Part #1 -

Cosmos Energy Mystery Trail


This is a journey of a new hypothesis investigating an unknown effect of Electromagnetic Resonance Frequency embedded in Fraunhofer spectral lines focusing on Oxygen Atoms extracting free green ELECTRICITY from Magnetized GRAVITY - Magnetized AIR and Magnetized WATER

(General science never really investigated the nature of MAGNETISM,
which can be extracted as free Energy)

Donut Atom Electron Cloud

Sixteen (16) UREE inventions extracting free green electricity from magnetized GRAVITY-AIR-WATER must be linked to an energy source. This Part #1 presentation will explain the reason why we get an electrical pulse when a magnet is pushed through a copper wire loop and attempt to outline a new novel theory:

What Is the Nature of Electricity?
Where does it come from?
How is it produced?

Looking out the window from an airplane during the night and seeing millions of lights below, my grandkid one day ask the question, “Where does the energy come from?” Asking the same question to my friend a scientist usually get a standard orthodox answer that is can be explained with Faraday and Lenz's laws. Explaining a conundrum with anonymity did not satisfy my kid. He kept on pressuring what really is magnetism showing me some magnets disappointed his schoolteacher cannot explain it. We agreed that only certain elements capture magnetism stuck on our refrigerator.

I pointed out that magnetism is needed to get electricity, which resulted in the biggest invention ever, an electric motor, but we still do not know how it really works. Without motors we could not build skyscrapers or anything you can buy in Wal-Mart stores. Tracing back the electrical wire to get to the source always ends up with an electric generator, which is turned around by compressed water like below the Hoover Dam or steam similar to compressed water in a nuclear power station where science inquiries stopped for a hundred years.

Science analyzed everything what comes out from a generator, but I cannot find any information to tell me the other side of the generator receiving energy. If an old-fashioned proverb is true “what goes in must come out again” could find the answer.

Do not tell me that energy burning in thousand of cities mysteriously appeared out of nothing from a few copper wires turning bypassing the laws of physics? Pushing a train 250 mph and melting tons of hot liquid iron displaying a horrendous energy collected from something rotating?

Searching for the source of energy looking in the direction of the night sky why do we see thousand lights brightly shining in the universe even without a generator and copper wires. My kid shows much more wisdom than scholars and wonders if these lights shining in galaxies are linked to electricity energy, too?

That put me on the trail to investigate electricity further to find out what is the mystery energy in front of on the other side of the generator how is it born, how is it converted in contact with water atoms beyond the generator windings? Only atoms showed the possibility of embedded energy.

Being challenged by my grandkid as a previously professional inventor of many gismos and during the process figured out a new novel energy theory that resulted once more with an unusual invention how we can extract electricity perpetually from Gravity Motors.

It seemed impossible against an establishment believe system, but my guts tells me like before, “It will work”. The energy investigation got bigger now expanded into a novel energy theory which will turn science opinions upside down superseding Einstein energy formula and hopeful obsolete expensive deadly nuclear power seen in a new perspective.

In an effort to balance the many accepted science opinions as some are brain-dead fairy tales enforced in our schools, I cross-check them with knowledge from metaphysics and if they match the laws of physics, it tells me that I am on the right path. What you read here might sound strange to you if you are not familiar with metaphysics, but if you apply a little logic, it would not only bridge the unknown, but it could even reveal some previous unexplainable science mysteries to you.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and so it is with my Gravity Motor patent, which will work to give us free electricity perpetually. It will make nuclear and coal power plants obsolete, severely restricting oil globally in the near future if the energy cartel allows it and could even be a problem with the patent department biased in an atheistic evolution religion.

It will not be long to hear from certain science quarters that Einstein’s theory has been obsoleted too, now proven with 300 times faster light measurements announced recently in Princeton’s University. That should give you the incentive to come back to this 9th Babushka egg concept book ignored by the establishment and find the answers. If you have the aptitude to follow new discoveries, you will be richly rewarded by discovering new scientific applications that are not found in the halls of higher learning.

Let’s start with an unknown Energy Mystery Trail I discovered which is not yet taught in university books and is linked to the metaphysical ∞ Cosmos, coupled with a time dimension that crosses over to our world.

We will investigate the inside of atoms and compare it to a novel atom theory to discover a new energy trail that is perpetually moving ∞ unknown to science. To explain energy for the lights to be on, forget your past education biased in an atheistic evolution religion for a moment, and sit down with my grandkid and listen to a new story only a Christian grandfather can tell.

It could give us for the first time an understanding about what the nature of electricity really is since it is still unidentified to science, as it is an energy only recently discovered in the last hundred years. That mystery energy is still not defined by the experts’ misapplied mathematics creating more confusion, but is now revealed on the metaphysical level, which surprised me greatly and became my story.

Have you ever noticed when we cannot explain the laws of physics to my kids, the high priests of higher education will scribble unendingly on the white board math signs nobody understands explaining what he believes. It is a good thing for balance that my kid has a handy traditional grandfather to figure it out applying old-fashioned logic investigating the laws of physics forgotten in our schools. That could answer the why question when a magnet is pushed through a copper wire loop we get an electric pulse.

Many scientists are imprisoned by an atheistic evolution religion the Bibles expose the consequence causing the human mind to become darkened, became fools and in their wickedness suppress truth. Comparing a Bible verse [Romans 1:18] proclaimed 1900 years ago with our time reveals that mankind has not changed much. Look around and notice the consequences if you study our global environment linked to massive extinction, pollution, destructions and death the result of rejecting truth believing in the tenets an unscientific atheistic evolution religion.

Let’s have a closer look why a new Gravity Motor creating electricity could run forever extracted from gravity always around thus should investigate perpetual motion. Many comatose scientists believe perpetual motion is not possible therefore should explore a double looped ∞ energy source that could widen a horizon understanding nature a little better.

Our natural world gives us many examples for a double looped perpetual motion like our blood circulation designed to continually maintain Life, and must run perpetually on two ∞ loops, with one loop being refueled every second with oxygen energy cycle.

My doctor tells me that if only one obstruction somewhere in the system stops it, similar to an electrical switch on the wall, it will stop everything or make profit for the undertaker.

However, to make a profit from gravity motors that generate electricity, we need to transfer that analogy and examine a totally new perspective, starting with our world that is linked to atoms and ending with the formation of galaxies, one is copied on the front cover, which all goes back centered on a bigger infinite ∞ energy loop, thus closing the circle, which we now want to better understand.

That will reveal how nature really operates, how it all began and how it is all related to our earthly environment from a two looped perspectives; one being physics, the other being metaphysics interwoven ∞ together, both will give us a 360⁰ viewpoint. It could make known an invisible energy trail inside our body linked to galaxies coupled to the metaphysic dimension beyond the other side of a galaxy Black Hole returning back in a full circle to our side stated in the first verse Genesis 1:3, ”There was ∞light.”

If you believe that our blood circulation runs perpetually by itself, you should investigate it further to understand that it is controlled by a built-in intelligence micro-coded (MIND). Refueled energy is not a mechanical phantom mystery. It must have a source, as it will cross many bridges such as magnetism to the oxygen atom level now discovered, right down to electrons becoming electricity controlled by complex intelligence we will later better appreciate.

The black hole of a galaxy, like the Hourglass Galaxy on the front page, could be a useful illustration of what an energy source would look like applied to our earthly vehicles. Photographing various stages of developing galaxies from space reveals awful energy conversions to us, but we wonder if it is expanding or compressing into a vortex. Nobody really knows, as we cannot recognize that which is invisible to our eyes controlled by our finite mind.

But yet is remarkable that our MIND can delineate the very center of the energy frequency spectrum (zero-∞) which is one billions time a billion tiny sliver to become visible within the light frequency bandwidth of [4000-7000] Angstroms designed perfectly useful for our eyes?

