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Cosmos Energy Mystery Trail-closing



A Mini-Hoover Dam Designed into a Gravity Motor

Following the unusual (magnetic) trail of energy on top of the Hoover-Dam, we will all notice a very large lake, representing an open infinite energy source potential, which is like storing billions of bowling balls, but only a tiny fraction is useful when spliced out, when the (water-media) is piped down to the bottom creating kinetic energy, which is moved by gravity above and converted to electricity profit.

Also looking closer to a steam generation I recognized we need very high pressure for generating electricity. However, our perpetual gravity motor is not that much different as it works inside a closed pressure environment when linked to stored (air media), which is embedded in an small air tank as either water media or air media, represents a highly pressurized differential, thus releasing an inherent, embedded kinetic energy.  Plus if allowed to move perpetually, it could be converted into perpetual electricity, similar to the Hoover Dam or steam generator example.

My new UREE invention makes it portable, which can be applied useful in automobiles, trucks and trains, which need no transmission wires, thereby, making it a little cheaper as a system. That implication being now portable has tremendous ramification which will obsolete overland wires and associated transformer system, supersede massive nuclear-coal fired power stations and changing conventional science shifting Einstein’s theory upside down and probably causing a revolution in most universities and hopefully will burry an unscientific atheistic evolution religion forever.

Once more, high water steam pressure continually passing over the generator gives continual electric energy.  The same principle is applied to the UREE gravity motor but also must recycle continually the air pressure media returning it in the same tank will get perpetual electricity, too.

Explaining it further by applying that analogy to an air tank extracting pressure from below the ocean, similar to the weight of my cuckoo clock that hangs on the wall, will not change its inherent mass, but does move gears, hands and a cuckoo, even overcoming friction forces which could be linked to compressed atoms collected from the sky, which has a gravity force embedded. It expands parallel to our earth, not changing its mass either and is surrounded with static gravity, which is the same force.

However, when we use an air tank, we create an artificial gravity environment, just like that which exists below the ocean or on top of the Hoover Dam. We accomplish this by compressing water or air atoms closer to each other and hold them unnaturally captive, bottled up within the steel pipe, container or tank. By releasing the pressure cyclically, the simulated, embedded kinetic energy is released when the oxygen molecules expand at a very fast rate, back to its original natural state.

The Hoover Dam’s gravity pressure potential can therefore be carried around in a steel air tank (bottle) so as to make a gravity differential portable, which would not need flowing water from a lake anymore, in order to drive huge turbines. We only changed the transfer media from water to air. That makes it portable and a little more compact.

From the energy exchange level inside the oxygen atom of the compressed water molecule (Hoover Dam or steam-nuclear/coal), the negative (-) charged electrons will be expelled with a plus force (+) on a black copper wire in a ∞ loop. But for a current to flow over a magnetic bridge exchange according to physics, it still must be linked to a return negative (-) white copper wire, which is a highway for stripped naked electrons no longer pressured returning and passing through a magnetic electric generator wire-loop bridge system once more.

The electric generator is the magnetic door connecting the invisible world of an atom-city to our visible mortal (Daleth) dimension. It functions similar to a slave market only bigger. Billions of electron slaves, previously fully charged, returned hungry and naked from a foreign environment and must return and come back home to have a party again, being fully dressed once more. They are happy in their natural state only at home levitating on top of negative charged oxygen nuclear donut cloud.

The energy exchange mathematics of a ∞ loop demonstrated that energy flows continually according to entropy transformer principle. If electrons cross the magnetic bridge must return once more over the atom border through the back door into a higher energy level loop, which is then rejoined in reverse to the oxygen atom-city bathed in infinite light energy for a recharge.

Only as long the water-air compression environment exists compressing billions of oxygen atoms pushed together by an artificially created substitute for gravity force can the naked electron (-) slaves be recycled hitching a ride on top of the oxygen atom.

