop is moving energy to the other side, but some is fed back in an unending cycle, like perpetual motion. However, notice the crossover is zero time in the math equation; therefore, perpetual motion is possibly doing work.

For perpetual motion to keep the flywheel moving we need two looped forces. Kinetic energy is embedded in gas atoms, one side mechanical pressure and the other ∞ nuclear. Both energy cycles combined is useful to do some work in a GRAVITY MOTOR with the piston going down and returned on the other closed-loop back home position. The high mechanical tank pressure is the second entropy however is overcome by an expanding oxygen atom energy, which is the first entropy. Using both is generating electrical profit.

In order to gain electricity, some energy must be reinvested back into the flywheel system; therefore, we must build a flywheel with an embedded hybrid generator creating a current to drive a streetcar motor independently rotating to the crankshaft to create electricity at a higher speed.

On either side of the crankshaft of the same hybrid flywheels are linked two embedded generator and motor combinations, with four pistons mounted in-between. They only function together as a unit, as the two flywheels on either side must be controlled with an electronic clutch in order to disengage the streetcar motors if they reach a speed over the designed inertia.

The guts of the inner flywheel are designed for creating electricity that continually switches the flywheel’s generator that drives with the same shaft of an externally connected motor on either side of the crankshaft and vice-versa, which will give us some profit, leftover electricity, which is useful for mankind. Therefore, electricity as a force can be instantly switched between the generating electricity flywheel system, as well as using the current to drive a hybrid streetcar motor, which accelerates the generator’s rotor and thereby gain more electricity.

However, just like the pendulum on my cuckoo clock needs a kick for the right timing, the kick of the electrical storage system becomes a capacitor charged by the generator flywheel current. A capacitor stores temporal power and gives it back very quickly, compared to a battery that releases energy very slowly, only being useful to get the whole system cranked up, such as in your car.

I remember streetcars 50 years ago, as a kid. The driver had a linkage ratchet controlling the speed of the streetcar. First, the ratchet arm was full throttle as the car gained momentum, but as soon as the car gained enough speed, the driver had to begin reducing power and continue this until the car slowed down.

The sound of the cycled ratchets is still embedded in my memory, but I learned something that I still remember. The streetcar motor is a paradox similar to the teeter-totter principle. By reducing energy, will the streetcar run faster?

It was explained to me that as the internal motor was turning, it was creating electricity. If the EMF of the stator is returned to the rotor armature, it produced more electricity and gained more speed. The streetcar design only required high torque at the beginning, when it needed extra energy, which is not needed at high speed.

Therefore, with the way the motor is designed, its function is to always produce more energy to feed back as electricity, which causes a higher speed that generates even more electricity. What the network would give by the increased speed could only be controlled by starving the EMF and reducing the network power later on.

In other words, if you turned on the motor, it would run faster and faster and eventually explode, unless it was starved by the driver in order to slow it down. To me, that is perpetual motion in reverse.

Why not use that phenomena and apply it to the flywheel, which is needed as a system connected via a clutch to the crankshaft by… let’s say, four pistons.

However, if a hybrid electrical generator fabricated on the inside of a flywheel gains speed via the crankshaft, it will produce enough voltage for a streetcar motor to run at high speed, yet because of its internal armature arrangement, it would eventually explode when speed increases. It now needs an electronic computer chip driver that must redirect the power. We just learned about this.

Yet before that point is reached with a certain designed inertia achieved, the clutch must be activated, just like the streetcar driver who applied the resistance force to prevent it from exploding. The electrical system runs on it own axis at a much higher speed and is mechanically separated from the four pistons and the crankshaft motor, working like a regular gasoline or steam engine, but running at a lower speed.

The gravity motor only provides power via a flywheel to transfer the kinetic inertia energy that is gained from the pistons to the return pistons, in order to push the high pressure back into the air tank where it came from, working like a compressor, or like a bicycle air pump blowing air into the tire.

The four pistons are then aligned and connected to a crankshaft that is spaced 90° all around, in a full circle. Translated: the first cylinder gets the main power from a high pressure air tank and causes the piston to collapse in order to do some work.

However, it is linked with the inertia-stored flywheel by means of a crankshaft, which gives energy back to assist the same piston by compressing the air back into the air tank after the piston collapsed and did some work. The other three pistons are positioned at 90° from each other, in order to equalize the returning high-pressure piston, which is synchronized at a full turn of 360°.

If you divide the energy pie to maintain the flywheel inertia generating electricity and return some energy back to the high-pressure piston (I am not a math guy), it may eat up 60%. The capacitor may eat 10%, which leaves 30% leftover electrical energy profit coming from the electrical generator at the other end of the crankshaft, which now has perpetual motion running endlessly.

To reiterate, the first generator linked to the crankshaft creates electricity, some is spliced out, in order to feed the streetcar motor that is driving the second generator, which again is fed back to the first streetcar motor. As the current is ∞ recycled, what is left over is electrical profit.

Yet, it must be controlled, balancing out the mechanical system design for long life against moderate profit. It is also in a teeter-totter relationship. If there is too much profit, there is less motor life and vice versa.

Feeding electricity back into a four piston motor arrangement will generate electricity for a continuous, full 360° cycle, which needs another device for synchronization, which is performed by a capacitor. The combination makes perpetually generated electricity possible, only if it is controlled ultimately by a sound infinite ∞ MIND, as the motor speed should not exceed safety margins.

The experts will do a better job at squeezing energy, by designing a specialized hybrid flywheel generator and motor that is linked to a modified gasoline or steam engine, using gravity as a fuel, to which scientists say, “Not possible!” Let’s expand a GRAVITY conversion and follow the trail of perpetual motion. I am convinced that it is logically possible.

Automobile UREE #2 - Driving Perpetually in a UREE Automobile without Gasoline

Not as an expert in automobile technology, but rather as a philosopher, the thought of an expanded underwater Gravity Motor application crept into my conscience; that being that the perpetual motion idea discussed in the below sea level example, which explained how to create electricity, could be expanded and applied to automobiles.

I am lacking a math education and do not have the information available for the latest electro-motor designs and dealing with higher pressure in order to check the feasibility and efficiency of using gravity as a fuel. The below ocean pressure is achievable but driving around requires high-pressure air tanks.

Most automobile manufacturers already sell hybrid gasoline-electric automobiles commercially that utilize gravity and inertia in part, in order to extend both the range and efficiency and achieve over 50 mpg. Therefore, my idea is just expanded further.

It would be the ultimate invention and just the next step towards replacing gasoline in order to run an engine, designed in a hybrid system that matches the underwater generator and motor configuration, with the goal to drive around continuously, without costing a cent in fuel. We are at the same juncture the Wright brothers were when they were convinced that flying was possible, since everybody at that time believed it to be impossible.

The data for this crazy idea can be obtained by high school kids collecting data to test perpetual motion. I recommend it in my next roller coaster example that will prove creating electricity to broaden our perspective, since the fact that perpetual motion was not possible was drummed into us since grammar school.

In order to get my point across, why not ask anyone on the street because it is the same as in the Wright brothers’ time, where people said it was not possible to fly. It was even preached in church.

I first started from the steam engine because as a kid, I watched a steam engine locomotive as it arrived at the station. I was impressed and as I looked closer, I noticed and learned that the steam vents reverse the high pressure on the other side of the same piston design, causing it to return for another cycle.

The problem killing the perpetual motion idea is that the high-pressure piston must return the high pressure once it collapses on the other side, which is linked via a shaft to the low-pressure side. Checking the US patent department, it was revealed that not a single, useful invention exists that is linked to perpetual motion.

To understand whether the possibility of perpetual motion could work, I pondered (from a philosophical perspective) and developed through the study of the principles of a new atom clock (which NASA now uses), a new theory that matches the laws of physics.

It is seen and replicated in an hourglass galaxy that created a cosmos, which is demonstrated in the Hubble Space telescope picture and illustrated with a simple infinite math symbol ∞.

I basically think of gravity as a pressure differential energy that can be imitated theoretically in my new understanding of physics. It could be converted adequately enough in a highly pressurized air cylinder and linked to a closed-loop system that could run an automobile without gasoline indefinitely, which is not possible, according to the experts of the energy cartel.

I am not good at math and know the limits of how high we can make an air pressure tank to simulate a pressure below the ocean, as well as consider safety, when imitating gravity. It is a far-fetched idea, but it still needs a closer look, in order to discover how the underwater generator works with perpetual motion and thereby define it better. You be the judge.

Presently I understand that a gasoline car engine produces high pressure by an exploding energy on one side of the cylinder loop; while on the other side is low pressure. That is the same principle. The high pressure was produced by igniting fossil fuel, which was previously converted from gravity, creating biomass fossil fuel. It was formed formerly by combination of DNA atoms, but still needs the extra oxygen to run the motor just like a GRAVITY MOTOR.

A fast energy conversion of a biomass exploding into kinetic energy is released in a car cylinder, becoming a highly pressurized gas that acts against a low pressure environment, just as the ∞ symbol shows. However, the symbol also reveals perpetual motion, where time is zero at the crossover point.

To attain a perpetual motion mode, we must replace high pressure that is now stored from an air tank, borrowing a little from the next piston for the return cycle. To illustrate that principle with an analogy, remember that in a closed pressure system, the air tank remains the same. Similarly, the weight in my cuckoo clock does not change either, but the pendulum gets kicked from two sides.