That range can be expanded with different color filters applied to the Hubble Space Telescope and additional compared to Fraunhofer spectral lines could reveal more what is invisible to our eyes.

Fair enough; allow me to expand the invisible frequency spectrum to go further stretching our MIND and acquaint you explaining a mystery energy trail for electricity and in the process introduce you to the invisible metaphysical energy that is perpetually coming from the Heh-dimension cosmos to widen a science perspective.

This is postulated for the first time in the Internet Science Forum declaring an Energy Trail from the ∞Cosmos, which is linked to a Time Dimension that crosses over inside every atom and is perpetually moving ∞ (infinitely). Postulating unfamiliar theories needs proof to establish truth that requires a minimum three witnesses now demonstrated for the skeptic with sixteen (16) applications. The newly discovered UREE is energized by gravity confirmed with the laws of physics proven with logic.

I hope the energy cartel will not oppose a newly discovered energy source while running out of fossil fuel and with anticipation would shut down globally deadly nuclear reactors. If we apply the laws of physics will soon be better informed of mankind greatest danger that all life will be become extinct on this planet in the next generation. It is time to expose a well kept secret by the nuclear cartel willfully suppressed for a comatose public and hopefully would wake up governments to be alerted that most of mankind will no longer be around in the next generation.

It is a well known fact among the nuclear experts that concrete with embedded iron rusting will eventually crack and will expose excessive high radiation embedded in stored hot spend nuclear fuel rods and therefore will in time fracture the cement pool storage in about 70-80 years contaminating the ground or drinking water.

The storage pools containing high radiation should have been minimally lined inside and outside with two feet thick gold plated lead-copper walls on both sides, which would remain hermetically sealed and flexible enough and can stretch when concrete is cracking. It could prevent leakage if welded together as a box.

The way present nuclear power stations are built, storing highly radioactive water, all will eventually leak in time into the surrounding sub-terrain groundwater killing billions of people in the next generation. But that fact was ignored as obscene profit was the motivator to ignore it. The bureaucrats in charge are not bothered by the consequence that it would cause 100,000 years of deadly contamination spreading over vast acreage of former surrounded real estate to become void of all life which already started in Russia and Japan to prove.

Do not believe the lie that safety was a concern as every nuclear power station will leak the way they were build watch the next 20 years guaranteed, as the media technology stored in tape-disc-drives changed to different technology format with spare parts no longer available. Worse, practical knowledge disappeared with the previous mortal experts no longer around.

For example, the nuclear fix to isolate and cover-up the radiation hotspots in Chernobyl with a concrete-shroud I recently found out, not mentioned on TV kept quite, that it collapsed in a big failure. The scientists should have learned some lessons from history looking at the oldest church in Istanbul Turkey, now 2000 years old, which survived all the earthquakes every since having the largest freestanding overhang.

Investigating what the ancient architect builder did history tell that he studied antique structures and the cause why buildings collapsed in earthquakes? He fixed the problem by grinding up fired bricks to coarse gravel and reshaped bricks with the Roman famous cement, which made the structure flexible and prevented developing stress cracks if shaken up. It was a proven as a good technique to construct bigger buildings still standing in our times. In addition nuclear power stations should be covered with lead and copper plates welded together creating an outside skin to provide future generation some minimum protection. Concrete will crack in time. It is unavoidable and not ever prepared for an emergency releasing deadly radiation, which accumulates forever in the environment and will not go away.    

We still have a chance to correct our problem if the energy cartel would re-engineer the many storage containers following my simple method mentioned here to allow future mankind to live on this earth too and should seriously consider my Gravity fueled UREE and develop it further. Getting perpetual free energy for the coming 21st Century would still guarantee obscene profit but is utterly poison free.

Personally, I am sure that my presented logical concepts in this disclosure in generating new green electricity energy will be applied in the next generation to last 1000 years prophesied by ELOHIM. Read page 7 once more.

Explaining energy on the physical side let’s use our five senses controlled by hopefully sound MIND. We are always curious and want to know what is invisible, much like when I was a kid who was interested in what was forbidden, I found out about invisible electricity by touching the electrical plug with my finger. That told me that invisible energy is not static and travels at infinite speed, if you had watched my finger.

Energy, therefore, is not static learned from driving around in my car, but it needs in addition a carrier with embedded intelligence that is controlled by a ∞MIND. Illustrations on both levels, based on physics (our MIND), and metaphysics (ELOHIM MIND) require a lot of analogies to make it plain to those new to modern science denying the history of mankind, which is compiled in the Bible revealing the Elohim.

Looking closer at the energy trail on the physical side, electricity is now fueling our 21st century, as nearly every item you can buy has needed electricity to create its existence. Comparing it on the metaphysical side stated in the first Genesis verse of the Bible tells us how it all started with ∞-light, which we will learn more about.  However, in order to create a cosmos, it was necessary for energy to flow perpetually, otherwise all would disappear faster than a Femtosecond pulse and end in a big bang DOT.

A Little About Electricity

With electricity, which was only recently discovered, we see the evidence as a major force that fuels our 21st century civilization, as we look at every downtown city globally, which profiles with skyscrapers, airports and the Internet, plus your computer, TV and cell phone linked to satellites. This all came together only in the last 100 years. It only works because of electricity. Yet science still does not know what it is when you take a copper wire loop and push a magnet through, creating a pulse. Increasing its speed creates more pulses, as defined by a scientist named Mr. Hertz.

Then we discovered the three finger electrical rule while watching that strange energy force, which is now linked to magnetism, flowing with so many pulses; some are positive (+) as others are negative   (-), which we call frequency.

Fraunhofer discovered most of our elements on earth in spectral form, like a frequency captured in a visible light band spectrum in the very center from zero to infinite. However, our eyes are calibrated being limited only to see the middle, which is about 186,281 miles/sec Hertz. Frequencies are still a mystery to science, as they are usually linked to electrons, but only their action is visible to our eyes.

Yet investigating it with physics, scientists formed some opinions, but they need to be cross-examined with metaphysic laws of nature, which is suppressed by an atheistic university establishment.

However, we are now confronted with a GRAVITY MOTOR running perpetually creating continually electricity can only be extracted from atoms if you follow the mystery energy trail. It will become a big new story that appears unbelievable, but we hope we can become educated applying logic combined with the metaphysics, which has been forbidden and not allowed by the energy cartel fearing revenue loss.

Opinions in science are not facts; therefore, let’s have a closer look connecting electricity with two energy carriers, neutrinos and electrons, fueling every atom and see what we can learn new about them following the mystery trail to define an energy source not found in school books. It is fun to be exposed to something new to give us a better understanding at least one version of many opinions explaining the mystery of electricity.

The Oxygen-Atom Connection

Electricity, as an atomic energy sub-force, is not yet defined by science, as it is still too young.

Let’s trace a mystery energy trail backwards never taught in universities. Starting with two wires connected to a motor linked to every item you buy in any store. Inside the motor, magnetism must first be created in the stator and fed back in order to create electricity and then return it to the rotor, which creates magnetism, which creates electricity in a ∞ cycle. In the middle of those two energy loops, we can extract profit, as it does some of the work that slaves used to do. The result is an electric motor, which made skyscrapers and space station possible.

However, electricity starts when we push a magnet through a cooper wire loop. Many loops give us more pulses. When many wire loops are put around an iron core, magnetism is produced. If it is put back in the armature stator that rotates a generator rotor and releases electricity considered the biggest invention ever. Therefore, we must look for the interface following the two external wires where kinetic energy is pushing a generator rotor.

Only when kinetic inertia energy is in motion, crossing over a moving magnetic bridge, is electricity converted. If the kinetic force is pushed with perpetual motion within a system like perpetually flowing water or steam it will extract perpetually electricity profit in a generator.