At that time they get recharged by circling around a fast moving vortex in a negatively charged magnetic donut atom cloud being refueled from the inside of the oxygen nucleus. When atoms of different size like the bigger oxygen atom and externally compressed together with other bigger atoms, electrons are forced to jump from one orbit to another always be looking for a natural pressure release, like a second entropy magnetic bridge coming by to be free floating again. It is similar to a flowing river detoured being directed over a waterwheel to do some work on the way. But on the lower transformer entropy level, some electrons doing work in an energy exchange will become naked losing their charge. They still will follow embedded intelligence to return for another cycle to live a little longer, or if disconnected disappear flowing down the energy water river ending in ocean water molecule reservoir. 

However, in the Gravity Motor UREE system we use the same oxygen atoms over and over in the same air tank to be a portable perpetual energy source. The naked electrons detour is shorter and will be immediately recharged by a neutrino energy force flowing down to every atom according to the novel cosmos magnetic energy trail theory. That process makes the portable energy source system possible.

Lining it up in a smaller steel air bottle, along a football stadium, could give us the same energy as a Hoover Dam, only quite a bit less expensive as well as without the connecting overhead wire system.

Basically, an infinite energy source potential becomes a transportable Hoover Dam reservoir, only miniaturized in portable steel container bottles. The process to generate conventional electricity is accomplished pushing high-pressured water or steam through turbines linked to an electric generator to extract electricity as a system.

However, when we use a different media of compressed Argon-Oxygen gas or air, a special turbine-motor is required which is designed around the standard car engine, yet must be modified to a electric generator-streetcar motor combination connected with two flywheels. That could replace a Hoover Dam water column pressure system in exchange gaining the same energy but now extracted from an air bottle a little more portable.

To gain electricity explained in physics, we utilize a gravity differential potential replaced with air or suitable compressed gases in a tank. If released by a valve in the gravity motor, it will explode the piston to a lower entropy level via the crankshaft. That moves kinetic energy, which can be converted to electricity.

Whatever is over 100%, I call profit. To pull out energy from a gas bottle that is achieved with a modified diesel motor system, but it must have a flywheel assembly mounted on each end of the crankshaft embedded with a standard generator armature linked to a streetcar motor.

The Gravity-Motor is fueled with just plain high-pressure gas from the tank. But what is novel the same pressure pushing the piston down must be returned 100% into the air tank therefore needs two flywheels converting and storing kinetic energy applying perpetual motion laws. When looking inside the motor cylinder, some experts who are not convinced may say: “tit for tat”, as nothing is gained, since 100% pressure goes out and 100% compressed is returned via the flywheel.

Yet, looking closer at the energy profile, while the piston moves to the bottom, it accelerates kinetic energy, which grows inside the piston while it travels down and gains speed to that of a bowling ball energy level a little faster than the earth orbit. At that time a number of capacitors are fired via spark plugs, which has an added bowling ball force effect embedded to over 100% of the original air tank force, but is now converted along the way. I explain more later on.

The two flywheels will store temporal inertia energy and push back the return pressure piston while the generator and streetcar motor combination is generating electricity. A number of fired capacitors within the diesel-modified motor are needed to synchronize and convert more kinetic energy, which is embedded inside the compressed air atoms that expand gas pressure in cycles.  Electricity is converted within the system by a miniaturized Hoover Dam generator and is perpetually possible, which I compare to a genie waiting in the bottle, ready to be released.

This basic flywheel principle will soon be seen in the next hybrid electrical car, which will be sold next year in many dealer lots, with an electric generator embedded inside a flywheel, which will get over a 500 mpg range.

How the Cosmos Side Fuels the Gravity Motor

We will now become exposed to the principles of perpetual energy exchange put into practice in the very heart of this crazy idea, which is not possible according to conventional science. If my energy proposal is accepted by the energy cartel, we have succeeded to get totally free green energy for the coming 21st century, guaranteed.

If it is not accepted and laughed at, it was worth the try needing a little more time. It is just another repeat of the Wright brothers’ attempt and heard much laughter at their church even preached from the pulpit, “If God wanted man to fly, he would have made mankind with wings.” Galileo, too, was silenced, and it took another hundred years to prove him right.