It is the same system as my cuckoo clock that could run indefinitely, if we added a little automatic chain force to the system, in order to synchronize it with our calendar. That must be in addition to the energy waiting on the other side of the clock pendulum, where a force is ready to give the pendulum another kick.

The easy part to understand is that an explosion inside a gasoline cylinder acts against the lower pressure and pushes the piston down. The next piston comes around at 90° to take over, repeating the cycle. I remembered my old VW, where all four pistons were linked to a crankshaft flywheel to smooth out the velocity speed.

However, expanding on the flywheel inertia idea could provide the extra-added energy force needed, in order to regulate beyond the velocity inertia, and gain electricity in the process by putting an electric generator inside the flywheel. That will drive a future car further with the same tank of energy, one way or another, if you expand on that idea.

Yet the system needs an additional energy to become perpetual. That is accomplished when we convert one flywheel to an electric generator and motor, but perhaps it needs a little bigger mass.

Iron and copper wires, which are quite heavy, would help, but to function properly must turn around at a high speed. It needs a bigger armature, in either the rotor or stator assembly that will produce the electricity desirable for perpetual motion.

A lot of force is available in the high air pressure tank, which is linked to the power piston. It only needs to be sliced out in little chunks, rather like moving the pendulum of my cuckoo clock, coupled to a heavy weight, which does not change.

Like in a conventional gasoline motor, the return exhaust valve can be utilized when opened, pushing out the compressed gas from the bottom of the cylinder. However, now it is utilized and being pushed back into the air tank for another cycle, with the help of the extra flywheel inertia, driven by a little extra electricity that is generated from the other generator flywheel.

The same piston collapses and transfers work to the crankshaft, reversing the stroke for it to become an air pump that compresses gas. The flywheel inertia will accomplish that. However, from the energy equation, the principle of extracting electricity from the flywheel is then gained energy, one way or another. I am sure that will not be disputed.

I expect to see it in the next hybrid automobile, which will give a minimum of 300 mpg, without changing much and will be sold in a few years in my neighborhood, after you read my paper. The new Volkswagen advertised is already double mpg.

However, for perpetual motion, one more force is needed. Go back to the section that explains how an electrical motor works to produce reverse electricity, which creates the magnetism needed, in order to acquire electricity with cycles that repeat, like a ∞ math sign, which is symbolized. This is seen in galaxies or ancient clocks, which I have explained once more.

Creating an additional energy force is still needed, which is linked to the air tank; however, it requires one more force to be spliced out for perpetual motion from the same energy pool. After the piston bottoms out, the energy is then transferred to the flywheel, thus creating electricity. The Gravity Motor switches from a generating mode to a driving electrical motor mode, in order to produce the extra energy boost that is required.

However, perpetual motion needs a little added force. First, we must analyze what goes on inside the pressure piston because on either side, the high pressure is the same. It never changes. The same force collapsed the piston, then turned around and pushed the high pressure back to where it came from. On paper, it is tit for tat and nothing is gained.

Checking history for examples and in an attempt to explain physics, I selected two men. I propose that one is Newton, who discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head. Thereafter, he experimented, endeavoring to find the laws of nature; gravity, in particular. The other is a teenager who became famous and was born 1000 years before Christ. David became well known as the king who killed a giant with a slingshot. It is recorded in the Bible. Both made history and because of it, we can understand science better.

Newton’s discovery is verified by my grandkids. Whether you take a little stone like David’s, or an apple or even a bowling ball, when you cause them to fall from the same height, they arrive at the bottom at the same time. However, the difference being that the apple gave Newton a bump on his head; a bowling ball falling on his head would have resulted in physics being delayed. There would have been no airplane or space travel either, I am sure. We still would be mired in mixed-up evolution fairy tale opinions and still trying to figure out the laws of physics.

A fancy phrase coined by scientists is kinetic energy, which is basically moving gravity, but in low-tech terms, for me, it is inertia. Yet, even a little stone propelled from a slingshot by David had an effect like a bowling ball, more or less, depending on the application. We can therefore deduct that if a static gravity force is accelerated with the same mass, it will gain energy, which can be extracted and be useful for mankind.

Even with sufficient high pressure as backup, which is returned with a push into the same gas-air tank, some extra energy would be left over when gravity gains a little inertia by being pushed faster in the downward stroke of the piston. It is embedded within the piston stroke that collapses to a much lower entropy. Moving to the bottom of the cylinder, it accumulates extra inertia energy and is transferred via a crankshaft that is linked to a flywheel. The extra inertia energy is then converted in the generator, giving us electricity that switches back into the motor to keep the flywheel going and returns back to the generator.

It is like the ∞energy loop; however, some energy becomes leftover profit perpetually, until the next piston takes over. Just as a little stone gains the extra energy difference and becomes like a bowling ball energy-wise, inside the piston. The energy profile reveals converted kinetic energy, which is transferred until it bottoms out, which will add a little more of a differential force that is extracted from the main pressure, which is needed for perpetual motion.

Once more, the piston collapses and is backed up by the high pressure behind it, which now accelerates; the speed builds momentum at the bottom stroke, just as the cuckoo clock pendulum gains speed and hence, gains kinetic energy that increases.

Check the velocity profile of the pendulum stroke of a cuckoo clock, which is the same or similar inside a power piston. It is fed by a weight like an gas-air tank, where both store a little extra energy, just as David’s stone’s inertia profile increased to the kinetic energy of a bowling ball. While the main pressure piston is collapsed, it passes energy to the crankshaft, but is forced midway to decelerate. Therefore, it must pass on that extra kinetic energy which was gained at its peak (coupled with David’s stone growing to bowling ball inertia) to the flywheel for temporary storage.

However, understand that perpetual motion needs one more energy push because on the bottom of the cylinder, the energy velocity is zero after it transfers energy to the flywheel. The extra energy kick that is needed to return the piston, which overcomes high pressure, can be explained when we analyze David’s slingshot.

To learn about inertia, let’s analyze David’s slingshot, which is proportional to his size. Circulating the stone elliptically around his body, he would pivot with his body, in order to lengthen or shorten the distance for the stone circling around that is gaining speed by accelerating cyclic motion. That same principal is duplicated in a cranked speeding GRAVITY MOTOR piston accelerating gaining velocity.

The unchanged gravity exerts inertia and is transferred to the GRAVITY MOTOR flywheel. Yet again, one more force is needed for perpetual motion, when the piston bottoms out. We attain the extra force needed by giving David a slingshot made from a rubber band the same size. A rubber band will stretch with force, having a built-in momentum energy force expressed in expansion and contraction which, when added to the centrifugal force stored in the flywheel, would give extra inertia at a certain point in time.

The high pressure profile in the air tank is similar to that in David’s stone, in that it has extra kinetic energy embedded that has converted from the motor flywheel, having crossed over to generate electricity in the flywheel, forcing the high pressure piston back, but with leftover energy. It turns energy that is shaken out into profit, as long as the high pressure is not changed, which is like the weight of the cuckoo clock running as a system. Perpetual motion needs additional, temporal energy storage for the proper timing, which comes from David’s stretched rubber band as an electricity force, similar a chain adds energy to my cuckoo clock to run perpetual, too.

An extra energy force is required for perpetual motion and can be stored either in batteries, or come directly from the flywheel that generates electricity that is converted, in order to charge a number of capacitors for a high energy discharge, depending again on timing. This is similar in your car, where the firing of your spark plug via a transformer coil must be timed to maximize the inertia in an exploding gas pressure force. In a perpetual motion motor, it works the same and needs two spark plugs mounted on top of the piston outfitted with larger electro-poles each for a higher intensity light-flash discharge also linked to a capacitor via a coil.

The pressurized spent argon-oxygen-gas that reverses direction is similar to a cuckoo clock pendulum requiring a kick, but must be heated up very quickly, therefore expanding the pressure inside the cylinder. That force is adding to the inertia previously stored from the flywheel, thus creating more electricity for the extra energy needed tentatively comes from a higher clock chain force.

David’s hi-tech rubber slingshot-stretching inertia must be converted in a short time motion, which embeds extra energy from a discharged capacitor. In analyzing the pressure profile of a high pressure piston collapsing, we will look at David’s rubber slingshot principle, in order to determine the right point when the capacitor needs to be fired via a high tension coil, for a little extra air energy to be heated up, thus expanding air-atoms, which has added kinetic energy embedded. Now we have a steam engine environment inside the cylinder expanding pressure transferred to the flywheel.

The energy profile reveals at the midsection of the piston travel, it will slow down being controlled by the crankshaft heading toward zero velocity. At that middle point the air-oxygen tank pressure is maxed out, therefore should close the intake valve. Now two spark plugs mounted on top of the piston get fired, which is getting the oxygen-air gas hot gaining higher pressure that rises from the expanding air-gas atoms.

So when the piston arrived at the bottom and starts to reverse, we probably have 100 times higher pressure pushing back with much higher gas pressure now opened once more the intake valve. The returning cycle is really the power cycle the force coming from within atoms, which has no problem overcoming the higher pressure of the air-tank needed for perpetual motion. The extra momentary created kinetic atom force is 100 times higher immediately transferred and stored in the flywheel which gains crankshaft speed converted generate more electricity, which is driving two streetcar motors via a two generators to create 100 times profit.

The combination of mixing kinetic energy converted to recycled electricity is the very heart of the gravity motor running perpetually, which is now possible.