But my story starts with the other side of the generator producing electricity and raises the question, “Is the energy path linkage connected to compressed atoms?” When analyzed, extracting energy only works when atoms are compressed being closer squashed together.

That becomes the energy source to extract electrons crossing over a magnetic bridge transformed from kinetic energy into another form of energy called electricity. It only needs an appropriate mechanism via a gravity generator designed to catch as many free ranging, concentrated bunched up electrons levitating around the compressed atoms.

The UREE GRAVITY MOTOR was designed to use pressured air in order to make it portable. I first started with compressed air below the ocean that would give us a thousand times more energy than nuclear power. Air is 21% oxygen, .9% argon, and the rest is nitrogen. But conventional electric power comes from compressed (Hoover Dam) water, which is the H²O molecule with two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; therefore, there is double oxygen (42%) as air.

Through observing nature, we focus on oxygen being used as fuel for many applications. Without it we cannot drive a car, nor could any other living thing exist. All are dependent on the enriched oxygen element. I concluded that the oxygen atom must be the candidate to be able to pass on more free energy than any other elements. I have never seen the size of an atom but science tells me that Oxygen is much bigger than Hydrogen; therefore, composing a theory, I use percent (%) to make it simple.

Once more steam is compressed water, and water is H²O, which means two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. Converted 42% or more is oxygen. Therefore, oxygen is needed to extract electricity also proven in the Hoover Dam system compressing water using gravity releasing kinetic energy. In both cases kinetic energy is linked to converted electricity by a magnetic bridge generator explained later. If the energy cartel would investigate water further, it would find out that the embedded energy in water is the biggest energy source on this planet and cheap available using simple modern methods ignored by corrupted governments controlled by powerful lobbies. Maybe this book will convince you of that possibility.

Investigating the Hoover Dam turbine generator profile reveals that electricity is only created when free electrons are expelled from water (42% oxygen) media at higher atmosphere pressure crossing over a magnetic bridge. Let’s follow the trail to prove it from history as electricity was used 4300 ears ago, which will surprise everybody.

Electricity was only recently rediscovered, yet it was known previously before by the Atlantis civilization before 2288 BC, which totally perished without a trace. Ancient clocks like the Tzolkin, Hebrew Genesis and Aztec clocks and the other, some came 1000 years later like the Greek bronze Antikythera clock fished out from the ocean; all prove the aftereffects of the asteroid changing a world past Noah’s time.

However, enough evidence exists to put it together in a good story, if you are educated in both physics and the metaphysical levels checking out ancient clocks globally exhibited in museums. To better understand GRAVITY extracting electricity as a fuel known in ancient history.

Investigating the double oxygen needed as a fuel for electricity lets first follow a historic trail that caused the third Babushka egg concept book to recount the story of Noah and his family who survived a destructive asteroid on 5. February 2287 BC. His family stayed alive by building the ark (a boat) for 17 years before the flood happened revealed by ancient clocks and the Bible.

The asteroid caused an earth axis wobble shifting GRAVITY which tore apart an ancient civilization which changed permanently a prehistoric tropical world climate piling up three miles thick ice on the polar region, collapsing an oxygen-enriched environment (15 atm) down to our present one atm at sea level.

Science now reveals that our present air measured today is only half the oxygen (21%), but comparing it to ancient times is double (40%) analyzed in Bernstein - amber air bubbles causing trees to grow three times larger like dinosaurs bigger too.  When the prehistoric earth before the asteroid impact was turning seven times within one grand orbit around the sun (check the ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums) it was double the oxygen content in air at a higher atmosphere pressure.

That caused a tropical climate and produced fantastic, prolific bio-plant growth. But now I discovered that we need double the oxygen in compressed air for my GRAVITY MOTOR moving excess electrons over a magnetic bridge to create electricity more specific explained later linked to pressurized water.

This information is useful following the energy trail which connects to a historic ancient Atlantis civilization using electricity for massive genetic modification reported in the Bible and the oldest ancient book of Enoch mentioned in Babushka egg concept book: Genetic Modification Exposed!

To save original food - seed and domestic animals - God told Noah to build a boat to preserve irreplaceable “genes linked to the original micro-codes DNA” from Adam’s time 4068 BC.


Genetic Modification cannot be done without computers. Scientists, therefore, should investigate an alleged 4000-year old Chinese, three dial bronze plate clock (could be older) showing an ancient binary code [zeros-ones] reinvented in our time without we can not do our genetic modification as well. I saw a Nova TV show (11-21-11) on the ICEMAN. Scientists are greatly puzzled over his tattoo. I believe he was a high priest preserving a genetic code in its upper left corner symbol on his body as his priceless copper ax was not stolen which could identify his murderer.    

Another witness during the Atlantis civilization is revealed by investigating the foundation of a Spanish Cathedral in Peru made from ancient black stone harder than granite, which survived the flood and many earthquakes. The church on top was rebuilt two times destroyed by earthquakes but the foundation thousands of years older did not fail.

Looking closer revealed to me an extraordinary foundation wall built from 50-ton stones that show no damage because they are interlocked with a perfect 3 ft. round-nose-embedded in the saddle. Not even a razorblade could fit between the joints. Another monolith stone on top revealed a dished out, matching ball-shaped depression harmonizing exactly with the matching curvature to allow a rotating movements to align 50 tons of weight accurately within one degree of inclined tilt straight up wall 50 ft. high.

I am an expert in a lifelong machine shop practice and can tell you that this stone can only be machined with diamonds tracing a curvature so accurate that it requires a computer slicer-grinder. Electricity and computer controlled machine technology must have been known 5000 years ago and vanished with the Atlantis civilization. This conclusion was recently verified by NOVA TV programs shown in July 2011 where a field of ancient stones with narrow slots lined up with accurate holes shaped within an inexplicable multi-squared pattern that could only be produced by diamond bladed machines.

Genesis 4 reports that Adam (4004 BC) may have had an IQ of a thousand and was the inventor of iron and bronze helping his son Cain to build a city. He helped his grandchild Tubal-Cain make all kinds of tools from iron and bronze, and Jubal had a talent to play the harp and flute creating all kinds of music instruments to entertain the clan.

One more witness is the Great Pyramid at Giza built between Adam and Noah (4004 BC - 2288 BC). A million huge precision stones could only be cut with diamond slicers therefore needed electricity and machines. Have a closer look inside the open red granite stone coffin polished inside and out perfectly straight and smooth another proof. One side is damaged purposely with an iron hammer as some iron keys were found embedded in the upper chamber holding stones together now in the London Museum.

The Bible alludes to an altar in Egypt. Scientists and theologians wonder why an open coffin with a body and lid missing? From the metaphysical side, it was meant to indicate a resurrection principle which came with a purpose damaged on one corner which is pointing to Jesus’ resurrection but was demonstrated with broken corner like broken body.

This evidence has been co-witnessed by the Aztec stone clock, a 20-ton stone monolith clock, which lies next to five pyramids on top dated before the Atlantis civilization (2288 BC). It is exhibited in the Mexico City outdoor museum. It is also revealed with a Genesis Bible calendar defining an earth-axis wobble by recording the ages of people before and after the asteroid impact matching the many ancient clocks exhibited in museums globally which measured a moon GRAVITY in prehistoric times. These are linked to Noah’s report, which survived the flood and passed along the information of a previous civilization.

Noah is a real person, not mythology, and it is time for us to become educated and not throw out a 6000 year old history of mankind. Rather, we should discard childish, foolish evolution speculations that do not conform to science. I only mentioned it here when I discovered that electricity generation is only possible with an oxygen content over 40% in either water or air media.