New inventions have consequences visiting harvest festivals in farming towns, we will see the assembled old steam engine running, which is linked to many laborsaving machines, but it also created massive unemployment in the thirties. Your grandparents still remember the big depression. When it equalized, it created a time of blessing unheard of in history. People owned their own house, an extra vacation home, two cars, two refrigerators, a wash machine and a dozen hairdryers for my teenager, thousands of time-saving kitchen gadgets, billions of TVs and telephones, or a boat on weekends. All because of a new energy conversion that saved labor, allowing more free time.

Conventional energy is running out. We should look around for the next cycle or repeat the great depression once more. The new gravity energy conversion discovery follows the same laws as a business. In order to make a profit, money from energy must be turned around and put back in the system, which is demonstrated in physics, such as an electric motor.

When energy moves, it gives us free work. Explain why magnetism is needed to create electricity in the rotor? When it returned electricity back to the stator, it produces more magnetism, which rotates like an electrical motor in order to do the work that slaves used to do. It is a paradox. Energy going around in a full figure eight motion, flowing endlessly in a circle, like the infinite math ∞ symbol shows graphically.

My invention is profit-motivated to make perpetual motion possible. It will borrow some energy that is indirectly needed from the cuckoo clock chain force. When it is redirected, it will cause gravity to move and therefore give us a little leftover electrical energy, squeezed out as profit. That is accomplished by linking a second entropy gravity force, converted in a hybrid electric motor and embedded in a flywheel controlled by a series of capacitors as a system. That is a manmade invention and is patentable.

To drive a car around with just plain pressurized gas as a fuel might seem insane to most, or we need a little more insight and continue our examination of an energy conversion analysis that operates a perpetual gravity UREE motor for the gain of profitable electricity. We have investigated an energy trail and ended with a mix of argon-oxygen air atom molecules to find the invisible embedded ∞ energy source. But my invention also postulates we need much higher pressure perhaps 10 times over a gasoline explosion that makes it possible to drive around without conventional energy. Maybe an entrepreneur starts a new business submerge air-tanks to the bottom of the ocean and closing the valve now has enough pressure to drive around your car.

If the first prototype of the gravity motor works, then we have found the missing link in the search for the holy grail of a unifying theory: that being, “What is electromagnetism, gravity linked to strong force and weak force.” When we follow the trail to check the many assumptions, it must conform to the laws of entropy physics, yet to me, it must also match the metaphysical domain in order to have a balanced perspective. On my quest, it became rather obvious; simply by observing nature, that everything needs energy, in order for life to exist right to the very atom level.

Closing an Unfinished Cosmos Mystery Energy Trail

What you read here was never postulated before and is greatly abridged. I have attempted to redefine some laws of nature poorly defined in our universities. A great deal of science seems distorted denying historic knowledge accumulated in the Bible across a 6000-year span.

It needed an unbiased assessment collected from a metaphysical database, which should include recorded divine revelation that has been rejected by the establishment. Babushka egg concept books became the outlet for me.

Modeling a new atom theory from information that comes from the research of history is an attempt to explain how the cosmos came into being and linked to how an atom works, as understood by the observance of nature. Some may wonder how the universe is fueled, as billions of galaxies burning with energy and linked to our sun, controls our bio environment right down to a single atom, where life is embedded.

This is still a mystery. Smashing atoms with CERN will never discover the hidden complex intelligence, where information is embedded within every single atom linked to the cosmos, which is similar to our personal computer software connected to the Internet.

Yet luckily, new DNA discoveries and genetics finally opened the back door of science that is manipulating atoms. Eventually we find out what works and what does not. Following the energy trail, everybody would point to the sun as an energy source. Newton’s law should convince us that the sun is an energy source and burns from a higher energy potential to a lower.