Once more, when the piston stroke collapsed on the bottom of the cylinder space, the high-energy velocity is at zero, unmoving, like the end of a cuckoo clock pendulum cycle. It now needs an additional energy kick to force the return of the piston or pendulum. The extra energy needed inside the cylinder is created when the spent high-pressure gas was heated up by a couple of fired spark plugs, converting the extra energy needed for perpetual motion.

According to physics, warm air is expanded by a conversion of moving atoms, inertia and energy, which momentarily creates a higher pressure at that point in time inside the cylinder. Next, the exhaust valve is mechanically opened, coinciding with the flywheel stored inertia that comes from the crankshaft and will force the higher pressure back into the rear gas-air tank side at a little warmer temperature, but it returns much easier for another cycle.

The returning piston stroke has now momentarily become the higher pressure side, overcoming and pushing against the previous air tank pressure, which has not changed, just like the weight of the cuckoo clock, only now it is weaker in relation to the higher, hot air cylinder’s volume pressure differential that is pushed back by the added flywheel stored inertia.

It is analogy like the chain winding up my cuckoo clock, which is a 100 times stronger force that overcomes the gravity weight. It follows the laws of physics again, in that the higher-pressure level always moves to what is lower, according to entropy. It is cyclic, according to the energy laws, as a pressure differential goes in the same direction. Energy fizzles out from the flywheel, but regenerates from the next piston that generates electrical energy in perpetual motion as it moves in the same direction, coming and going, as well as expanding and contracting.

In the energy equation, the warmer air is rejoined on the back door of the pressure air tank, where it has time to cool down again for yet another heating cycle, which follows entropy, too. The flywheel inertia is linked to the pressure piston, but for perpetual motion, it needs an extra force at just the right moment, similar to the cuckoo clock pendulum that pushes to begin the cycle over again.

However, it needs a stronger, added chain force to be recyclable, linked to the infinite energy source embedded in air atoms coupled to the cosmos source. Analyze how the pendulum clock profile accelerating and decelerating works, as it will explain what happens inside the GRAVITY MOTOR, when we apply the theory pertaining to David’s rubber slingshot, which is still linked to the infinite energy source.  The limiting unknown factor to me is how high is the pressure for an above ocean application when driving around with a car. If assumed electrical profit 10% we should consider 10 times higher pressure of a gasoline motor piston.

I learned about David’s rubber slingshot principle by studying why the moon is being stretched by a period of 2 days. It is different every month as it orbits around the earth, when measured against the sun’s orbit. This variation affects global warming and confuses many scientists. Many observations were linked together and put forward in my fifth Babushka egg concept book, REFLECTIONS ON GLOBAL WARMING.

One major discovery was that the earth orbit, as well as the moon orbit, is held together perhaps by magnetism and not gravity mentioned previously. We could not measure it because we are on the inside of the system. That is an upside-down, completely different viewpoint to broaden horizons for science, linked to a new Donut Atom theory.

Why does the UREE Work?

In the future if a standard fuel injected gasoline automobile can be technically modified to hold up to higher pressure, it could make possible to combine it with a GRAVITY MOTOR system design. Analyzing the internal cylinder function of expanding gasses creating pressure, it differs only by redirecting the exhaust gas (CO2-NO) now collected and returned to the pressure tank helped by the additional flywheels of the crank.

The largest part of most combustion gas is nitrogen (NO), water vapor (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) according to Wikipedia. When enough pressure to explode piston cycles has accumulated, the fuel is turned off, but we keep on driving, no longer paying for gasoline. That idea is not new and keeps popping up; attempts in reusing exhaust gas are underway check the web.

Traditional science has assumed that once the fuel is spent with the piston on the bottom what remains should be discarded into the environment causing horrendous pollution. But gas atoms can be influenced like a rubber band slingshot to expand further. Why stop stretching the rubber band only half way? Expanding gas atoms are the real energy force. We can convert it to kinetic energy to propel the car or swap it into electricity via a streetcar motor.

Therefore, our GRAVITY MOTOR could reuse the spent fuel which still has embedded a ∞ atom energy potential and could be extracted with a UREE design along collect the exhaust gas back into the air tank. But I believe the force must be raised to a higher level over a combustion engine’s pressure. The wasted exhaust gas from the exploding gasoline is squeezed a little more by starting your car and let it run a little to collect unused exhaust gas to a higher pressure.

It is like a bicycle air pump that takes a few strokes to charge up an air tank to what is considered necessary for the UREE design. The additional gasoline energy is only used once to compress (CO2-NO) gases to achieve 10 times higher pressure collected in a small, one-gallon tank. If the intake valve of the working cycle is thereafter opened, logically we could have 10 times higher pressure available pushing the piston down much faster to do some work, but this time with spent gas energy!

To keep on driving in our GRAVITY MOTOR car, the spent energy is first detoured temporarily via a flywheel. Now the UREE mode will take over and continue running perpetually from the stored energy transferred into the flywheel. From there, it is further converted to usable electricity energy that makes possible to drive “perpetually” around utilizing a streetcar electric motor in your car. 

Read my story again from the beginning. It will take some time to realize that mankind could fly if you lived in the last century. Many puzzled over the Wright Brothers contraption and were laughing about it when it fell apart at the first try. Let’s not get discouraged and apply logic.

The poisonous carbon monoxide-dioxide-nitric-oxide gas still has plenty kinetic energy embedded useful for freeing up billions of electrons to flow if collected in the generator. Squeezed like a lemon, a little more will get us more energy from the pressurized oxygen (CO2-NO) atoms. That is where the atomic electrical energy fuel comes from.

Converted electricity gained from the generation system is an abundant energy source because it is extracted from atoms that are a bigger source than exploding fossil fuel - exceeding what we would need. What I postulate is so unusual contrary our education and need to go back to read it ones more explained on page 85, Flywheel Construction.

For perpetual motion to keep the flywheel moving we need two looped forces. Kinetic energy is embedded in gas atoms, one side mechanical pressure and the other ∞ nuclear. Both energy cycles combined is useful to do some work in a GRAVITY MOTOR with the piston going down and returned on the other closed-loop back home position. The high mechanical tank pressure is the second entropy however is overcome by an expanding oxygen atom energy, which is the first entropy. Using both is generating electrical profit.

The key to understanding perpetual energy renewal within the GRAVITY MOTOR is when the piston returns, a little extra kinetic force is extracted on top of the spent gasoline gas by utilizing an additional midsection cycle spark plug discharge. Once more it would re-expand cold gas atoms further on top of the high pressure fired from a capacitor storing 10,000 volts via a transformer.

Again, it is like an accelerating rubber band slingshot that stretches kinetic energy a little more. That little extra is captured and stored in the flywheel while the input valve is closed as the piston bottomed out. It returns and a couple spark plugs once more fired the second time in an enclosed environment will expand atoms creating atomic higher pressure needed for perpetual motion. The flywheel will collect and store every little bit of extra kinetic energy. Without it my motor conversions would not work.

Since the flywheel energy storage is only short-term needs to be immediately transferred to another energy electricity conversion, which happens to be the cleanest major fuel in this 21st century. It only works as a system based on energy being ∞ infinitely recycled demonstrated in the ancient Tzolkin clock. But electricity is only useful when electron slaves are put to work cannot be stored long time therefore freely available to move your automobile. A switch will stop the electrons from perpetually flowing being controlled by intelligence, when atoms are manipulated by our MIND.

For a standard UREE gaining electricity extracted from the cylinder gas pressure I postulated we should enrich it with oxygen atoms to collect electrons equal to the ratio of water used in the Hoover-dam, which is about 40%. Or I suggested going a little higher to 60%. The used up (CO2-NO) gas is 33% carbon-nitrogen and 66% oxygen should even work a little better. If we use only air, which is 21% oxygen, we need higher pressure easier produced below the ocean application. I am not educated in advanced math and do not know how high the pressure in the air-tank below the ocean should be.

The extra kinetic energy is immediately converted in the electrical system and that becomes electrical profit for us making it possible to drive the car perpetually as the sum total atoms amount have not changed in the air tank in an closed environment.

It is like the fixed weight of the cuckoo clock moving the pendulum. But even my cuckoo clock needs to be rewound with a chain energy force for perpetual motion and needs a little extra energy further extracted when atoms expanded a second time, which is 100 times bigger chain force. It is like ice expanding with horrendous pressure. Examine a nearby river in the winter. Pre-pressurized cold atoms once more heated will expand once more releasing more free electron slave energy, picked up by the flywheel storing everything by converting it to magnetism. Perhaps there is more?  It is really simple physics for my grandkids.  

Remember, in any court of law only the testifying witnesses will establish truth as physics is now on trial. It is not exempt from the laws of nature and must obey the metaphysic laws of a higher entropy level. Tremendous benefit will now be gained will no longer experiencing pollution and once more in the future can breathe clean air in every city. Halleluiah! If technical a higher pressure is possible within a cylinder motor automobile design we could enjoy driving around in a car without gasoline or diesel fuel not including conversion cost. It would get better if the energy cartel controlling the governments will allow it, and if not taxed, this invention would expand the economy creating many jobs.

Technical Recommendations

1. The cylinder of the Gravity Motor should be impregnated with (micros-size) Molybdenum-Disulfide, which is a dry lubricant powder and will not require oil for the crankshaft casing. A special long age, non-oxidizing grease should be mixed with the same dry lubricant for the crankshaft because once embedded, it cannot be separated chemically (bond-wise). The gravity-motor-flywheel made from iron will run at 3000-5000 rpm relatively cool depending on application; no water-cooling would be required. The flywheel has the electric generator field winding armature embedded, which was set to run maximum at 5000-rpm crankshaft speed for longer life and turns the crankshaft clockwise.