Studying ancient clocks in museums linked to earliest history makes perfect sense that Noah’s three-level ark built from hard gofer-wood, fasten together with iron had to have an electric generator and lights throughout, It needed no windows. I would not be surprised to find a GRAVITY MOTOR made from iron that Noah used for creating perpetually electricity controlled with computers. Thousands of animals had to be fed and water to be pumped like a fully equipped cruise ship, as seven peoples could not do it unless they had machines available for the task.

It is really stupid to think that the ancients were primitive cave dwellers or to look for the ark on top of steep mountain cliffs and permafrost surrounded with a mile thick ice. Domestic animals needed a valley with green grass while Noah got busy planting his vineyard. Mankind had lost all of the First Civilization computerized knowledge from Adam (4004 BC-2288 BC) when hit with an asteroid causing an earth axis wobble creating a global flood.

Nothing could be salvaged being buried deep in silt like the Sphinx 133 ft. deep dug out from sand. Look up to the Giza Pyramid will see left over cover-plates below washed-out. Only the ancient Hebrew songs repeated by grandmothers passed on to children telling the creation story were saved collected in books by Moses, a highly educated prince of Egypt. But logical thinking, why was all previous knowledge lost from ancient times without a trace?

The answer is we do the same by converting man’s knowledge into a binary code once more. But think further of possibilities like an explosion of a dirty nuclear bomb creating Alpha-Beta rays high in the sky will fry every microchip below for thousands of miles. That will bring everything running on electricity to a standstill, lost forever that included high-tech too. Check Pearl #175 to understand it better.

However to globally wipe out our civilization needs an asteroid repeat already in orbit. That explains why mankind now born after the flood became cave dwellers forced to survive with bow and arrows in a changed environment no longer tropical. Check the iceman on the Internet found in the German-Italian Alps seen on Geographic Magazine TV. 

Therefore today we are so privileged to read the bible from prehistoric times as ancient history is quite interesting linked to earth with a declining wobble which shortening the yearly cycles Noah did not know thus recorded days. That later really confused the Aztec correcting the sky calculations now facing ice winter season building 5 pyramids on top.

Perhaps, we can get additional proof by reading the Bible from a metaphysical, scientific perspective and match it up with geology and museum artifacts, like I did with ancient bronze-gold clocks described in Babushka egg concept books, now deciphered. They provide a lot of evidence that is not based upon unproven, speculative opinions from the atheistic priesthood controlling the university establishment who have forgotten what the purpose is for their existence enforcing unscientific fairy tales.

Returning to the energy conservation principle, we see that without energy fueling a cosmos; logically no big bang would have been possible. I learned this from playing around with firecrackers. Yet atheistic evolution religion preaches different opinions that all arrive at the same conclusion, postulating that everything we see in the cosmos came from NOTHING. On the other hand old-fashioned science once taught that energy must conform to thermodynamic laws.

There are two. It basically defines an energy conversion now even discovered with embedded micro-codes intelligence and according to the first entropy law can never evolve over 100% or over the ∞ infinite energy level. The atheistic evolution religion enforced in our schools denies it. The second entropy law defines it further where we see that if an energy transfer happened, it will always be less than 100%.

For example, in your car cylinder we have an energy explosion that causes the piston to go down, only to end up with less energy. When ∞ energy is cascading according to the second entropy law, mass is formed creating weight we call GRAVITY. When bunched up atoms are moved and linked to kinetic forces, it becomes another unknown energy of SOMETHING, perhaps electricity. Or stated again, when static GRAVITY force is embedded silently in all matter, it becomes the glue that forms mass, which will coalesce into bigger mass measured by Fraunhofer spectral lines.

We now have a new theory explaining GRAVITY energy, cascading further and linked to every atom (which formed mass), but is controlled by magnetism, which is the glue extracted on the lower atom level and can be useful to do work for us. Moving mass will make Gravity respond to lower entropy and the force of mass becomes kinetic rooted energy, and if extracted, I would consider it to be profit for the benefit of mankind. Our bio-world and moon prove kinetic energy conversion, which I postulate, can be measured with instruments. I am amazed at how big we make monster machines to do work, which would have statistically taken 20 billion slaves in ancient times to do the work of 5% of the farmers today.

We now use up fossil energy resources at a very fast rate.  Check the government statistics; If you added up all the energy used starting from the farm and transportation to the consumer it takes 10 calories of fossil fuel to gain one calorie of food. Investigating energy conversion that brought up a logical question examining a US Energy Department energy policy to convert ethanol fuel from modified corn food.

To me is utter foolishment to use 10 calories of fossil fuel to get one calorie of ethanol for our automobiles not even including the process cost? It seems out of balance. Somebody I am sure pockets the difference. Now observe if the government is running out of money they just print more but forgetting Newton’s law the problem still around. 

But energy is needed regardless the cost. Just look at most cities globally and watch how fast the skyscrapers are built, which is not possible without electricity. What is separately needed analyzing further, we see on the bottom in nature an unknown ∞ energy force discovered extracted as magnetism from the inside of every atom nucleus, which is linked to a basic electric motor. Many do not know how it works. 

How is Electricity Created Inside a Copper Wire Loop?

Investigating further the mystery energy trail on the other side of an electro-generator not yet defined by science exposed to high pressure like the Hoover-dam, I discovered that only when the oxygen atoms inside the steam or water molecules are compressed at a greater density will it release concentrated, free levitating electrons recognized as electricity.

Negative charged electrons levitating on top of an atomic nucleus will be forced by external compressed atom pressure orbiting around the nucleus much closer in an unnatural higher density around an atom negative charge magnetic shell. If a magnetic bridge passes by embedded in a generator, some are diverted to flow outside the atom environment like a waterwheel on the side of a flowing compressed narrowed down river to do some work which ends up in an electric motor. That fueled the last century development.

Therefore, the levitated free electrons will travel over a turbine generator at high speed being pushed over a magnetic bridge, according to the second entropy and wants to go back to what was normal on the other side.

Once more the turbine speeds up, a gravity kinetic energy differential that will condense atoms much closer as that creates a magnetic bridge from the atom level in order to leave a closed, artificial, restricted nuclear environment. It is sucked off on the other side across a magnetic bridge embedded in a generator mechanism when many wire loops pass a magnetic field, but only at high velocity.

The magnetic bridge is extended by copper (+) wire 10,000 miles or shorter but must return with another (-) wire to return in the same generator winding to close the loop back inside to reconnect to the oxygen atoms for electrons to flow balanced again around a nucleus.

The returned electrons who where forced to work like a slave got stripped of their clothing now naked (-) want to go back to their home to be recharged to live a little longer. If you want to explain electricity better for my kids, let me know.

Therefore, speeding up magnetism becomes the bridge for electrons to flow from a nucleus in the     (+) positive wire, but must return with the second wire, which is negative (-), to the same cooper wire loop where it left, in order to go back inside the same atoms where they came from. Any break in the wire system collapses the flow of free electrons and they would no longer be flowing perpetually.

That scenario should remove a mental blockage science believes a false theory that perpetual motion is not possible. However, by investigating nature, we see many applications like NASA uses an atomic clock perpetual moving gears inside the nucleus which giving us time in Femtosecond more precise.

How about mammal blood circulation of two loops, one with oxygen and the other returns to be refueled in the lung with the heart pumping perpetually never losing a beat. Another example, invisible to our eyes when electricity is demonstrated within the nucleus atom where many electrons levitate and move in perpetual motion, in a continuous circular movement on the outer shell of every atom.

Outwardly, electricity behaves the same way with many, newly formed negatively charged electrons in motion, which perform work like low-cost slaves used to do. However, a switch on the wall will stop perpetual motion and prevent electrons from flowing further. At that point, energy is zero just like when the lights are off.

Only when energy flows do we gain profit. Gravity energy released in compressed water molecules will condense in a collection of over-crowded atoms with electrons flooding around, but to us, it looks like a huge static force, which is only detected when it moves. Jump off the table and I will prove it.