Modern science does not know where the higher energy comes from, but logic tells us that an invisible energy source must come from somewhere, as looking into the night sky we see thousands of lights and observe the many galaxies and stars that are brightly shining. It is not too difficult to postulate when energy is available in space as we look at the beautiful galaxies from the Hubble Space Telescope and notice that the same energy still flows and could be coming down to our earthly level. Seeing pictures sent by cameras that were previously launched with a space mission, as they travel millions of miles through space, I question what the medium SOMETHING is, in order to make a path for a frequency to travel over? We think that there is nothing in a vacuum; therefore, energy from space, which is converted to light, must bridge the NOTHING, as it is not dependent on one atom transferring energy to another atom.

Energy traveling from space could end up invisible in a steel tank bottle, where I drive my car without fossil fuel? That would prove a “genie force” trapped in a bottle. The cosmos started with infinite energy from somewhere. That energy is still around, as we see the aftereffect, according to the second entropy, which is recognized as visible light that only our eyes respond to. Therefore, light and atoms could reveal more.

My journey started when I discovered ancient clocks exhibited in museums revealing a prehistoric time dimension that opened the door to understand the first verse of Genesis, which expresses infinite light in the ∞ math sign, indicating an energy exchange on two entropy levels. That is only possible in a time dimension. “There was evening and morning…”

Investigating science much better explained from the oldest book of mankind, the BIBLE, which starts with the purpose of the cosmos and a detailed creation report in Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1, where God executed his invention and created mass to crystallize from the LOGOS ∞ energy center, born with the time dimension in a teeter-totter relationship which will be governed by two entropy laws - Bereshyt.

Creation started when the invisible God revealed himself and became the visible WORD as inventions first must be formulated within a ∞MIND expressed with the second Hebrew hieroglyph letter “B” which specifies that a newly formed cosmos will function on two ∞energy entropy laws.

The laws of physics and metaphysics identify that the ∞light (Genesis 1:1) runs on a divided highway to move toward lower entropy visible light like Heh-heaven toward Daleth-earth cascading linked together in a ∞ circle creating a subordinate gravity force embedded with magnetism. Rotating the universe became the glue for atoms to form mass, coalescing into bigger mass ending with our world centered around a second energy center "The WORD" (John 1:1) who became flesh (physics) foretold as EMANUEL (God with us) demonstrating by the ∞ symbol.

The resurrection principle is the TIME-dimension DOT dividing mortality to immortal LIFE demonstrate for my grandkid in a caterpillar illustration morphed into a butterfly. Confirmed on a higher level the invisible ELOHIM became visible in Jesus THE Christ [let us make man in our image]. Jesus is the first-born still divine of a new creation. Needed a place to live and created a universe for mortals to fulfill its purpose. In the math symbol ∞ again expressed the ELOHIM-ANGEL new heaven world (Heh) and Jesus First-born new Earth (Daleth) dimension a divine paradox we mortals will never understand mentioned everywhere in scripture.

 When moving mass crystallizes, kinetic rooted energy is released for the benefit of mankind; foremost from our sun and on the second entropy bio-world and moon proves this. [Electri-city] is the bottom, miniaturized force embedded within every atom [city] molecule, closing the loop of the COSMOS DONUT proving why the UREE works.

For another good illustration of a cosmos dimension loop could be illustrated on the front page, if we connect two hourglass galaxies in a large circle like a donut. It would demonstrate an energy path swirling around in a spiraling vortex being separated by a North Pole black hole representing the ∞ Heh-dimension and energy circulating perpetually opposite demonstrated a two looped polarization finite-time, Daleth-dimension the South Pole.  In between are billions of stars, galaxies, planets and asteroids in a circle like a Donut loop, coalescing and strung together, quite similar to a vortex spiral ∞DNA chain. (See the next picture ending my story photographed a galaxy not static turning very fast.)

The Whole Schlimazel Summed up

Babushka eggs expose a little better understanding of the universe by postulating forbidden concepts and hopefully expanding knowledge horizons. I start from the donut atom level linked to why we have lights on in many galaxies and how it is produced to make a universe functions from a very different perspective.