2. However the separate generator shaft is linked to a streetcar rotor running counter-clockwise to the crankshaft and will therefore increase and double the velocity of the streetcar-generator system osculating electricity back and forth one each side of the two flywheels joined together on the same crank. When the streetcar motor is speeding up a generator recycled on the other side will eventually run at higher 10,000 rpm, creating elevated voltage now needs a transformer and control circuit board adjusted down to 110 volts of normal use.  

3. The higher created generator voltage at 10,000 rpm needs a special transformer to match the streetcar motor, which is also needed for a standardized profit 110 volt as energy must be cycling back and forth, ∞ linked to the freely rotating generator shaft.

The rotating generator shaft unit is designed to stand alone, supported on two duplex bearings or self-generating air bearing for long-lasting service, running at double the speed [about 10,000 rpm]. Each side of the crankshaft has the same flywheel design, but mounted in reverse, facing the motor piston side of the crankshaft.

In a stationary application I would recommend a pressure tank filled with argon (40%), oxygen (60%), allowing for ten times cylinder pressure considering the size of gasoline-cars designed for exploding its fuel. It still would require a small starter motor.

Another recommendation: I would insert an aluminum oxide ceramic sleeve inside the cylinder wall that was impregnated with micro-particles of moly-disulfide to provide higher wear resistance.  

WATER - Hoffman Energy UREE #3

The recent Japanese nuclear disasters (2011) will be repeated in other countries, due to the fact that when iron in concrete will disintegrate and becomes weakened by radiation and oxidation. Even without an earthquake, we will see future accidents that will create confusion and finger pointing from those who blame some experts who are too old to remember as the new generation of nuclear engineers are ignorant of what was done 60 years ago.

For example, a huge underground gas line exploded in San Bruno in California in 2010, destroying a vast city block, which cost lives and a billion dollars in damages. Thereafter, it was further revealed that PGE, the energy provider, no longer knows where all the pipes are buried as many records no longer exist. Apply that to nuclear power stations, such as that demonstrated in Japan, which we should learn from, as time for obsoleted worn-out machinery is running out and should shut them down, all of them, if we want to live on this earth a little longer.

However, we do have a number of alternatives available to produce electricity, so there is absolutely no excuse, as you will see as I expand my ideas and present them in this paper. There is enough money floating around uselessly spent on gigantic installations that smash atoms, like CERN, which could be redirected towards something that works.

Solar has become quite cheap despite government efforts to keep it suppressed, as solar power is not allowed to be over 20%, efficiency-wise, or it will be confiscated in the USA. Check the security laws that are not know by the public. I discovered the Invention Secrecy Act 1957, which restricts publication. (5135) Inventions were confiscated as of September 30, 2010 and restricted by the US Secrecy Act 1957. 

For example, solar is restricted to 20% efficiency. Anything over that is forbidden and if someone is convicted, they will get up to 20 years in prison. Why is the US government interested in restricting other energy use? That is a fact that should no longer be silenced and suppressed. Check the previous president and vice president, who were linked to big oil, and started the many wars that are still perpetually being fought feeding a military industrialized complex and might get you an answer.

Technically, I believe that the permissible output of solar panels of 19.5% can be doubled with special ultra violet filters covered over the solar panels with a directional Fresnel-lens, thus concentrating shorter blue light frequencies, which have more stored energy. When light is put through a prism, we see seven rainbow colors with our eyes and its frequency is measured from 4000 to 7000 Angstroms. It is obvious that one end is higher. Filter out the lower energy side and allow only the higher light energy to be exposed to the solar surface panels and you will get more electricity - guaranteed. Just a few weeks later my opinion on higher solar output possibilities was verified on the Internet.

Then, we will add another principle that I learned in grammar school 70 years ago. In a perfect 4% salt solution, the German scientist Hoffman discovered that electricity will separate hydrogen and oxygen from seawater could use now solar panels for free energy. Even with a permitted 20% efficiency quotient, solar panels would give us enough perpetually free electricity, by first separating the seawater into energy gas, with each stored separately, where they will then liquefy in the steel tanks, which is then combined within a Gravity Motor simultaneously.

Location is not that important as seawater can be piped directly into Gravity Motor installation sites that are situated in arid areas, surrounded by plenty of sunshine, for solar panel energy conversion. Electricity profit is gained by first separating and then rejoining the two gases because it taps into the infinite First Entropy energy source. That becomes the fuel for a redesigned, hybrid gasoline-diesel fuel injected engine linked to a UREE Gravity Motor electric generation combination, which I am convinced would work.

  1. Let’s start with the first cycle of a four cycle linked with a fuel-injection engine on the downward piston motion will fill up the cylinder with pressurized hydrogen. A little kinetic energy is put in the flywheel because of external pressured gas.
  2. In the next cycle, with valves closed on the upward motion of the piston, the hydrogen gas is more pressurized, being helped by the added second flywheel force. Remember there are two flywheels on each side of the crankshaft.
  3. The next downward motion cycle is the big energy cycle, creating more kinetic energy within both flywheels when pure oxygen is injected, similar to diesel fuel, and ignited with a spark plug discharge, which is parallel to a conventional automobile cylinder explosion. That is big time kinetic energy conversion stored within the flywheels.
  4. The return piston travel will expel the water in the upward motion to repeat the cycle.

The Gravity Motor’s crankshaft still connected to the generator and motor arrangement will guarantee electrical profit, even if you do not believe that perpetual motion is possible. Utilizing the ocean will give us unlimited energy even a blind man will see.  The infinite energy loop exchange is demonstrated when hydrogen is combined with Oxygen to release explosive energy (Knallgas) that should be considered first entropy, whereas, when water was split apart to release hydrogen and oxygen gases, outside energy was absorbed on a second entropy level. Re-combining the hydrogen and oxygen creates a higher energy differential of surplus electrons, I describe as electrical profit.

Using conventional solar panels stationed along the beach applied to split the water molecules is only a standby. Excess power from the UREE Gravity Motor facility generated during low usage periods can automatically be switched to split water, too. It eliminates expensive supervision for the next cycle and keeps harvesting unlimited perpetual electricity much cheaper and safer for mankind. Or, we could go the other way around and build the UREE facility in sunny desert areas near the ocean and pipe in seawater. Besides gaining electricity in the process, it could produce drinking water as a byproduct, thereby reaping a double benefit. We could use the existing oil pipes for seawater and start growing vegetables in the desert instead of grossly polluting the environment with coal-fired power stations only benefiting the energy cartel.  

Plenty of money is available. Read the July 2011 Popular Science. Just adding up only the first year operating costs of one ION Collider, Gigantic Fusion, Large Array, Laser, Space Stations, Neutron Source, Large Hadron Collider equals an operating cost of $25 billion dollars, not counting the 100,000-year plus impact of nuclear waste – a cost that nobody knows! My question is, “How many solar panels could we buy to give us positively clean electricity in return?” The answer is $25 billion /yr. profit but connected with the UREE we get obscene profits.

Summary of UREE Principles

I have shown how to generate clean, green, nonlethal energy based on metaphysical concepts from an unknown energy source now revealed from the biblical mystery energy trail of galaxies creating elements, ancient clocks in museums revealing some history of people using electricity before the Atlantis civilization was destroyed in 2288 BC. The Internet forum allows metaphysic energy opinions to be shared without being censored by the energy cartel. Electricity can be produced free with UREE gravity motors, but will it be allowed?

The problem exists with the nuclear energy cartels who lie a lot, paying big donations under the table, as well as with brainwashed senators who have not been educated in science and where told a lie that nuclear energy is cheaper sold as a scientific fact. A day is fast approaching when the energy moguls will be before a World Court accused of crimes against mankind, as plenty clean energy options existed. The taxpayer was never told the real energy cost per kilowatt, which is buried in the trillion dollar American national debt, where not even liberal senators dare to reveal it.

The poison of spent uranium rods is still stored in secret places that are carefully monitored. Nothing is reported on TV leaving the public completely unaware of its extreme lethal danger. The cost will never be disclosed. No country in the world wants the spent fuel rods even parked within them, as the hazard of contaminated drinking groundwater exists, as seeping hot radiation cannot be stored in nature. That is a scientific fact.

It is a well-kept secret and known among nuclear specialists that concrete and reinforced iron-rods according to physics will rust and in time will crumble and show cracks in the storage pools accelerated by excessively high heat and radiation intensity. That will leak guaranteed. We should have by now learned a lesson with Japan and Russia showing vast real-estate areas deserted and many farms made unproductive for food, void of all life “forever”. 

I hope the handwriting on the wall will tell the controlling policy makers that their safety rules have never being applied as Senators have been grossly dubbed and will not be long to make it obvious that corrupt money was the only motivator. Globally in the near future, millions of taxpayers will be dying from radiation, but some might wake up and start a revolt, which is feared by FEMA in America, as they are already installing cameras every quarter mile along the highways on either side, as well as at street crossings. London is king, if you are in the camera business.

The nuclear lie was the greatest deception mankind ever experienced, coming directly from Satan. Nuclear power generates massive radiation that will shortly poison everything on this planet, which is the only place in the whole universe of billions of galaxies with embedded life, which will create death continually for a minimum of 100,000 years, which is the biggest crime. In spite of so many alternate green free energy sources around avoided by the energy cartel only interested in obscene profit and billion dollar bonuses.