If you understand that energy trail on the atom level despite a common belief system could make it possible to drive around “perpetually” with only pressurized air as a fuel in an automobile, which most people consider crazy.

However, writing so many Babushka books should indicate that I am not that unbalanced to postulate what is forbidden in our universities. Yet, I hypothesize that the same principle demonstrated in the Hoover Dam linked to an electric generation system will work inside the UREE gravity motor. It is only miniaturized and applies the same logic.

My GRAVITY MOTOR works by extracting electrons to create electricity. I make it a portable system by using air, or a suitable gas, but at higher pressure. I only changed the pressurized water or steam media into a pressurized enriched oxygen gas media.

The mechanism is a little different in a gravity motor as we circulate perpetual pressure movements inside the motor to get perpetual electricity that simulates a Hoover Dam turbine water flow, which is just a transfer of a different media. I too use compressed oxygen atoms but embedded in an air gas mixture circulating across a magnetic bridge to extract electrons from the oxygen atom nucleus.

In order to explain electricity inside a copper wire, I have thought of a good illustration. When I was visiting the Munich beer festival in Germany, I saw that there were long tables where people were seated, with their arms interlocked. When the music played from the music band up front, it made them move in one direction and back again in rhythm singing a song, where all were having a good time, frequency-wise.

To me, it illustrates how electric energy flows in rhythms and is transferred to a distance of 10,000 miles into a thin wire to end on your wall switch. Thinking of atoms being like people could explain electricity. Watching the beer party is like when we push a magnet through a copper wire loop creating sound energy with instruments. Up front, the music band is the generator of pleasant energy for atom people to oscillate like a current inside a copper wire.

Notice that the first person sitting at the table moves to the right, as they are linked with the music (energy) played up front, and all the interlocked people are synchronized, as they therefore move right also. Check out the last person at the table. I liken it to a long wire ending with the one started to push, ending on the other end in a pulse. Now all the people are lined up in massive bodies and move in the same direction back and forth, singing a song, much like electricity that cycles inside a wire through so many Hertz similar to electricity pushing a loudspeaker.

Each copper atom (person) in a wire only represents a weak force, but they still transfer energy from what comes from the stage, like the blasting trumpets that make a lot of noise. The energy (music) from the generator source moves electrons with a voltage analogue, like beer contained in glasses filled with SOMETHING. Observe that the thousand beer-glasses in motion are 90⁰ to the flow of cyclic people in motion according to the three (3) finger electrical rule. By analogy the drinking movements in the above illustration also matches the three finger electrical rule as the interlocked people (copper atoms) lift their beer glasses 90⁰ to the flow of the (proton) current.

The flow in the copper wire is filled with concentrated polarized electrons charged (+/-) cyclically levitating along the interlocked atoms / people. The people are lined up around a long table: one side is moving right the other left like two wires linked in a loop to a generator. The compressed atom system energy wise is held together with music magnetism from the source like alcoholic electron beer creating happiness, which is a dynamic magnetic force potential turned into profit for the beer-house establishment or profit if you are in the electricity business. It’s a good story.

Before you visit a famous Munich Oktoberfest, read my novel atom theory of the last Babushka egg concept books will make more sense watching the people and drinking beer thereafter will much better understand how electricity is born and transferred.

The combination difference of the strong and weak forces within an atom is called electricity, which can be stored similar to a beer glass analogy in batteries, capacitors.

It can be increased or decreased in a bigger-smaller beer glass transformer, or changed frequency-wise with higher or lower magnetic density like a stronger beer. This is linked to a time dimension costing you a ticket to crystallize out as happiness Gestalt or mass.

Before you visit a famous Munich Oktoberfest, read my novel atom theory of the last Babushka egg concept books will make more sense watching the people and drinking beer thereafter will much better because you will understand how electricity is born and transferred.

Therefore, the time dimension (spent in the Munich tent) is the mysterious force in the first creation act revealed in the first Bible verse. It is embedded in all things, which gives it substance, but I prefer to define it as Gestalt.

Yet, I noticed that the newly-discovered energy force, electricity, is somehow connected to gravity via cascading to kinetic rooted energy levels like wind, tides, ocean waves and buoyancy traveling to our earth linked to inertia, the flywheel, bullets, slingshots or bowling balls (explained later), all being coupled to the internal magnetism within the atom nucleus. That will make it possible to drive an electrical car without a recharge because our earth is moving around the sun linked to the cosmos ∞ energy source.

Let’s look a little closer what we learned in grammar school and expand on the idea. When we pass a magnet through a copper wire, it creates an electrical pulse still not defined by science. But electricity will turn the lights on either in my house or in the cosmos seeing in billions galaxies that should be our start to trace the Cosmos Energy Mystery Trail.

What are Neutrinos?

In order to discover a cosmos energy trail, we must first focus inside the atom that is controlled by the laws of physics that are replicated in the cosmos seeing galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope. Inside the atoms, we see a mirror image like a Russian toy egg that has another one on the inside and discover many more inside that become smaller with the same concept picture on the front. That egg concept I applied to an atom and expanded could understand the cosmos, as the same egg picture pattern reveals how the big Milky Way galaxy egg functions beyond our vision.

Atoms should not be smashed to smithereens by monster machines [CERN], but function like an electronic watch which still has a concept of gears embedded to operate according to complex computer intelligence, much like invisible software is coupled to silicon-rooted inner guts, making an electronic circuit for electrons to travel. We want to collect the same electrons within electricity, but it needs a lot in order for me to drive around in my automobile for free. It starts inside an atom as SOMETHING in motion where the outcome is either telling us time or giving us energy we cannot do without.

Atoms are really miniaturized clocks running with gears that were recognized by NASA measuring time. Inside the nucleus a number of protons and electrons are in high motion perhaps with the speed of light would therefore become mass embedded with a time dimension measured in Femtosecond figured out by Ahmed Zewail got the Nobel Price 1990. Every element is expressed in a precise spectral frequency Fraunhofer discovered. If the protons and levitating electrons would stop moving, that would stop the atomic clock, thereby upsetting NASA and delaying another shuttle.

General science does not know when an atom clock stops, time is zero or so the math guys tell us, which would have consequences and would end the cosmos, as it collapses in a reverse big bang DOT in less then a Femtosecond pulse. We recognize time because are all mortal born in a time dimension as all what has life needs energy down to every single atom. In mathematics energy is inversely connected to time like a teeter-totter relationship or expressed:

[∞E = Zero time]

By using the logic of mathematics, which is proven by observed realities, we see that it dictates that energy is needed in order to maintain a cosmos, as well as life on earth, right down to the very atom level to crystallize out in Fraunhofer-Gestalt recognized with our five senses controlled by a ∞MIND. If you do not believe me, stop eating converted bio-energy and tell me the consequence later, if you are still around.

By checking out the Internet pool of knowledge, I discovered enough information to develop a better atom theory, thereby making some logical sense since so many confusing and unproven opinions are sold as facts in order to make money.

Therefore, my Babushka egg concept books are free. Among 32 fractured particles from the many atom smashers like CERN scraping off gunk stuck on the Nebelkammer wall, I noticed that one will stand alone and was named neutrino, which is difficult to define because it does not look like scraped off gunk.

CERN scientists postulate that the elusive particle known as neutrino comes in three varieties: muon, tau and electron. They got excited hoping to discover one of them transforming into a tau neutrino in the late 2009. If you believe that gunk smashed to smithereens scraped off the Nebelkammer wall has embedded useful information, it is only published in atheistic magazines designed for those no longer think logically. Magazines and big toys make money one way or another.

A separate 2010 experiment at Fermilab found alleged evidence of a fourth type neutrino, which is just another major puzzle opinion. OPERA physicist Antonio Ereditato notes that neutrinos are so common that although their mass is tiny, collectively they must account for a noticeable fraction of the bulk of the universe, another opinion without a witness.