Two easy illustrations on my grandkid's level emerges explained in analogues, once more a cuckoo clock the other a rotating universe carousel theory. I learned to believe the many facts revealed to me as being true. To understand the interrelationship of how physics is intertwined with metaphysics, I created a ENERGY-TIME-graph with a vertical, exponential energy curve intersecting with a horizontal TIME dimension can now explain science from two perspectives metaphysic-physics viewpoint even Einstein would be pleased not obsoleted.

To understand what is prominently noticed in nature, one must first start by investigating the intelligence embedded in every atom linked to a predominant LIFE FORCE all is exclusively controlled by massive cosmic intelligence ∞ELOHIM computer as demonstrated in a miniaturized design, replicated in the mortal MIND. Our minds must be fueled with energy, too. Hopefully, our lights are “on” no different like the universe, seeing many lights are "on" in galaxies indicating that there is life-force seeing that ELECTRICITY is flowing. That is aligned on the horizontal time dimension line illustrated on the graph that captures Einstein in a math equation expanded along a visible rainbow light band frequency. Our human eyes linked to a infinite MIND is able to discern a perceptible frequency spectrum to give evidence designed in the exact middle range from the ∞ infinite down to zero. It was defined by Fraunhofer to make visible all the elements discovered on earth. When ∞ Energy crystallizes from a magnetic frequency converting into particle matter articulated in physics with a teeter-totter energy math formula: 

∞E = Zero time.

Since the middle of the energy frequency is the second entropy level previously defined unbeknown by Dr. Albert Einstein in his famous E = mC² formula only visible to our eyes but ignores the many other electro-magnetic higher or lower invisible frequencies bathed in MAGNETISM. Just because we cannot measure magnetism on the higher light band over X-rays does not mean it does not exist. Now many more magnetic energy frequencies have been discovered on the lower side useful to high technology TV and telephone computers in the last 50 years Einstein never dreamed about.

One more thought on Einstein's theory of General Relativity linked to Variable Speed of Light. Albert Einstein himself emphasized in his paper in 1917, “The results of the special relativity hold only so long as we are able to disregard the influence of gravitational fields on the phenomena.” In the presence of magnetic gravity, the speed of light becomes relative. To see the steps how Einstein theorized that the measured speed of light in a gravitational field is actually not a constant but rather a variable depending on the observer’s frame of reference.

We can now characterize an invisible cosmic magnetic energy on a higher first entropy level not yet understood by the establishment:

∞E = m (+∞C/–∞C)2

But the "∞" in the math symbol perplexing my visiting math friend needs a little more time to logical be linked to an intelligent MIND to recognize how the energy system works to maintain our embedded LIFE, which is energized down to the smallest nuclear atom needs to be fueled with energy to exist.

We think of elements being static having no life but NASA teaches otherwise utilizing an atom clock, which ticks in femtosecond that later was applied to the Internet synchronization. To make it possible globally to talk to each other controlled by unified computer intelligence fueled really with MAGNETISM. Check every electronic circuit on silicon chips or boards will not work without embedded magnetism controlled by intelligence. Lastly, to discover that gravity is influenced by magnetism. A matter of fact it becomes the energy path connecting to the infinite source down to the atom level now extracted by UREE inventions.

That gave me some ideas tracing the energy to the Alpha(+ONE)force, which can be converted to electricity that is free like perpetual profit. It is also the fuel keeping us alive embedded with intelligence everybody even a child knows the function of LIFE and what is lifeless. Life is another dimension only found on earth which was imported from another world we know nothing about just called open ended - heaven. My first Babushka egg concept book deals with God’s Plan for Mankind. I illustrated it with a Hebrew cuckoo clock diagram having two dials to indicate the time dimension of the KINGDOM OF GOD and the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

The Creator gives us a final choice before the GOD’S KINGDOM ON EARTH is born but comes with a placenta, the Apocalypse discarded as useless. A second Jonah has come to the town square announcing our last chance receiving ETERNAL LIFE with a very high probability that you and I will be dead in about fewer (5) five years. The population of this civilization will be reduced to less of 800 million (Check Pearl #126), mostly children will survive who have been cleansed from evil. The big war in heaven will have ended 2012/2013 with all evil angels and demons executed and later on earth too with Satan the only survivor bound in the underworld prison.