Compare the time factor to mankind on earth, which is only 6000 years, as proven by Professor Edward Hull M. A., L.L.D., F.R.S., who published a 14 ft. long folded up WALL CHART of WORLD HYSTORY, which is available at Barnes & Noble Publishing Inc. These are documented facts that are verified by fertility laws and calculated mankind on earth with modern computers. Two science witnesses cannot be denied proving that mankind is only a short time on this planet against the evolution religion being taught in our universities postulating billions of years of monkey fairy tales contradict many entropy and Newton’s laws.

Inventing nuclear poison in time will be considered the greatest crime ever perpetrated by evil scientists who exploited it and who follow the big money trail; all for obscene profit, but even big money must be left behind after they die. Their names will be forgotten, but their bones will testify forever glowing with radiation, thus explaining why they died.

Ultimately, the new UREE gravity motor invention will provide logical proof and saved my credibility, which is now proclaimed on the Internet and which cannot be controlled by an atheistic priesthood. My presentation makes only rational sense because it is reflected in the mirror image of metaphysics that is based what an Apostle Paul proclaimed 1900 years ago recorded in the Bible. In ancient times, when he was standing in the Greek city arena, where science was started announcing, “I perceive you are very religious, but found one altar to an unknown god. This unknown God I proclaim.”

A long time ago in Canada, I remember an eccentric person who walked on a steel rope across the Niagara Falls abyss. In the middle, he let go of his balancing rod and that exposed everything he stood for. The GRAVITY MOTOR will expose my faith in the Elohim, as a reality for me, also testing me without a balancing rod based on gained experience from walking with a God I can trust.

God loves all of us even became mortal on our level to teach us a resurrection energy cycle principle started with [∞-light] to zero time [BC-AD] moving on the other loop toward [eternal life] Jod dimension like the second entropy is the profit cycle when he shows up the second time. His visit to earth will start with free electrical energy to last the next thousand years and end in a new earth and heaven prophesied mainly created for the benefit of his Saints desiring a vacation home in the universe. Many more concepts you can find in God’s Word the BIBLE, all is revealed in a future “Plan for mankind” because every one of us are very curious.

My Gravity Motor will work, not phantom religion, then logically, we must accept the energy source Elohim, the beginning of all what moves and has Gestalt embedded with ∞ intelligence to continue with ∞Life promised, a triple witness to prove that the ∞ energy source exists. An atheistic world will now have positive confirmation of God’s existence facing the Judge Jesus the Christ, King of Kings return on this earth to judge everybody without a balancing rod. The apocalypse has been dated, so there is no longer an excuse, “I did not know“ - stripped of any excuse and facing a righteous verdict.

Let’s further investigate alternate energy possibilities to gain free green electricity from other applications extracting free energy for the benefit of a future generation of mankind guaranteed by ELOHIM the energy source if you understand the metaphysic side of nature. That will widen a science and metaphysic spiritual horizon to 360⁰ like being on top of a pyramid or looking out on a space station seeing more.

Roller Coaster Theory - UREE #4

Roller Coaster Model

Here is another practical idea to expand our horizons about how to squeeze energy from gravity, which is cheaper than nuclear energy or oil conversion. It will deepen our understanding about a forbidden perpetual motion when applied to hi-tech.

A recent Popular Science issue, dated April 2011, introduced the world’s fastest roller coaster. It will fling passengers at up to 149 mph with a propulsion system inspired by aircraft carrier jet launchers. It has 48 hydro-motors that use pressurized hydraulic fluid to turn a winch and a drum with cables (eight feet in diameter) that is connected to a train on a coaster track straightway that is catapulted to 149 mph. It is quite a system of pumps, launch valves and accumulators that are linked to 10 nitrogen gas cylindrical storage tanks, which are the energy source for the launch.

However, let’s go to an old-fashioned fun roller coaster for little kids. Nearby high school kids that are hanging around could help me build a contraption and mount it to the front carriage in order to prove a new theory. It could demonstrate an energy conversion very quickly in order to test a new hypothesis about creating perpetual motion, which would be useful to mankind. It will be a lot cheaper as the world’s fastest hi-tech contraption and it can begin with only a few parts and some Band-Aids off the shelf from the hi-tech warehouse. We could give away free tickets for every rider to have more fun.

In my sketch, we can see the principle designed around a generator, motor housing and wheel carriage assembly that is somewhat similar to the roller coaster train that is so much fun for kids. Electricity is produced in a generator, which is basically a reverse motor. A streetcar motor has a stationary armature, a number of winding copper wires encased in a magnet iron and a rotor with the same winding wire, which is also encased in magnetic iron; however, it must move to produce electric energy.

Science still does not know why an electrical pulse appears when we push a magnet through a copper wire loop. Bunching many wire loops together and using magnetic iron produces electricity. Even the magnet needs to be made magnetic by reverse electricity, which is a mystery.

Producing electricity and feeding it back into the system will produce magnetism, which in turn produces electricity, which produces magnetism that is needed for creating electricity. If you understand that, then you are closer to understanding perpetual motion. We have learned that as long as energy is moving, something is leftover for our benefit. That is why a streetcar motor produces work.

Once again, some energy must be put back into the system, much like a business reinvesting its resources in order to make a profit; similarly, converted inertia is only a temporal storage for energy.

However, it is needed as an additional energy force in the system, in order to create more energy and cause energy to move and what is left over will make a profit. The roller coaster principle works the same way, just like a cuckoo clock or analyzing the principle of running a business, with returning energy investments in order to make more money.

Electricity is produced when the generator housing is wound around the fixed stator, rolling down like a wheel from a high level, similar to a roller coaster that hits the bottom curve. However, the inertia gained will help the whole carriage train to run uphill, but not quite as high. That principle is fun for kids on a roller coaster, which needs an extra energy converted into a ticket. The ticket buys extra energy needed to reach the same height from where it started to repeat the cycle.

By repeating the cycle and duplicating it, we will soon discover that it needs a little extra energy on each side, in order to start over from the highest point once more. Perpetual motion is even applied to my bank account, which could buy tickets (converted to energy), in order to have fun forever.

As long as money (energy) is in motion, linked to a big bank account, it produces fun or leftover profit for my kids. However, energy must cross over the ∞ zero point which proves perpetual motion, much like my kid standing at the zero counter once more, in order to buy another ticket for another round.

Again, learning about a new scientific application, which is even embedded in my cuckoo clock, is also duplicated inside a nuclear Donut atom design, where we see the same principles. This is now postulated in a Babushka an egg concept book. It demonstrates that it is like being inside the atom, where a number of proton carriages are speeding around in circles, but are slowed down as they come around the poles, as in the roller coaster example. The laws of physics are replicated wherever I look. It needs a little gravity converted to inertia that is stored, in order to make it run indefinitely, as energy is used, which I now understand much better.

A little later, I learned that every atom needs to be refueled with energy, in order to exist and live a little longer, which can be demonstrated in the roller-coaster principle. Otherwise, if the universe would be running out of fuel the lights in galaxies no longer shining therefore would collapse in a reversed Big Bang.

How Does It Work?

Of course, the stator of an electrical generator needs to be stationary where it is mounted inside the generator, either by hanging it with a weight or by mounting it to the frame. Since it is not turning, the electricity is generated through the outer generator housing winding converted and running like a wheel down to the valley floor. Yet notice that the inner stationary has a fixed winding core, which becomes the wire linkage, in order to tap off the generated electricity.

It will touch a sliding rail, much like a streetcar on top touches a wire that is linked to the electrical control center, collecting electricity and directing it into the distribution network.

However, everybody may ask where we get the extra energy from, in order to have the roller coaster generator return to the highest point, when the inertia going uphill has slowed down. Perhaps it needed an additional 25% on each side, in order to return to the highest point, thereby repeating the cycle once more to continue indefinitely, just like my cuckoo clock replicated, or the need for the four pistons in the previous perpetual motion car example, in order to equalize the forces.

Remember that a generator is also a streetcar motor, only it is reversed by electricity. Therefore, at that point, when the velocity is near zero, we use electricity, which is now switched over to where it becomes a motor, causing it to go back uphill to where it started, repeating another cycle.

Where Does the Other 50% Energy Come From?

The extra electricity for perpetual motion does not come from when you bought a roller coaster ticket, paying indirectly for another power source, but rather it came from another carriage generator assembly, running in parallel, linked together with other roller coaster generators, motors and carriages producing surplus electricity. That would make more profit, which is guaranteed if you no longer pay the utility.

Two electric generators running in parallel, both down and uphill, can create the additional electricity needed to supply a driving motor carriage assembly back to the high point. From the energy equation, each carriage needs an additional energy, totaling about 25% each, when friction is added. They could be hitched together in a train, much like what we see with our kids on the roller coaster that is linked to a number of carriages.

Therefore, basically we need only three roller coaster motor/generator assemblies in a carriage unit, rolling along on two rails that would run endlessly, as the net energy gained is worth one roller coaster electrical generator. On a downhill travel, GRAVITY pushes two electrical generators, which will create electricity; one to drive a motor, to give the carriage extra inertia to the total mass needed for the highest uphill point; the other generator being the profit energy.