I think Neutrinos are very useful to transfer energy disbursed throughout space. Energy transfer requires a specialized carrier. It must not vaporize when in contact with the higher ∞ energy source and fast enough to transfer that hot energy down to the atom level, as some are bottled up and could be handy for driving an automobile in the future. Galaxies do shine bright in the sky embedded with horrendous energy I am sure looking at pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Science discovered invisible neutrinos, a strange SOMETHING that is difficult to define, and I think they could be the missing energy carrier. To catch some, they invested vast amounts of money deep down a mineshaft, where they created a pool of heavy water and hoped that some would collide with particles flashing and photographed as proof. I am still waiting because when you base observation that is colored with a biased religious atheistic evolution belief system and then try to understand nature, it will always be misleading, ending up with their conclusions being unproven opinions degenerated to fairytale.

Checking it on the metaphysical level, I think a massless neutrino is a perfect energy mailman coming from space. What is mass-less cannot burn up when it comes in contact with the infinite ∞ light source, but it could transfer energy efficiently to an atom level at a very high ∞ speed.

When light is infinitely captured in energy, within a math equation, then time is zero in a teeter-totter relationship. When time is zero, no mass can or will exist since it is not possible, as mass is the product of the second entropy, where it created an energy shell that is recognized as gravity and always will be bathed in a time dimension.

When infinite energy radiated into an empty space, it could only crystallize into mass controlled by a time dimension. The concept of a time dimension was first revealed 6000 years ago in the Bible stated in the first verse in Genesis (“there was evening to morning- one time cycle”) but was rediscovered in modern time with Fraunhofer frequency spectrum now categorized in spectral lines.

It is showing us the composition of every element forming into various levels, which is dependent on how much energy was absorbed in a given time. As it evolved into individual atom structures, they became mass. Going full circle for a second witness, read the first verse in Genesis to see that mass could only exist when a time dimension was born. We can only understand what time is a little because we are mortal, and we do not need the math guy to tell us.

Yet historical energy (E) was expressed in an old mathematical formula, such as Einstein’s formula [E=mC²]. That formula recently became obsolete when a Princeton University laboratory measured the speed of visible light 300 times faster in 2010. That caused a gigantic upset in science, as the fallout would change many of Newton’s laws. It gets worse.

Now as we notice that the World Standard IPK Kilogram and its 6 sisters have become obese after 135 years. We are now questioning whether or not we can have an international standard that does not change.

Global Warming is making headlines on TV, too. We recently learned that a prestigious university, in order to get another grant, was passing on a false database. They sold it to the UN global warming science community, which is now totally confused and in disarray, too. It may not be entirely all their fault, since they are ignorant about the laws of physics that keep changing. That my friend, if you are educated in physics and think about those few scientific developments, will bankrupt 300 years of science, turning it upside down, which will accelerate to a big time problem for the establishment, without any foreseeable solution.

Why not check out the ignored Babushka egg concept books, which are designed to investigate nature from a physics-metaphysics, 360⁰ perspective, where you will see much better and could provide the answers for the massive confusion sweeping globally. That could explain why is there so much silence on TV and science magazines, an establishment so desperately quiet? Maybe it requires a little more time to figure it out as it created a major conflict with the atheistic evolution religion enforced globally in every university. A little fresh science air is needed to be postulated outside the establishment forum and still be free on the Internet. It is now postulated in new Donut atom theories, which will fit much better logically, as it coincides with the many observations of nature that have been suppressed.

An obsolete Einstein theory needs to be corrected with new math formula to include ∞ energy revealed in the Bible [Genesis 1:3] that could open a new science horizon to something totally new.

∞E = m (+∞C /–∞C)²

To sum up the purpose of neutrinos, it must be designed around logic. If I had to invent a suitable energy mail carrier to transfer fuel to each atom, it must be specially designed for high speed and needs capacity to absorb ∞ energy levels. First, the carrier must be without mass, not burning up when exposed to ∞light, and second, it must match the inherent ∞ speed, which would require to be designed like a transformer invisible interconnecting two entropy energy levels.

The black hole of a hourglass galaxy on the front page could be that illustration of a transformer, but it still needs a media to stick the energy together with a strong enough bond in order for it to be a carrier, energy-wise, as it must penetrate dense atoms to shed energy from the cosmos. The cycle is continued to give energy infused throughout gravity on the second entropy level, similar to a strong-weak force demonstrated and duplicated inside every atom.

What is ignored by atheistic science, suppressing the laws of physics, is that the cosmos cannot exist without fuel. It is not very logical postulating that a big bang energy exchange 13.7 billions fairytale years ago was a one time fizzed-out event and could therefore not, potential energy wise, continue right now, but looking in the universe photographing galaxies shows the same energy exchange in our time.  Why not propose and think of a massive neutrino asteroid cloud coming from space? Perhaps our Milky Way galaxy passed on the ∞ energy from the black hole through every atom level of a surrounding cosmos. That would be a good model to explain science better.

I learned that neutrinos become polarized neutrons inside every atom which closes the link in the energy chain to the infinite light energy source now cascading to polarized visible light fueling atoms recognized in the sun. When infinite ∞-energy is passing from the Heh dimension cosmos it will change into a polarization of the Daleth dimension our visible world forming Gestalt-existence because the time dimension is now embedded extending throughout the cosmos.

To explain this idea to my grandkids, I used the analogy of invisible, but real, water vapor condensing into visible liquid on the second entropy level. This gives us an idea about how (infinite) ∞ light is transposed to finite, or visible light, following entropy laws duplicated everywhere in nature.

Philosophically applying that concept inside an atom, we will again notice two dimensions simultaneously existing: the Heh dimension cascading to the Daleth dimension. We know there is much space between the subatomic components, like heaven and earth demonstrating polarized neutrinos-neutrons pushing polarized positron-protons that is creating Gestalt-Electrons floating around the nuclear center that requires energy to run like an atomic clock. Imagine, if the atom shell is the size of a cherry, then the next electrons floating by would be three miles away. Try to hit something in between or catch as many as you can when driving around with your electric car.

Therefore, logically the neutrino asteroid carrier must be billions times billions in density, yet must start mass-less in order to deliver some kinetic energy transforming into neutrons. This energy perhaps initially comes from a cosmic black hole source to fuel every single atom in the universe. Remember, only when we see the time dimension polarization embedded in anything does it become SOMETHING – Gestalt that consequently will demonstrate the formation of mass.

As a result, mass must be continually fueled with energy, or it will collapse into a timeless state. Mathematics defined it as zero time; therefore, it is reduced to a DOT – the cosmos would disappear in micro-Fenton second, as well as you and me, too, if no energy flowed anymore. Seeing the lights on and looking into the night sky, so many galaxies prove it. Your MIND can read this story, which also proves that energy is still flowing inside every atom to maintain our lives.

A neutrino-asteroid from space would fit the ticket, therefore, it must be designed as being an efficient energy carrier and must be big enough, clustered in billions bunched together, in order to pass on kinetic energy by colliding or passing through every atom mass center being transformed into neutron energy creating a gravity magnetic shell levitating electrons in order to maintain the whole atom existence.

Otherwise, the universe would dissolve or collapse into zero - the timeless area of non-existence, which is not possible because it is controlled by the cosmos Elohim∞MIND intelligence of a higher ∞ order, which is recorded only in the 6000-year old history book of mankind, still the best seller, as well as a unique Bible book. It has been translated in over 400 languages and is embedded with tons of information, which should not have been thrown out from every classroom, in order for us to be better educated. 

A young earth matching mankind’s history is proven with science measuring all the helium collected on earth, which cannot escape our air atmosphere. The rate produced by the sun’s radiation is not over 10,000 years. That could be crosschecked with another witness measuring the changes of earth’s magnetic field as measured against stars which dovetail to about 6000-15,000 years matching, too.