Evil on earth once more ends in the same manner as in Noah's time (5 February 2287 BC), on the same day (17 September) with a corrected Julian calendar. God’s once more has chosen an awesome asteroid instrument already in orbit check out the information for your own sake. If you want to know the purpose of the Plan for Mankind never preached in church, just check the Internet, which at this time is still free and not controlled by the atheistic priesthood manipulating every university suppressing truth.

I invite you to have some fun investigating facts in physics not allowed and if you want to survive the Apocalypse, reading what is forbidden by the establishment will widen a knowledge horizon that is the intention of free Babushka egg concept books. When man sows evil, he will harvest…? My last advice

Thoughts to Ponder

If you did not understand the Mystery Energy Trail, like Sir Isaac Newton, who said, “Hypotheses non fingo”, which is roughly translated as, “I don’t have a clue.” Or you might wonder that a lot of nonsense is being postulated outside the university forum and conclude that I must be from another planet. I would agree with you.  But since we are all mortal forced to be in the same boat, but being different like to investigate the invisible realities behind the metaphysical cosmos curtain side. It can only be understood by revelation from the Bible, which is the oldest school textbook explaining complex science. An ancient civilization disappeared that was more advanced than ours. Why has science taken so long to get back to where it was before 2288 BC when genetic modification, electricity and iron were known?

The answer is that I speak German and must write in English to overcome the effect of BABEL. Check it out a good, logical ancient story much better than the replacement monkey story to explain science from the La-La land, painted inside every science building to teach little children fairy tales. But eventually fables, hopefully could lead to TRUTH now answered the question 2000 years ago remember Pontius Pilate facing Jesus. It can now be linked to our dreams that want to be liberated from constraints of our Daleth-dimension mortality. If you are tired of being perplexed of the many distortions of physics caused by a closed, locked-up, sin-tainted MIND check the free Babushka concept books on the Internet.

But better yet read the Bible will give us a better choice all along declared we must follow the metaphysical foundation trail which started what was reported by Moses, a highly educated prince and the greatest leader in history.

He collected the TORAH from Noah’s boat and described a detailed history from before the Atlantis civilization that survived the flood. It is the only trustworthy information available divinely protected that tells the beginning of mankind from a scientific perspective and is much more logical when compared to the monkey evolution speculation never proven with physics in conflict with modern DNA intelligence. It will give you the answers if you want to be well informed about the other, metaphysical science rail for a better balance. It works for me.

However, all is fueled and radiates outwardly from off a COSMOS DONUT hub wheel even illustrated in the our blood demonstrated a perfect math geometry a oxygen energy red cell carrier designed to perpetually fueling LIFE emanating from a DOT, ∞ELOHIM the infinite energy center expressed in math:

A Cosmic Law Polarity
In a Teeter – Totter
∞E-lohim = m (+∞C / –∞C)2

Explaining the universe to my kids is like riding at night the chain carousel, which has at its center a driving force. The operator announced the last round, as the outside is now dark. People have gone home, but looking inside, there is light. I compare it to gazing at the universe and only feeling the outward force as all seems stationary looking inside.  However in reality, the universe is speeding like the chain carousel pushing the chairs outside. It is fun to feel a gravity force but cannot see it, like in the frozen galaxy pictures.

When infinite ∞ LIGHT declared in the first BIBLE verse in Genesis is bathed in a TIME DIMENSION. It created a magnetic energy path for a cosmos to appear, which will be proven investigating the mechanical side of the UREE. That will give us a little more supplementary knowledge to broaden science horizons and will disclose and confirm the existence of the ∞ energy coming from space including five witnesses designed around sixteen (16) applications to establish credibility presented next in: Part 2.

Matter Crystallizing

1Samuel 17, the story of David in the Bible.

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