Again, one electric generator output is fed back into the system to drive a motor carriage; the other leftover electricity is profit. The infinite ∞ math glyph once again demonstrates that the electrical energy is fed back into the system, which will therefore run indefinitely. Remember the motor principle, in that the internal magnetism in the stator is produced by the electricity fed back in the rotor that creates magnetism. Some energy profit is gained, but only if it is connected to the same system.

The roller coaster can be designed in a closed circle with a hundred carriage generators linked together, and going around, endlessly turning as a system. Over the hill, each carriage motor is switched on and off; coasting downhill with GRAVITY accelerated to build up inertia, which gets you back over the hill.

It would be fun to see it running and logically, it should work. It is similar in principle to a hybrid electric car, sold by dealers, that uses gravity and inertia, in order to extend the mpg gasoline. Now you know why the hybrid car gets better mileage. However, in our example of perpetual motion profit, a new concept coined for the first time in history.

Extended Roller Coaster - UREE #5

Expanding on the concept of perpetual motion converted to electricity, let’s borrow an idea from a German levitated magnetic train with an electric motor stretched out linear miles long. We will convert the roller coaster design and apply it to a large “Wienerrad” in Austria mounted horizontally on an axis turning.  

On the periphery we have a roller coaster design moving heavy weighted wheels hanging linked together on a single outer monorail running on a track with perpetual motion up and down driven by streetcar motors in between wheels accelerating gravity to gain inertia to get over the hill gaining speed circling around.

While all the streetcar motor-wheels coupled in a circle moving around up and down at different speeds (accelerating down - decelerating up, like a cuckoo clock pendulum) - pushing with outlier bars the horizontal Wienerrad-rim which has embedded a German linear motor section lined up converted to a generator.

That motion turning the Wiener-wheel gives us electricity at an even speed perpetual. If you doubled up the outer monorail track rolling up and down but a little off set one over the hill side matching the bottom curve of the other track will help to even out the motion turning the big wheel rim like a two piston motor with a gigantic flywheel. It is the same principle going with my grandkids in my neighborhood park there is a horizontal wheel they sit on and the grandparents push the wheel to higher speed to see kinetic energy in action kids flying off the wheel which is fun for them opposing gravity.

The other side of the Wiener-wheel is a heavier stator section with fixed winding firmly mounted to the ground in a big circle wired to a collector transformer to give us electrical profit. The center of the big Wienerrad-wheel is an electric generator linked to an external motor to put back a little energy to balance speed and friction for ∞ perpetual motion to work. Remember the Wienerrad is heavy and needs to be cranked and the weights balanced with the sum total roller coaster carriage assemblies acting on gravity. We have learned that only when gravity moves do we get profit.

The bottom horizontal Wienerrad-wheel rim could be driven from the ground with a number of embedded streetcar motor wheels using excessive electricity osculating back and forth to maintain velocity, but the leftover energy profile will determine how much electrical profit is. The math professor can calculate you if the energy equation justifies kinetic energy gained versa cost but needs to be fairly in motion at a certain speed to get an electricity profit.

However one strike against is our present generator design is still the same not much was changed in 100 years and should use some research money spent foolishly from CERN and Berkeley Laser facility spending billions looking for energy, they will be way ahead of the game not having found the energy Genie in the bottle after 40 years. We have now a better understanding what really is a magnetic bridge to generate perpetually electricity.

What is certain that the energy cartel may put water on the fire and say not possible like similar listening for the echo of laughter when the Wright Brothers announced we could fly? Today compare an airplane and how fast it goes and how many people are inside.

We have not yet looked at an electric generator to see the potential for a redesign rather making obscene money selling poisoned energy. We subsidize billions time billions of Dollars every year into foolish research but not one cent on improving a simple 100-year old electric generator design.

If the energy cartel experts say not possible why not get a bunch of high school kids together with some money from the CERN project and will develop for the first time something which makes sense and benefit applying the roller-coaster principle to streetcars and trains, using a lot of wheels on rails. Insert a generator assembly embedded across two wheels for each axis, the size of an oil drum should generate additional electricity. Feed back the current gained and via a balance transformer that is added to the same main drive system could gain electricity. Using ball bearings would reduce friction to counter the reluctance, which would be present in every generator-motor.

A new, 250 mph high-speed train could be designed much lighter and would accelerate like a rocket, turning multiple motors underneath each coach in the beginning, when enough inertia is reached and is coasting, switching the motor to an electrical generator, alternatively generating electricity back and forth into the system, in order to maintain speed.

That could achieve a minimum of 50% energy savings, even without the perpetual motion principle. When translated, it would equal billions of gallons of oil annually, globally. As for a railroad, the highest expense, which is fuel, would make a profit once more.

It would throw out the heavy diesel engine, which is slow to move and replace it with a control caboose, in order to crank up the system with as many axis hybrid generators and motors added under each coach, linked and electronically synchronized applying high-technology. Instead of one, massive engine energy is distributed over a large area; therefore, weight could be reduced for higher speed to go faster.

We may be forced in that direction, if you look at the fossil oil usage statistic in 2010. We have maxed out the global oil production, as from now on, it will be all downhill, but consumption is still rising.

At some point in time, within the next 15 years, the system will collapse, as there is only so much fossil fuel available. It is already degraded at a lower quality level and is estimated that whatever is left over is past 50% depletion, worldwide. We must redirect spending money and not waste it foolishly by smashing atoms, but think about gravity as an energy source, combined with solar panels, as being the only viable option for the future.

Plenty energy exists by using the source of ocean water, which can be separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen with solar panels. That is giving us a free sustainable resource energy, which should replace expensive deadly nuclear power. A combination hybrid hydrogen and gravity system now invented will be replacing fossil fuel just in time.

A basic electric generator design hasn’t been improved since 100 years but could now be possible. To aim for higher output needs a redesign applying rare-earth super magnets not even known five years ago. A new generator design can be further enhanced applying low inertia printed board armatures. I am sure it can be converted to a higher output generator as the low inertia windings would help reduce the weight in a high-speed application.

For example thin printed boards with the embedded windings can be stretched out across the horizontal Wienerrad-wheel requiring lower mass, which could create electricity with stationary super magnets on top and bottom.  It should be further investigated by the experts as the printed board armature with its inherent lower inertia mass which can be spun at higher speed hence producing increased electricity.

Horizontal Wienerrad - UREE #6

For a triple horizontal Wienerrad-wheel application I can think of another version applying a design feature described in my next chapter about a levitated train going 500 mph without wheels utilizing an embedded gravity force on a V-shaped flat track which could be expanded to a big roller-coaster idea to generate large high voltage electricity like a Hoover-dam.

A [V] shape track has two sides and could be applied one path for a motor and the other generator following the GRAVITY MOTOR electrical principle.  Envision a miniature V-shaped racetrack mounted inside of a horizontal Wienerrad-wheel with the rim shaped like a short vertical drum. The rotating drum is turning at lower speed driven by roller-coaster gravity design we previously described like a slower GRAVITY MOTOR piston perpetual moving.

But for a higher electrical generation speed we could turn on the inside of the drum floating counter-clockwise many carriages linked together in a circle of a low inertia printed board armature design inter-connecting many electric generator-motor sections which will be racing inside the rotating cylinder drum at extreme higher velocity perhaps 1,000 rpm or 500 MPH like my Gravity levitated bullet train explained later.

That creates a levitated centrifugal force that is generating its own air-bearing like a recording flying head floating on top of your disc-drive computer. While suspended at high racing speed inside the drum with the lowest mass still is creating an inertia combination linked to the UREE gravity motor electrical design feature. That will be switching electricity generated from the generator section back and forth to the motor armature osculating across the V-tract gaining big time electrical profit, just another application.   

Huge moving motor installations needs not to be massive and heavy if we applied a floating air-bearing design which reduces friction therefore much higher velocity is possible like a speeding levitated train inside the race track of a Wienerrad-wheel rim drum for leftover electrical profit. It just replicated a bigger Hoover-dam turbine but running much faster.

My new novel atom theory could explain the interior process when the generator armature is moved by a motor armature racing at very high speed together in a number of carriages looped around inside the drum.

The same principle according to physics is demonstrated gaining electricity illustrated inside a conventional generator but with lower speed. Looking further racing inside a drum will create a centrifugal force producing air-bearing and therefore compressing air-oxygen atoms.

It is the same principle of the UREE gravity motor extracting electrons by creating a kinetic condition for condensing air-oxygen atoms to free up electron energy.

A Million Kilowatts?

Let your imagination go wild applying a simpler lower rpm design and visualize turning as many printed board wire-loop assemblies the size 4x4 ft. fastened vertical on the outside of a slow moving Wienerrad-drum periphery sandwiched between super-magnets on either side.

It will create electricity recycled immediately and linked to 100 (double streetcar-generator-units) UREE gravity motors stationed on the bottom around the periphery running at 10,000 rpm standard speed, but wired in series and parallel.

This will gain electricity at the highest voltage, big time a thousand times over needed in a furnace melting iron. All is perpetually running from weights running down and up on a monorail around the outer periphery utilizing gravity accelerated by a streetcar motor to make it over the hill of a roller coaster facilitator pushing the big flywheel perpetually. Check it out with physics to prove my theory.

My philosophy of converting gravity, through applied perpetual kinetic motion, will give us free electricity, which has many more now possible applications imitating the UREE gravity motor design. That should challenge our university graduates enough for them to become millionaires by applying what they have read here for free.