It is sad that science has deteriorated to the lowest level and believes that their great, great grandfather was one of the monkeys eventually decided to walk upright and would finally become educated, but unfortunately it will have consequences in science. If we follow the trail of logic according to the atheistic evolution religion, it concludes, with any luck, a monkey lastly arrived with hopefully higher intelligence and became the president of the USA. That scientifically would make the laws of entropy obsolete ushering a new World Order.

It seems we recently crested the evolution summit as our global society became engulfed in atheistic socialism and changed the ancient oracles of “good and evil” now morphed it to be “relative”. That will become the last station of our existence on this planet for our human survival that will self-destruct our existence according to the laws of entropy.

We see globally the proof of the consequences of an atheistic persuasion as ignorant senators and judges allowed 60 million babies to be killed just in America, selling their human body parts globally to hungry abortion mill laboratories just for profit. But the laws of physics cannot be voided denying genetic fertility laws. The law of genetics spelled it out that when the normal birthrate of 2.3 is below 1.8 that culture is irrevocable doomed in one generation. In America it has become 1.2 and in Europe 1.1.

Germany just announced that it will be an Islamic Republic (Hamas-style dictatorship) in 20 years. Pay attention: Western Civilization will be gone with Christian churches converted to mosques guaranteed in one generation, irreversible according to the laws of physics denied in a formally Christian society. History is once more repeated in Europe and America only with bigger consequences.

If you believe in children’s fairy tales that evolution can evolve and gain micro-coded intelligence embedded in every cell of our body controlled by an intelligent MIND, you just ignored science and no longer need to read my story. It needs first a few lessons from Bill Gates recently stated on TV that his sophisticated Microsoft programs cannot be compared to the million times more complex intelligence codes residing in our body. Or check it out and get educated how scientists are reconstructing the human genome now four more bio systems from the outside in described as:



Making the Connection, Popular Science, March 2011.

It is sad, now a fact that if any teacher in our schools even mentioned intelligence will be fired from his job believing it to be religious (from watching 2009 Larry King’s TV program interviewing a high school teacher from Chicago). Are we now governed by brainwashed stupid, politically correct people in high office based on Newton’s laws?

by Brooke Borel, “Making the Connection,” Popular Science, March 2011.

It is sad, now a fact that if any teacher in our schools even mentioned “intelligence” will be fired from his job believing it to be religious (from watching 2009 Larry King’s TV program interviewing a high school teacher from Chicago). Are we now governed by brainwashed political correct stupid people in high office based on Newton’s laws?

I hope that my road map of explaining a mystery energy unknown to science would be investigated with an open flexible mind which could make an entrepreneur incredibly wealthy by producing electricity extracted from oxygen atoms a possible better story applying logic linked to the metaphysic revelation. In defining perpetual electricity profit, where it comes from and how it is produced inside the generator requires a higher logic. We must look further inside the atom to understand the nature of things, which is not found in any university textbook; therefore, we just follow the metaphysical path.

It is beyond the scope of this book to explain it all, as it is not possible. You will need to read the other two special Babushka egg concept books that deal with what a Donut atom is, with its neutrinos pushing positive protons, which speed around like the analogy of a horse and carriage, going around the nucleus, according to Newton’s laws and combined with the three finger electrical rule. That will create excess electrons being expelled and levitated out the window from a mechanical generator magnetic bridge because the second entropy law creates a negative potential and must equalize which became my story.

The Hoover Dam turbine generator, in principle, does the same thing, if you analyze the electrical energy profile. All of this is mentioned in this report and more. Check out the Evidence Trail that is continued on the last page.

What are Electrons?

When electrons move, we call it Electricity. It is converted from magnetism, which is a sub-force created within every atom. Every atom is fueled with energy that is controlled by intelligent micro-codes and therefore moves like clock gears, which was demonstrated by NASA. When we apply it to an atomic clock, it tells time to a Femtopulse. Inside atoms, the moving neutrinos force will be transformed into polarized neutrons, which became Gestalt as the time dimension is now embedded. Therefore, it can push protons in carriages around within the nucleus at high speed, which still needs to be fueled continually from an infinite cosmos energy source for any atom to exist and live a little longer.

Once more when an energy force is coming from the black hole and goes right through every atom nucleus I think of super magnetism path since it has polarization embedded and functions like a cosmos transformer starting out with no time dimension where energy is ∞ the highest and ends going through space stuck with a little time dimension. They experiencing a transformation of speed reduction as scientists Antonio Ereditato remarked that neutrinos could have a little mass eventually only noticed collectively bunched up.

Justifying physics ending with some kinetic energy which tells us that little pre-gravity got formed before molecules crystallize and we express it as materialized atom-mass categorized in Fraunhofer spectral line. That developed into Gestalt by passing on intelligence from the ELOHIM and is now pushing positive polarized protons like a horse and carriage at a lower speed like visible light inside every atom. Now you know why the sun shines. That could explain a cosmic magnetic highway for a frequency of an electronic picture produced in a camera to travel through space still transmitting from millions of vacuum miles away. If you have a nothing vacuum but a picture frequency send from space must drive on SOMETHING only magnetism fits the ticket?   

To avoid a proton collision racing around inside a nucleus charged with the same positive polarity therefore they are forced to move sideways. That creates 90⁰ to the current and will produce a negatively charged magnetic donut cloud according to the three finger electrical rule now levitating forming a circle around the nucleus.

Adding a billion times a billion neutrino energy packages continually coming from the cosmos source provides sustained energy in ∞ motion that causes the donut nucleus to vortex at high speed creating magnetism. It will trigger negative charged electrons to be repelled on top of the negative charged magnetic cloud according to the normal law of physics now levitating pushed away and around in the same orbital direction.

When compressed water-steam-air is accelerated in front of an electric generator, it will compact atoms much closer together creating an electron overflow of a strange moving weak nuclear energy force that travels continuously around every compressed atom outer-shell. Each atom being unnaturally condensed together will therefore cause millions of moving levitated electrons to jump from one orbit to another being pushed by a negative charged moving magnetic donut cloud at high speed.

Given the opportunity of a magnetic generator bridge passing by, it will direct electrons crossing over a generator copper wire side still being pushed by magnetism produced by moving protons within the atom recognized as a high voltage potential similar to electricity. But it is held together by a strong Ampere’s force law, which I believe forms a GRAVITY enclosure surrounded with a billion billion atoms and molecules bonded together with magnetism.

Let’s take a little detour. It is just a novel idea to lay down a foundation for how electricity is linked to perpetual motion, since ultimately energy must have a source starting with the cosmos. This generation of students has grown up lacking the basic education in science, which has been infected with many wild atheistic opinions that are biased by a third worldview relativity that does not match science. You will not graduate unless you conform to your prejudiced professor’s brain dead atheistic evolution religion.

Looking at the oldest ancient Tzolkin clock on the front cover, which remains a mystery to science, it not only reveals an ancient calendar with an exponentially declining earth-axis wobble, but from the metaphysical perspective, we can transpose the hidden knowledge of the ancients, in order to understand nature better, such as my new atom theory.

I see an overlay in how physics behaves on two ∞ energy circles, locked together in the center with a 20 energy gear. The driver Alpha(+One) force, which is the main energy power coming from the center of the cosmos – Elohim - beyond a galaxy black hole on the other side. This is explained further in the Babushka egg concept books.

The two ∞ energy Tzolkin loops (18-13), side-by-side represents a Heh-Daleth dimension like heaven and earth, which creates an energy flow how the cosmos came into existence from infinite-light (first entropy), which is linked to gravity (second entropy) at a lower energy level, becoming visible light that crosses over in the middle to a zero-time dimension dot.