You will see in the future, like the Wright Brothers’ friends, those who further expand on a basic idea building bigger and faster airplanes. Once proven, people no longer laugh.

Gaining free green electricity energy from various GRAVITY MOTOR principles stretched via hydrogen extracted from the ocean linked to wind and solar electrical adaptation, all have the ingredients for successful energy conversion. Horrible deadly nuclear options should be shut down and replaced with an open global energy policy implementing the many cheaper green alternative choices which should not be suppressed by a biased criminal energy cartel bent to exterminate all life on earth programmed for 100,000 years. But notice will end the extinction sooner in the next generation of mankind.

That process of murdering people already has started in Russia and Japan, now leaking massive nuclear contaminations in surrounding farmland and recently into the ocean which will be killing all life forms on earth and ending permanently the food chain. It only exists because comatose uneducated taxpayers voting in corrupted politicians allowed it.

A nuclear Dollar exchanged for a green Dollar; gaining extra non-lethal energy is not so difficult, but it means we need to replace the criminal nuclear energy cartel moguls and wean them off from deadly nuclear preference.

The future has tremendous gravity potential extracting free clean energy as a source globally available. Why it is not allowed by the establishment refusing alternate energy spending while starving green energy research no funds available?   

Summing up my advice, we should put all our effort into unlimited alternative energy source possibilities, rather than wasting it ridiculously on smashing atoms.  They have been doing it for 40 years and should have learned by now that it doesn’t work searching for an elusive atomic energy not possible if your atom theory is wrong.

Rechanneling funds from CERN and Berkeley laser-beam experiments switched to green energy research would be much more useful gaining free electrical energy profit for the first time.

What you will see in the future is that electricity will be the major force applying many rooted kinetic applications or extracted from the ocean, but it still needs 50% energy recycled for perpetual motion if you understand the roller coaster principle.

As oil prices will surely accelerate can get an early start by using solar panels linked to UREE gravity motors utilizing a free energy source and should not be suppressed by the oil-nuclear biased energy cartel.

Orffyreus Wheel Energy - UREE #7

OffeurussAn alternate version of a gravity perpetual motion motor could be designed around the Johann Bessler wheel, also known as Orffyreus’ Wheel. One version is that of balls sliding along the spokes, designed around an electrical generation teeter - totter relationship, once the wheel begins turning. The ball on one side would run toward the inside rim, while the other ball would roll outside. The disparity of weight turns the wheel perpetually.

It can be built with some parts off the shelf to create electricity anywhere on this globe. That could be another gravity invention benefiting mankind. Now it puts the world’s attention towards this remarkable man who pointed to a possible perpetual motion energy conversion. Read further.

In these troublesome times of global warming, it is not due to carbon pollution, as only brainwashed ignorant scientists are postulating; however, it could speed up the process, as seen by watching the rapidly diminishing oil reserves and the search for a cheap, clean, alternative energy source. It will force us to do some rethinking.

I find it remarkable and frustrating that there appears to be a viable solution to all these problems, namely Bessler’s wheel, but no one is taking any real notice, as it has been screwed up by an atheistic evolution religion. Just like me, those who are taking notice are lone voices in the wilderness. It’s time to sit up and take notice and apply the forbidden logic that our universities are no longer teaching.

Wiener Fairy Wheel - Four-Action Design

Electricity can be converted from a static gravity force, linked to perpetual motion, which will give us energy that is useful for mankind. If static gravity moves as a force, we will gain electricity, according to the math ∞ symbol (previously explained) when it is applied to hi-tech power that is embedded in refueled simple atoms on lower entropy. We could find some interesting methods to extract a much-needed infinite energy source for mankind.


If we transformed the rolling balls and converted them into a wheel, which has the outer housing of an electric generator embedded, and fasten a hanging gravitational weight on the inner armature, in order to make the stator stationary, it would generate electricity when the outer housing-wheel armature rolls towards the outer periphery of the fairy-wheel on the downhill side.

On the other side, the generator/wheel assembly would roll towards the inside of the spoke center and also generate electricity. The spokes must be an odd number, in order to allow synchronization, so that when one cycle stops, the other continues, thereby generating continued electricity to end in perpetual motion, generating electricity endlessly.

UREE #8  

On the outer periphery of the fairy-wheel, on either side, are mounted sections that look like a gigantic gear, with a pinion driving another generator on the bottom in order to produce electricity, or you could use a steel rope, like a belt instead of gears. A little more energy is gained.


The fairy-wheel center bearing could incorporate a generator designed for windmills with a variable speed clutch to utilize slower speeds and create a little additional electricity. This would power a motorized assist for the fairy-wheel to help compensate for friction, just like a cuckoo clock needs a small power kick for the pendulum to return for another cycle.

UREE #10

One more idea for dessert, the rim of a big fairy-wheel could have wire-loop-sections of lightweight printed board assemblies mounted all around the outside periphery and now moving perpetually sandwiched between two rings of super-magnets on each side generating free electricity. The operator could even charge an entrance fee to see it for extra profit and comes with a hot dog explaining physics to the next generation. Creating a theme park for my grandkids to teach science is always popular.

The net gravity is now converted to electricity by adding the little electricity gained back from the other generators, therefore running indefinitely.

In any court of law, there needs to be three witnesses to establish truth.  In our case, we have 10 applications; there are more if you include high school kids. The energy mystery trail will testify that unending power is available coming directly from the cosmos source revealed in the Bible. The ∞Elohim described in Genesis started His creation with infinite ∞ light energy fueling his creation forever. 

Converting some of the ∞ energy should provide the next civilization after 2018 AD, “God’s Kingdom on Earth”, unlimited electrical energy. It stands to reason that if even “one watt” electricity is gained “perpetually” it will prove the principle. Similarly, the Wright brothers were not deterred by the laughter and being told that it was “impossible”.  They proved man could fly.

The Wright Brothers probably never envisioned double decked airplanes a hundred times bigger and going faster then sound and reaching into space. Applying history to my 10 applications designed around a GRAVITY MOTOR will change our up coming civilization forever. Gaining just one watt of extra energy by applying 10 UREE technology inventions will prove that a 100-year-old electricity discovery can be expanded. This new technology will open the floodgates of enough energy to fuel the next civilization.

Looking closer when a magnet is put through a copper wire loop, we get a pulse now explained WHY. That is the key to break the sound barrier creating unlimited electrical energy without causing the death of future mankind by uncontrollable nuclear poison. We have already started the extinction of all life forms. Even a blind man can see this happening on the only planet in the universe where life exists.

My professor friend wrote after reading my first draft, “Herbert what I see in your design is an application of revealed principles. Real world application will be less efficient at first until the system is tweaked and better understood about where and how strongly the electrons come in from the other side. Yes, you describe the principles, but the trick lies in the doing. With other inventions, you could take your principles and build, or have built a real model to test them. Like when you designed the flying magnetic head, which made a miniaturized disk drive possible to fit inside your computer, your mind puts principles to work without advanced math formulas. Your born intuition proven in many inventions can adjust it without you needing to do the math. Your mind did it subconsciously.

“With this big UREE fish is too big, so others will need to build the models to test and refine it. Your philosophical insight expanded a knowledge horizon, as intended. At first some government funds may be needed to accommodate our technical shortcomings. A little more experience may be needed but in time it will grow more efficient as it takes advantage of the ultimate renewable energy from Yod, tapping into the creation cycle from Aleph to Tau.”

THE KEY: The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE)

Summing up the Mystery Energy Trail not found in schoolbooks, one energy loop was described as neutrinos cascading along an invisible magnetic trail, fueling every atom with energy while passing through each atom, as some kinetic energy is rubbed off. It thereby creates electricity within the nuclear atom.

In our case, the pressurized air atom that is confined in a bottle like a Genie spirit produces expelled, levitated electrons when released that give us an electricity profit via a magnetic bridge inside our gravity motor. When electricity is re-invested in the generator motor, similar like re-investing in a business, it gives us an added energy profit, which can be applied to grow food and maintain life for a better lifestyle.

By investigating physics a little closer, I learned that the mysterious GRAVITY force is static, but when it is moved perpetually, like in the math ∞ symbol, it is transformed into a kinetic-rooted energy force, which is useful to mankind because of when in perpetual motion activated, causes time to be zero in the energy equation. When time is zero, energy becomes infinite.

Zero time = ∞E

However electrical energy Profit can be extracted from the energy loop coming freely from space, which is a gift for mankind that will fuel the next civilization linked to a ∞ energy loop system.

Concluding once more the text everybody with a general education will either be very puzzled, or hit a wall, convinced something is wrong in the La-La land. Kindly worded it is insane to postulate believing to driving around with an air tank filed with spent exhaust CO-NO gas.  My first reaction was that I had painted myself in a corner already. I heard the echo of laughter like the Wright brothers picked up from the science corner even in church. But that idea is not that far out seeing recently on TV (7/2011) channel 7 in San Francisco a bunch of college kids driving joyful around in a converted bicycle with 2 pressurized tanks:  headlines - “driving with air!”   

However, God on the metaphysical level reminded me when we started on a journey below the ocean a 1000 times higher pressure could be utilized with the Gravity Motor combination, because when higher kinetic pressure is recycled in a piston arrangement to allow perpetual motion and repeating the cycles will create electromagnetic pulses which is electricity. That same principal can be applied to an automobile but we still need high-pressure too otherwise it will not work. Here is the key. I only recently understood a little better.