The same energy exchange principle is illustrated in an electrical transformer positioned high up next to your house, which has an energy loop 10,000 times higher than the other loop not connected physically with internal wires, but reduces energy magnetically to a lower level of 110 volts. Similarly in another example, when a piano middle C key is hit and listened to on octave higher C note, it resonates not connected with a little lower sound. The same law is demonstrated duplicated inside the smallest nuclear transformer and replicated in every atom. The many analogies are good for my kids to understand physics when I explain complex science on a lower loop will now understand how a UREE gravity motor works analyzing the high pressure loop on one side being mechanically linked to a separate lower pressure loop giving us free electricity following invisible energy entropy laws.

The fuel for driving perpetually without a recharge in an automobile must basically follow entropy laws of physics, too, It can be explained on the higher metaphysical transformer level side investigating the ELOHIM∞MIND, expressed in physics as the Alpha (+One) force (20) as looped invisible forces to a lower level when mass crystallizes out. (Check the process illustrated in the front picture of the hourglass galaxy) Then it is converted into kinetic energy creating the first energy source of infinite light (18) symbolized in a math ∞ hieroglyph ending in visible light (13) down to atomic levels.

Then energy transfers in the second loop according to the second entropy law, which is demonstrated in a real Big Bang explosion getting colder, measured by Kelvin or stated in the first Bible verse of Genesis. This is explained a little different from what you hear in school. Being mortal, my cuckoo clock illustrates the same cosmos principle and needs a higher MIND to wind up that clock so that gravity on the second entropy level can convert energy activated with a chain force for another cycle to run perpetual like my UREE gravity motor.

It is a mirror image of the first entropy level with Alpha(+One) force energy controlled by a ELOHIM-∞MIND to wind up his cosmos Jod (pronounced “Yod”) dimension cuckoo clock running forever. Both entropy principles need energy like winding up every day a cuckoo clock on the Daleth and Jod dimension dispensing a force to run continually to make perpetual motion possible now linked to electricity.

Therefore, I conclude that the cosmos system shows an energy exchange that must have a gigantic ∞MIND intelligence embedded as well because it comes down to every single atom that functions within very complex nuclear clock gears that are in perpetual motion, which NASA uses to measure time for space travel and synchronizes globally the Internet.

An atom clock is the most accurate hi-tech clock available globally controlling the timing of computers and even our bodies maintaining life. Therefore, it reveals a complex miniature design created from an intelligence MIND. Follow my path once more in order to learn what is not taught in our universities. The cosmos energy starts with Infinite ∞Light, perhaps going through the black hole that we are still connected to in our own Milky Way galaxy and ends fueling atoms.

Once more, invisible ∞Light cascades to the second entropy GRAVITY level, as seen when investigating many pictures of galaxies from the Hubble Space Telescope, that crystallize into elements measured with Fraunhofer spectral analyzers, therefore attaining mass, further slowing down to kinetic energy and bottoming out at the end station (atoms).

The energy trail is still looped back to the infinite ∞ energy, as we discover that magnetism is the cosmic highway linked to every atom when protons and positrons circle around the North and South Pole nucleus, which is fueled by invisible, highly charged neutrinos coming from an energy source at an infinite velocity that we cannot measure. The resulting magnetism collected on the lower nuclear transformer atom side now applied to every electronic gadget on the high-tech market. If something moves electronically according to Newton’s law, it points to energy.

I believe that the invisible, neutral highly charged Neutrinos are expelled from the ∞-energy source and travel along a magnetic path right through a cosmos cloud of galaxies and dark matter fog disbursed throughout space. The neutrinos will reduce speed and lose some energy but still energize electrons inside every atom nucleus found on earth to end up being recognized as electricity, which is indicated in the ancient ∞ math symbol with the two loops in parallel. Since it is one continuous ∞-loop from the cosmos right down to every atom, with energy perpetually in motion, we can tap into that preexisting energy system and splice out some profit along its path, for our benefit. That could make driving around in automobiles without gasoline possible in the future if we would know the linkage.

The trick is to find that linkage and is now discovered illustrated in a 4000-year-old Tzolkin clock on the front cover. Observe three energy force-loops: one in the center is the major driver energy loop revitalizing two subordinate energy ∞ looped together.

The immeasurable [20-gear] center is the driver loop Alpha(+One) force, which interlocks with the two lower, secondary energy loops; one is ∞light [18-gear] cascading to visible light [13-gear] thus interconnecting in a ∞ pattern. Thereby it revealed a refueling principle of a heaven–earth cosmos dimension from the high to the lower energy potential, just as a gasoline or electric motor demonstrates the same principle on the lower physical energy exchange entropy level.

To assist you in gaining a little more understanding, allow me to explain it this way. The end-station of a declining energy path inside every atom is an electromagnetic force that circles around the nucleus, creating a negatively-charged magnetic Donut, which is the glue (like beer in Munich) that allows atoms to stick together. Because protons with its positron polarization in the nucleus center are positively charged and therefore would repel each other if not held together by an external gravity force.

In closing, I believe that electrons are born with negative polarity when they emerge from the nuclear energy hot furnace Donut Atom hole, where they are converted from crystallized, resonating proton energy becoming GESTALT in the Time Dimension at a certain speed. Electrons are expelled from the atom chimney south pole, being pushed out by a magnetically positive proton dog force levitating on top of the magnetically negative charged outer cloud shell perpetually moving at high velocity.  

Some eventually lose speed sinking lower to return for a recharge by reentering the furnace through the positively charged north pole to repeat another cycle. But if repeated a trillion times and linked to the time dimension as explained in a new Donut Atom theory, they will enter the next stage and become protons. Discovering how atoms could safely produce energy, I applied the principles to design UREEs #11-16 that generate totally free electrical energy forever because of being connected to the ∞ cosmos energy source.     

Once more, when initially created, electrons gain a little mass by being recycled back and forth from the atom south pole around the negative charged cloud reentering the north pole back in the oven donut hole being baked again becoming heavier.

That process can be visualized by investigating galaxy photographs that show how crystallized energy eventually grows by getting fat to add mass by moving a trillion times through the same chimney donut-shaped black hole. It gains weight, though still controlled by embedded intelligence.

Electrons eventually become too heavy and morph to become protons breaking through the inside Donut hole wall chasing the tail of the other proton dogs. If too many dogs accumulate in a confined atom apple, it can be explained from a Fraunhofer perspective defining various atoms at different resonance frequencies in the Periodic Table. 

Summed up: the formation of mass starts when orbiting electrons getting heavier and become protons, which in turn will divide like cell division, seen under the microscope. In this case, the original mass is split into atoms growing into molecules of different atomic weights stuck together by magnetism and ending in magnetic gravity forming mass.

That is a parallel process seen in nature. Our bodies exchange the ∞ energy via a built-in mortality DOT continually creating a bigger mass eventually to become a baby with a mind with the same DNA blueprint embedded originally from the same ELOHIM intelligence.

For atoms or Life to exist, God’s Alpha(+ONE)energy force needs to emanate from, and perhaps, pass through our Milky Way galaxy hole along the energy provider highway. Investigating DNA conforms to the same blueprint for forming atoms as the intelligence is controlling the laws physics always is the same on different levels like the different sizes of Russian Babushka eggs.   

A novel atom theory now can logical explain physics how Electricity is generated on the inside of every atom by a negatively-charged magnetic donut cloud that repels negatively-charged electrons circling around, which levitate now as a weak force, yet it is held captive together by a positively-charged proton / positron strong force, from a center surrounded by GRAVITY. This is recognized in physics as mass (comparative to a mother hen that holds the chicks together under her feathers), when opposing polarity electrons (chicks) repel spreading out and want to move or levitate somewhere in the neighborhood.

DISCOVERY MAGAZINE,(01-02-201, Ghost Particles Shake Physics, page 64.

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