When kinetic energy is accelerated higher than the speed of the earth around the sun that would increase energy proven when a stone falls down to the ground. But in David’s slingshot example, kinetic energy can be raised in the air tank when the UREE-motor gains speed and is expanding pressurized atoms back in a semi-natural state in each piston cycle. It will thus convert David’s stone inertia to a bowling ball, energy wise.

It is like when the piston speed moves down 100 times faster because of higher pressure behind it. Lower gasoline  energy cannot provide it on a much inferior level. That artificial, higher pressure difference compressing atoms closer together and now expanding is 100 times bigger force transferred and converted requiring a flywheel or two for temporary storage. Furthermore, if the piston is allowed and designed to be recycled perpetually, it will give perpetual electricity pulses amplified in the streetcar-generator linked to rotating-transformer, a new invention. Gasoline extracted from fossil fuel will feed a properly designed flywheel a little less than 100% according to entropy.

The UREE reverses the piston generating higher pressure because of a second gas expansion. That difference is perpetual motion applied to get perpetual electricity. Any extra is captured in a bigger flywheel design to compensate for friction. With the pressure in the tank, they together make over 100%. That is the reason for perpetual motion.

When electrons orbit freely around a nuclear cloud, they are forced closer together to jump from one atom orbit to another, which are weakened having lost some energy from a billion volts down to the million-volt level. The electrons now flow like fish over a waterfall to be picked up perpetually in a UREE fishnet giving electricity profit. In a high-speed motor application, atoms compressed in gas-media would heat up much faster. Include a spark plug to release more kinetic force and expand the second piston cycle at a higher energy level to free up 100 times more bonus electrons.

I described the whole process but the key was not obvious, now hopefully proven with the Cosmos Mystery Energy Trail. It will give us free energy spliced out from atoms so that we can drive around with a car but need 10 or 100 times higher pressure stored in a small air-tank. For a believable example, if the weight of a car with 6 people is 2 tons and allow 10% profit generated in the UREE, then we need 20 tons of pressure in the air-tank - perhaps a little more - to make people move and have fun. Kinetic pressure energy moved perpetually will give free electricity, and I wonder who has the last laugh.

Some Concluding Thoughts

The first entropy law is demonstrating an invisible ∞ cosmos energy flowing and crossing over a magnetic bridge inside a generator motor flywheel-assembly that will produce cheap energy in form of electricity profit converted on the second entropy level.

When it is all put together, we do not need a big Wiener wheel reaching into the sky because we can make it smaller - just like a large church clock can be miniaturized into a cuckoo clock, which works the same. A miniaturized Bessler drum, 12 feet diameter, turned around in perpetual motion with steel bowling balls can be linked to 10 rotating generator printed boards spaced with super-magnet stators and speeding up to 1,000 rpm. These are in turn coupled with smaller streetcar motors on either side to generate about 100 KW.   

For best utilization, a baby UREE should be designed in smaller units and manufactured with a single piston at lower motor rpms and linked to the double transformer-streetcar to produce about 1.5 KW output in one box.  Several UREE boxes could be connected in series, side by side, to better provide the variable power needs of a residential end-user. The first unit runs 24 hours. If more energy is needed, the second, or more, will automatically kick on as needed to meet electrical energy demand. This arrangement also serves as systems back up if one of the units breaks down.

The baby UREE could be mass-produced: four separate piston units for each household, without needing any expensive transmission wires.  Since this approach is not hi-tech, it could be manufactured by an established corporation in about six months. If you use the bigger solar-panel-Hydrogen-Oxygen UREE model, it will run 24 hours, but the off time is utilized to separate the water for the next cycle of gas fuel explosion use.  

The big brother UREE needs a rock pile or water tank in order to give gravity weight, then transferred over a hand-activated hydraulic jack occasionally used to replenish air leakage from the motor/tank if a little compressor is not available.

The UREE rotating transformer runs at much higher speed as other generators therefore according to the formula [Zero time = ∞E] when kinetic energy is moving faster then time becomes shorter and will get us more electric power extracted if you understand the math.  But needs a better generator design mentioned like if we made the wire loops bigger in a printed board design with a stronger magnetic field passing through using superior modern high-tech magnets. I think the printed board low inertia idea is going in the right direction but needs to be proven as my inventor gut feelings never disappointed me.  

The basic Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE) can be applied to many more situations, like the rotating transformer-streetcar generator cross-linked with windmills could get 10 times more profit and spawn many future millionaires in a wide-open technology now available off the shelf.

My friend, if you have patiently read all of my discourse explaining simple physics that expands our metaphysical horizons, you should now conclude that free perpetual electricity energy is possible and available for the coming 21st Century.

The simple wire loop pushed with a magnet generates a pulse, but a magnet or wire-loop must move. If we move the magnet perpetually, we get perpetual pulses. If we push-pull the magnet faster, the pulses are higher and stronger. Kinetic energy can be used to move a magnet. If converted perpetual, it will logically gain more pulses. Kinetic energy is embedded in gravity, but atheistic scientists screwed up so many science theories and invented an unscientific evolution religion to make money from those who have lost the ability to think logically anymore.

Therefore, when physics is distorted, it is not possible to form new theories. Genetics and DNA prove that intelligence cannot evolve as confirmed with our computers, “Garbage in garbage out.” If you have a different opinion, start another evolution religion. It will not increase intelligence like 2000 years ago, a powerful well-educated Pontius Pilatus asked Jesus, “What is Truth?” That answer can only be revealed, like in the case of the one criminal crucified with Jesus who got assurance to continue living on the other side from the One who created life.

Evil has been around since Adam, but don’t be too harsh to our parents. Satan started the rebellion in the heavenlies in 4488 BC. Before he was to be executed for his crimes, God created Adam and his children to replace Satan and his rebellious angels. God appointed Satan and his associates in the meantime to be our schoolteachers to acquaint us with evil.

It is necessary for mortals programmed for eternal life to learn about the tricks of evil. That accomplishes an embedded immunity designed to automatically recognize the slightest evil if it shows up - like mushroom growing over night. Then we will snuff it out in the bud, not to spoil a new resurrected life given for us. Satan and his atheistic followers will be judged and terminated at the end of the Apocalypse for rebellion against a holy God.

My Babushka egg concept books were designed to answer the many questions people have had since childhood. Theologians are not educated in science being still mired in a Middle Ages belief system.

But to prove the skeptics that God exists and gives us life, he now gives, in addition, free electricity. Ignorant governments have not yet learned the lessons from Russia and Japan. They are bent on building even bigger, more deadly poisonous, nuclear power stations being obscene, crooked, and only money motivated by greed.

Even my 10-year-old grandchild comes to the logical conclusion that nuclear crimes committed against humanity will cause billions of future deaths and the massive extinction of all life on this earth in the next generation. After they die, the cement caps will crumble and crack. The iron will rust out to release massive radiation for 100,000 years, poisoning all the oceans and air to ultimately cause a dead planet void of life.

Willfully ignoring science perverted by an atheistic evolution religion caused mankind to become totally corrupted to the bone-marrow and will force God the Elohim once more, like Noah’s Atlantis generation, to terminate this civilization, too, for LIFE was planned before a time dimension therefore will continue for future generations.

God embedded in nature many illustrations to teach us principals like a caterpillar must go into the cocoon and is morphed into a butterfly on a higher level. Pay attention to what is revealed on the metaphysical level after 2018 AD: God’s Kingdom on earth, invisible in the cocoon, has arrived with a new management, which will destroy once more to end EVIL with an asteroid even projected by science on 17 September 2015.

My hope is based on looking to Jesus, King of Kings, who promised to return to earth once more to save his world from utter ruin and destruction. He will rule with an iron scepter to demonstrate His divine authority that will be applied globally to governing all nations. That will usher in a golden civilization for mankind, with 1000 years of peace - no more wars and plenty of free energy for a flourishing righteous civilization.

From a scientific perspective, any delay for Jesus’ reappearing will be extremely critical in saving the world from massive hi-tech destruction. Genetic modification must be reversed or reap the consequence collapsing a food chain that will cause billion people to perish ending with the 3rd World War at Armageddon fighting over the leftover food and oil reserves.

We can add to the list many other causes such the destruction of the environment: foul air, polluted water, and fishless oceans unending. If Jesus coming would be delayed even 10 years, mankind will not be around for the next generation. That is guaranteed, if you follow the hi-tech science trail with Satan already gloating: 

“I won the confrontation against ELOHIM.”

In my last book, I discovered the greatest miracle for me: the sequence of (9) nine Babushka egg concept books riding on a dual rail track, one side the Bible the other, Science. It developed in unusual concepts that interconnected with each other like a DNA strand interlinked but in reversed Hebrew order.

To understand why the ELOHIM created MANKIND was my ultimate desire as a Christian. The process started with an obscure Hebrew Alphabet Number System found in my attic, which became the road map of my Journey. The Babushka book titles summarize a metaphysic overlay symbolizing a nine step pyramid which points to a future Jod-10 = (Elevated Hand) New Heaven - New Earth, a totally new elevated creation. All summed up: what you read here free on the Internet was revealed not possible to be my invention as many times I was puzzled too. If I refused to write it down would hear louder in my subconscious mind remember Jesus saying the stones would cry out, as I am only a scribe like in ancient times.

The story of David in 1Samuel 17.

Off the Grid News, Innovations in Solar Technology.

Pearl #176 Japan’s Nuclear After Effects (6-29-11)  Solutions from Science.

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